The 10000 minute queue ruined at last confirmed 5241 mins by rito patch cycle

It’s been a year and a half since the original version of the notorious 10000 minute queue that plagued the Steam community for so long. In that time, Steam has tweaked its anti-cheat measures so that the queue no longer exists, and the only thing left to do is wait for Valve’s new anti-cheat measures to be put in place. The wait has been a long one, but it appears the wait is finally over, as a patch has been released that confirms the existence of the dreaded queue. The patch notes include a note that “We have removed all solutions for this problem” that the queue has been the subject of, and that Valve is aware of the problem.

As for the Raid Boss, it will be a beastly armor set with a thunderous set of skills, unlike the bosses of the past. However, the difficulty has been adjusted to be easier for newer players, but to maintain the same level of difficulty for the veterans. Also, the enemies are stronger, with the strongest being the raid boss!

Good day, Reddit’s netizens! I’ve reached a waiting time of 5241(last verified update before patch cycle) minutes, as the title suggests. (If you notice anything wrong with the post, please keep in mind that English is not my first language, so there is a good possibility that anything was written incorrectly; I appreciate your patience.)

Before the patch cycle, the last snapshot was taken.

It’s up to you if you think I could accomplish such a feat. Because a) I am not high-elo for such wait times, b) this is my first post, and c) this is the internet, I appreciate every ounce of doubt directed at me. At the end of the day, this is a tale of a guy who waited in line just to find this when he awoke this morning:

Unfortunate conclusion

It all started on the 28th of August, 2021 at 11:27 (too tired to count the minutes backwards for exact time, but it was morning), when I started to queue up for a normal draft game and promptly forgot about it as I went to the toilet and took my sweet time, when I returned, I was met with a strange sight for a player of my elo (low gold), a queue time of 20 minutes or more:

The first steps

Of course, I texted a buddy who was awake at the time and sent him the screenshot above as evidence that I was in line for a long time. That’s when I determined that no matter what, I was going to finish this line. Because we didn’t know when the wait would finish, my friends and I were constantly updating each other on the status of the queue.

This one took a little more than half an hour.


50 minutes have passed.


The beginning of many hours

As you can see, this queue was getting out of hand, even for a poor gold gamer like myself. I began guessing on why this was occurring after an hour, but I didn’t come to any conclusions, but that’s beside the point.


“Imagine if someone dodges,” I joked, not realizing that I wouldn’t be participating in the game.

I didn’t want it to stop at this point; the line had to keep going no matter what; it should never finish, but destiny had other ideas:

The first game was discovered and the last was not.

Well, I didn’t have a choice but to accept and hope that someone rejected or didn’t accept in time; because you know the queue went on, you already know the results:

The first hundred minutes

The updates on the queue became less regular after this point, and it would be a waste to post all of the photos (plus I’m too lazy to crop them all), so I’m just going to upload a few of the milestones I reached:

Three hours have passed.


It’s been five hours (man this topic gets more and more less interesting as you go on)


After ten hours,


nuzmbge0zuk71 - The 10000 minute queue ruined at last confirmed 5241 mins by rito patch cycle

The first day’s final screenshot

I couldn’t stay up for the 1000-minute screenshot, but there’s nothing one can do when it’s time to sleep.

The second day has begun.



The time was perfect.

Since the queue was unable to connect to any match, nothing really noteworthy happened after that, and time passed.


Funny picture of a dead person


On the day before the end, this was the last milestone.

To be honest, I had lost interest in the queue since it was now simply a timer ticking up, but the fantasy was the ideal 10000 minute queue screenshot, which was the only reason I was still continuing, but I was bored trying to keep everyone updated on how the line was doing.


The last day’s first screenshot


He reflected on the fact that he was halfway there.

And that takes us back to the first screenshot of the day, where it is plain as day that such queue durations are a rare aberration and that I went too far; in the end, I couldn’t obtain the 10000 minute wait that I needed before it all stopped due to the mid patch(or so I suspect). We may all guess as to why the wait was so lengthy, but I need to clarify something: I had previously played games on the current patch at the time. Is it possible that someone may one day accomplish a 10000 minute queue? Yes, it is freezable as long as you manage to queue up after a patch; however, you would have to wait 7 days or a week to accomplish this accomplishment. It’s a pity I wasn’t able to achieve my objective in the end, but it is what it is, and there’s nothing you can do about getting booted through patch. However, the meter is still ticking away as I write this, so Reddit, what do you think? Should I keep waiting and inform you all when I reach 10,000 minutes?

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