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the anime, there are three main sources of energy: Your family, your friends, and three thousand year old suckers.

Today we look at the first source of energy, although God knows we’ll get to lollipops someday. ….

But now it is especially about all the male brothers and sisters we know and love.

We pick our favorite cartoon brothers and see who really has something to offer their siblings.

20. Gohan

Anime: Dragon Ball Z

Gohan is the Big Brother we are ashamed of and proud of at the same time.

On the one hand, when he started playing a superhero, he lost some credibility.

He, on the other hand, is Gohan. The boy who achieved one of the biggest hits and hugs in the entire anime.

And although Goten feels like a miniature version of his father, I think he still has respect for his Big Brother

19. Lelouch Lamperouge

Anime: Geas Code

Lelouch is the kind of brother who will always protect you, no matter what.

Dude was willing to accept a fortune for the happiness and safety of his family.

But he wasn’t just a spiteful savage either, for he saw that he was willing to give up everything at the request of his sister Nunnally.

Of course, Code Geass can’t leave us with the good stuff. So it didn’t really work out that way.

But my point still stands!

Lelouch will always protect you and put your needs above those of others, basically.

18. Koyomi Araragi

Anime: Beikemonogatari

Even though my buddy has a thing for Sweet Home Alabama when it comes to dental hygiene, I still think he’s a great brother.

We see that he really cares about his sisters and is more than willing to take a few hits if it means protecting them.

Even if these blows sometimes come from the sisters themselves.

You can see his dedication, especially in the Tsukihi bow, my buddy didn’t give up for a moment.

17. Killua Zoldyk

Anime: Hunter x Hunter (2011)

If you’ve only seen Hunter x Hunter up until the end of the Chimera Ant arc, this may seem incredibly odd, since his two brothers are actively tormenting him.

However, in the final episode we learn that Killua also has a sister who is in a dangerous situation.

Everyone in the family left him long ago. But Killua finally decides that enough is enough and does everything he can to save his little sister.

Honestly, they’re just adorable together. And it was incredibly refreshing to see Killua act like a caring brother instead of a hardcore killer.

16. Izaya Orihara

Anime: No game, no life

Sora is the opposite of Izai, as he and his sister Shiro are very close.

They literally act like two halves of the same person. And if you ever dare separate them, they will have a panic attack.

Unsurprisingly, Sora considers Shiro the most precious thing in the world and will do anything to protect her.

It’s also hard to find a picture where they’re not kissing or something.

14. Yuu Otosaka

Anime: Charlotte

The Otosaka brothers were certainly raised correctly. They both seemed ready to take on the world if it meant protecting their families.

Yuu is particularly supportive, as he has been taking full care of his sister Ayumi since their parents left. And in a very illegal twist, it shows how much he cared about her.

Ayumi, on the other hand, is really cute. So it may be a normal human reaction.

13. Tenya Iida

Anime: My heroic academy

Although we see very little of Iida’s older brother, it is abundantly clear that Iida respects him wholeheartedly.

He always talks about his older brother’s righteousness and heroism.

Then why is Iida in this place and not him?

Because he absolutely blew me away in Rainbow.

I never thought Iida would have so much vengeance in his heart. And the fact that he wanted to continue the tradition of the Ingenium was a nice touch.

12. Kusuo Saiki

Anime: The unfortunate life of Saiki K.

I want to name my boy Kusuo for one reason and one reason alone:

This man is as patient and tolerant as a veteran monk.

Between his father’s constant nagging and his brother’s occasional plans to conquer the world, I find it fascinating that Kusuo doesn’t leave them for good.

We are talking about a man who is surpassed in his universe only by God, yet endures everything, saves the day, helps his family, and uses only his inner voice to complain.

He is truly a man we should all admire.

11. Yukio Okumura

Anime: The Blue Exorcist

Okay, so as not to ruin the whole series, I’ll be vague.

Although he is the younger of the two brothers, Yukio is much more mature and disciplined.

In fact, he was so advanced that he eventually became his older brother’s teacher!

What makes Yukio a great character in my book is his strength of acceptance.

This was not the usual shunen I take in one go, ohana means family method. But he always showed great heart and a deep love for his family.

10. Elfman Strauss

Anime: Fairy Tail

Elfman is the manliest man in the world. So much so that even without the word human, his name is not pronounced.

But then we realize that his testosterone only peaked because he wanted nothing more than to protect his sisters.

