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While you are discovering the Anunnaki, there is one name which you are mosting likely to experience time and again: Zecharia Sitchin.

That was Zecharia Sitchin? That depends partly upon that you ask. To some, he was a dazzling scholar with cutting edge concepts concerning the old Sumerian as well as Babylonian gods. To others, he was a pseudo-scientist as well as pseudo-historian with delusional reasoning.

No matter, something is specific, which is that Zecharia Sitchin was an extremely significant male that altered the manner in which many individuals check out human life, humanity, as well as our function in the universes. He was the leading writer on the Anunnaki, as well as among one of the most vital advocates of the idea in old astronauts.

In this overview, I will certainly present you to several of Zecharia Sitchin’s publications. However initially, allow’s review a short bio of his life.

Zecharia Sitchin’s Life

Zecharia Sitchin was born upon July 11 th, 1920 in the Azerbaijan SSR. He matured in Compulsory Palestine. Having an opportunity to stay in the Near East, he created an interest for its background as well as languages.

Throughout that time, he got a lot of Hebrew in addition to various other European as well as Semitic languages. He later on researched at the College of London, where he made a level in financial background.

Following his college graduation, Sitchin functioned as a reporter as well as editor in Israel. In 1952, he transferred to New York City After ending up being an exec for a delivery business, he seized the day to take a trip as well as go to historical sites. Throughout this moment he likewise educated himself Sumerian picture writing.

In 1976, Sitchin released his initial publication on old astronauts, The 12 th Earth. This cutting-edge title merged with each other his research study right into old tablet computers as well as messages with his concepts concerning unusual site visitors that developed human life in the world long earlier. It was an innovative title as well as the initial of the Planet Chronicles quantities, a collection which would ultimately cover 7 publications. These were come with by the Buddy quantities, the Planet Chronicles explorations, as well as a number of stories.

Regretfully the globe shed Zecharia Sitchin on October 9th,2010 His tradition nevertheless survives.

Trick Suggestions

Zecharia Sitchin Theories A variety of writers have actually covered the opportunity of old astronauts, consisting of Immanuel Velikovsky as well as Erich von Däniken However it is maybe Sitchin’s concepts which have actually acquired one of the most ground.

Sitchin’s essential insurance claims as well as ideas were as adheres to:

  • The old Mesopotamian gods were in fact genuine, just they were not in fact gods. They were unusual beings. Doing not have the language to go over extraterrestrial life, the ancients just described them as “gods.”
  • Nibiru is residence to a race of space beings. These are the Anunnaki of Sumerian tradition, as well as might likewise be the Nephilim as referenced in Genesis.
  • The Anunnaki saw planet while of the old Sumerians. Searching for gold to maintain their homeworld, they required employees to assist them my own it. For this function, they genetically crafted a servant race– people. This refers the Mesopotamian tale entailing Enki as well as Enlil.
  • Human world was temporarily supervised totally by unusual pressures. Human kings were assigned nevertheless to function as middlemans. At some point nevertheless problem embeded in between the Anunnaki themselves. The “evil wind” covered in the Lament for Ur is in fact nuclear tool results.
  • The Terrific Flooding as reviewed in Judeo-Christian as well as Mesopotamian tradition was in fact triggered by Nibiru the last time it resembled Planet.
  • The following time Nibiru returns, it might once again create international destruction. This can take the type of all-natural catastrophe and/or the return of our unusual emperors.

The Anunnaki are occasionally described as “reptilians.” While they are humanoid, they might have reptilian qualities as well as might likewise be shapeshifters. Many individuals think that they stroll amongst us still, camouflaged as humans.

Proof for Zecharia Sitchin’s Suggestions

Zecharia Sitchin Evidence

Exists any type of real historic or clinical proof that Zecharia Sitchin’s concepts hold true? Well, there is definitely no tough evidence. However there are some fascinating parallels in astronomy:

  • The suggestion that Tiamat as well as Nibiru clashed to develop the Planet, moon, planet belt as well as comets might in fact hold water. Modern astronomers do assume that an occasion similar to this might have resulted in the development of the moon. This is described as the “giant impact hypothesis.”
  • In 2016, scientists at the California Institute of Innovation found engaging mathematical proof for a “Ninth Planet” with a lengthy orbit as well as a substantial mass. Could it be Nibiru? It definitely appears feasible. This is rather an amazing exploration; check out everything about it below.

