The 10 Most Difficult Android Games: Your Nerves Are Going to Get the Better of You!

If you think Flappy Bird and Timberman are tough games, you haven’t seen anything. The games in this list are endless, you can always try, but if you throw your smartphone out of the window after 50 attempts without exceeding level 2 at Swing Copter or Mr. Flap, I warned you. 

You’re going to hate your smartphone. / © ANDROIDPIT

All the most difficult games on Android have one thing in common: they are based on simple concepts, and put your skill and patience to the test. I did my best to take screenshots that weren’t too ridiculous, but I didn’t manage to get past the first level on some games… If you want to make fun, post your best score on the forum and we’ll talk about it! 

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Timberman is tough, but it is one of the easiest games on this list. / © ANDROIDPIT

Let’s start with the easy part: Timberman. The concept is simple, just cut down a tree – you play the role of a lumberjack – and avoid being crushed by the falling branches. It’s relatively easy to get high scores with a little practice. 

Don’t Touch the Spikes


Don’t Touch the Spikes appeals to your address (really). / © ANDROIDPIT

We’re kindly starting to increase the difficulty. Don’t Touch the Spikes is one of those games on Android that is just a little bit too difficult. You’re going to start by telling yourself that it’s relatively easy, and then as the spikes multiply. I prefer DTTS to Flappy Bird, because it’s more about skill than luck. 

Hardest Game Ever 2


Three difficulty modes, three rage modes. / © ANDROIDPIT

I spare you the Google Translation of the title in French (Le plus dur jeu jamais 2), it is in fact a collection of little games. They are classified in three categories: easy, normal and difficult. While the easier games will amuse you to pass the time, the hard mode is downright annoying. 

Line Runner 2


Line Runner 2 is simple and effective. Slightly less addictive than other games though.  / © ANDROIDPIT

As its name suggests, this Android game is a runner, so you have to press the screen when you want to jump, to avoid obstacles. Some move, some don’t. The more you hold down, the longer you stay up in the air. It’s a little less difficult than the other games, but just as annoying. Note that you can buy boosts, thanks to the coins you pick up along the way. A great classic of difficult games. 

Rabies Quit


Rage Quit is as aesthetic as it is easy. / © ANDROIDPIT

Rage Quit is a classic. The first level is easy, the second level is less fun. The touch screen brings another dimension to this title, you can hardly see the square to move because of your finger, so it’s extremely difficult. And annoying. Ah, I almost forgot the concept: we have to place the square in the green zone, avoiding the walls. 

World’s Hardest Game


World’s Hardest Game is already well known on PC. / © ANDROIDPIT

The title the hardest game in the world is not far from being true. The game uses the concept of Rage Quit for example, where you have to make a square pass through a finish area, avoiding obstacles. In World’s Hardest Game, the little blue balls move really fast, from the first level you rage. Here too, not seeing the square because of his finger is frustrating. 

Just for fun, the video of Squeezie raging on World’s Hardest Game :

Link to the video

Swing Copters


Swing Copters is from the same developer as Flappy Bird, but it is MUCH more difficult. / © ANDROIDPIT

This is the second successful game from the creator of Flappy Bird. This is a mess, the controls are borderline chaotic. You have to tap frantically on the screen to make the character fly straight, and then pass him between two bars, with the bonus of weights swinging on each side, otherwise it wouldn’t be funny. You n’t make it. 

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Dumb Ways to Die

/ © Metro Trains

The game is in English, but we don’t have time to read anyway… / © Metro Trains

We already told you about Dumb Ways to Die on, it’s a collection of little games too, 15 exactly. The difficulty is to go from one to the other without losing concentration, and with the stopwatch running at full speed. Special mention to the piranhas that attack the pink man where it hurts. Most games are based on speed. The game speeds up as it goes along. 



Duet uses our brains a little more than other games… / © ANDROIDPIT

Duet is not really based on speed, but on the logic of movement and the dexterity of your little thumb. The principle is to pass two balls that rotate around an axis through obstacles. It’s hard to explain, but try the game, on a smartphone it’s one of the best thought-out games I’ve ever played, and it doesn’t rage like the others. Well, a little less. 

Mr Flap


Despite my best efforts, I could not beat my colleague. / © ANDROIDPIT

Mr Flap takes the principle of Flappy Bird and makes it even more difficult. This time you have to fly a bird between bars, which move, around a rotating axis, and you don’t score a point until you complete a full turn. After many tries, I had to admit defeat to my Brazilian colleague, who reached the incredible score of 3. 

Do you know any other raging games? 

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