This guy goes after the most powerful mages in the world if they dare to look down on his precious sisters. And he’s quick to be tough when they need a shoulder to cry on.

9. Sakuragi Rokuruta

Anime: Rainbow

Even though he has no blood brothers and sisters, I had to include this guy. His nickname is literally An-chan.

Only because of the lack of lineage, I will not put this man first, because he is literally a saint among men.

I don’t want to say too much, so I’ll just say that he and his brothers are all in jail. And it’s not a prison for perverts and anime wet dreams, it’s a cold blast.

But Rokuruta managed to make the situation bearable by repeatedly sticking his nose in the wrong direction to protect his new brothers.

You can’t imagine what this man had to go through to protect his brothers. Again, literally a saint.

8. Chimney

Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

For the same reason as the previous choice, I have to mention Kamina because I have a soft spot for big brothers.

Kamina is the kind of guy who really makes you believe you can do anything.

He’s so charismatic and has such rock-solid confidence in Simon, even when the odds are against him, that you can’t help but root for him.

Kamina molds Simon into an evil leader, who we even see look like his brother, both physically and mentally.

7. Murderer B

Anime: Naruto! Shippuden

Although it is psychologically very strange to call a foster child B while your son is called A, the whole experience has been very inspiring and rewarding.

Although B was chosen for his fighting abilities, it’s clear that he genuinely cares about his new family.

He carries the weight of eight tails and the judgmental gaze of the crowd. But he never fights or misbehaves because he doesn’t want to damage his brother’s reputation.

And when those two fight together, it’s a sight to behold! He also gets bonus points for avoiding a few sick days.

6. Kodaka Hasegawa

Anime: Haganai: I don’t have many friends.

That’s your big brother character.

His sister Kobato literally depends on him for everything. And even comes to his club so they can spend more time together.

And if you have a sibling, you know that the greatest honor you can give someone is to introduce them to your friends.

Although Kodaka looks like a rough and tough man, he is still very gentle and kind to Kobato. And they are, frankly, just adorable.

5. Portgas D. Ace

Anime: A detail.

Ace is a great brother. And his relationship with Luffy was very realistic and the best possible ideal.

Although they don’t get along well at first, they soon find common ground. And Ace has become Luffy’s best friend and steadfast protector.

He constantly blamed Luffy for being reckless, because he could never sleep peacefully knowing his brother was in danger.

Ironically, Ace finds himself in even more dangerous situations, but is saved by his reckless little brother. This man is famous.

4. Sakuta Azusagawa

Anime: The rascal does not dream of the Sanpai rabbit.

Sakuta is a modern family hero when it comes to the way he treats his younger sister Kaede.

For reasons I won’t reveal, it seems the whole world has abandoned this little girl – even her own parents.

But Sakuta didn’t even think about it.

He always stood by her and did everything he could to protect her and make her feel loved and wanted.

There is a certain scene in …. His directions – the door frame and, later, the notebook, which the man made me cry over how wise it was.

3. Tanjiru Kamado

Anime: Demon Slayer

There’s nothing new in the anime.

But I think Tanjiru’s story is one of the most inspiring.

He dedicates his life to returning his sister to human form, and must endure countless dangerous trials to get closer to that goal. But he never loses sight of his goal.

He never loses his humanity.

And always making sure her sister Nezuko is happy and healthy when she travels.

All too often we see characters so caught up in their desire for revenge that they barely pay attention to those they are trying to help. But Tangira didn’t.

2. Edward Elrick

Anime: Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

The Elric brothers deserve all the praise in the world when it comes to their brotherly love.

But first, I must pay tribute to Edward.

Because this man has so much guilt that it is admirable that he wants to get up in the morning.

But as in the previous case, he not only gets up and gets closer to his ultimate goal of saving himself and his brother, but he also never forgets to watch over his brother.

And that everything should be daijoubou.

1. Itachi Uchiha

Anime: Naruto! Shippuden

Even Edward is no match for Itachi in terms of the weight on his shoulders.

If you haven’t seen the whole series, it might seem silly, like the last time this guy was in the news, when a viral photo prompted him to strangle his brother Sasuke.

Anyway, if I can ruin his story:

It was never out of malice.

Itachi slaughtered his whole clan and got the hatred of the whole village and even his own brother. So that he could not only protect his brother, but also strengthen him.

Itachi was still a child when he went to his first war. So he knew that Sasuke would have to be strong to survive.

And he was just willing to give up his whole life to make room for his little brother.

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