The 10 best Yu-Gi-Oh! card sleeves (2021)

Yu-Gi-Oh cards is not only about getting the best cards, but also about collecting them and putting them on display. However, if you want to keep your cards in good condition for display, you need to find good cases to keep your cards in.

A good cover protects your cards from scratches, scuffs and other damage. Not only will the damage affect their appearance, but it will also significantly reduce their value if you want to sell them.

To make sure your cards last longer and healthier, here are ten of the best covers you can get for your Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. You can buy tickets.

Dark Mage Girl Sleeve

Image via Konami

These Dark Mag Girl covers, sold by Konami, are a great way to style your deck if you work a lot with Mage cards, and protect them from outside threats. If you prefer a men’s version, it’s also available, but the set with 70 sleeves and the Dark Girl Mage on the back appeals to us.

Assistants for dark sleeves

Image via Konami

Why show only one of the dark wizards when you can have both duos on your side? Another Konami series ready for the tournament, although you only get 50 in this pack, compared to 70 in the previous one.

Pure DeElf sleeves

Image via DeElf

Honestly, these are pretty standard sleeves. Insert your cards and you can see every part of the cards. The reason our list does this is that you get 1000 for a price that others would give around 100.

Protective hoses Dex

Image by Dex protection

Dex Protection cards are tear-resistant, have reinforced corners and are highly durable, so you can count on them to protect your cards. They are very pleasant to mix, and their transparent layer allows a good view of your cards. With a matte finish on the back, you also get a better grip on your cards than other bags you know.

Dragon Shield Protection Sleeves

Image by the dragon shield

The dragon’s shield is the name of the coat of arms. The general consensus in the community is that these matte cases might be the best. They are a bit pricey, but they are high quality and durable, and you can tell that these covers are made with care. There is a wide choice of matte cards, which are both bright and sharp. Your cards will fit perfectly without sagging, the translucent side is one of the clearest you can get and makes your rare cards stand out even more. They last forever and ensure that your cards remain in pristine condition.

Tubes for ordinary galaxy

If you want to entrust your cards to a plain cover, there are a wide variety of beautiful covers you can find online. Of all the generic coats of arms we came across, we prefer this beautiful galactic art.

Ancient Egyptian Sleeve Interior

Image via Insideeck

The monsters in U-G-O! The trading card game has been sacred since the time of ancient Egypt. With that in mind, we love the aesthetic of these characters you can put on your cards.

Original rear sleeves

Image via Konami

If you like the back of your cards, you can always opt for these Konami covers that look like the original back and still protect your cards. No shiny foil, like Yu-Gi-Oh cards are supposed to look like!

Weapon titanium glass protection

image on the titanium shield

These are pretty standard black pouches for your cards. They are a little thick and have a non-slip handle and a non-stick mat material on the back. The main difference between these pods and the others is their thickness. They add an extra layer of protection to the party for your most treasured cards.

Ultra Pro Deck Protector Covers

Image via Ultra Pro

The Ultra Pro cases are not as simple as many of the other options on this list, but they are less expensive and still serve their purpose in the name of protection. You can choose from different colors to represent your cards, but don’t cheat or mix colors in your deck.

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