Past that, a lot of the proof for Zecharia Sitchin’s concepts originates from the old tablet computers he has actually researched as well as the parallels he has actually found in spiritual as well as historic messages.

Objection for Zecharia Sitchin’s Suggestions

Zecharia Sitchin Debunked

Zecharia Sitchin was in fact something of a leader when it concerned Sumerian translations. When he did his job, extremely couple of individuals understood just how to review it. In 2006 nevertheless, a publication called Sumerian Vocabulary was released which has actually assisted to expand accessibility to Sumerian messages. A variety of academics have actually identified mistakes in Sitchin’s translations.

A Few Of these “inaccuracies” are maybe expository also– Sitchin often tends towards literalism, both in just how he regards pictures as well as words.

Some scholars likewise compete that in doing so, he disregards well-known historic as well as mythical contexts for his very own sights.

Regardless Of this, Sitchin has actually had a substantial impact on pop culture– as well as I would certainly say his importance expands also additionally than that. Was the male 100% right concerning whatever? Certainly not– as well as no one can be. We are all simply attempting to assemble the challenge of our location in deep space. The lower line is that Sitchin has actually given us with some appealing items to that challenge.

Zecharia Sitchin’s Anunnaki Books

Zecharia Sitchin’s concept bibliography contains the Planet Chronicles quantities, which he began in 1976 as well as wrapped up in 2007:

  1. The 12 th Earth, 1976
  2. The Staircase to Paradise
  3. The Battles of Gods as well as Guy, 1985
  4. The Shed Worlds, 1990
  5. When Time Began, 1993
  6. The Planetary Code, 1998
  7. Completion of Days: Armageddon as well as Prophecies of the Return, 2007

Together With these are 4 buddy quantities:

  1. Genesis Revisited: Is Modern Scientific Research Overtaking Old Understanding?, 1990
  2. Divine Experiences: An Overview to Visions, Angels as well as Various Other Emissaries, 1995
  3. The Planet Chronicles Manual, 2009
  4. There Were Giants Upon the Planet: Gods, Demigods, as well as Human Origins: The Proof of Unusual DNA, 2010

After That there are the Planet Chronicles Explorations:

  1. The Planet Chronicles Explorations, 2004
  2. Journeys to the Mythological Past, 2007

As well as 2 stories:

  • The Lost Publication of Enki: Memoirs as well as Revelations of an Extraterrestrial god, 2001
  • The King That Rejected to Pass Away: The Anunnaki as well as The Look For Everlasting Life, 2013

There is likewise a DVD collection:

  • Are We Alone in deep space? ( based upon Genesis Revisited), docudrama, 1978 (2003 DVD launch)[37]
  • A Despite Zecharia Sitchin, lecture as well as slide discussion, 1997
  • A Talk From The Heart! lecture as well as slide discussion, 2006
  • Indicators of the Return, lecture as well as slide discussion, 2009
  • 2012– completion of Days? lecture as well as slide discussion, 2010
  • Zecharia at 90– Goodbye Address, lecture, 2010

Begin Below:

Really feeling bewildered by numerous Zecharia Sitchin publications?

I advise just beginning with the initial of the Planet Chronicles quantities, The 12 th Earth.

The 12 th Earth

The 12th Planet Sitchin’s initial publication is still without a doubt his most renowned.

This publication prepares for every one of Sitchin’s concepts.

In its web pages he describes the parallels in between the Sumerian as well as Babylonian clay tablet computer messages as well as Judeo-Christian tradition, in addition to just how those misconceptions suit the unusual story of old astronauts. R

eading this quantity, you obtain an excellent feeling for simply exactly how extensive Sitchin is as a scholar, as well as you obtain a detailed understanding of the Anunnaki concept.

Generally … if also 10% of this publication is exact, the effects are earth-shaking.

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After you check out The 12 th Earth, I advise just checking out the remainder of the Planet Chronicles in order (you can get them done in the Total Planet Chronicles boxed collection), and afterwards discovering the remainder of Sitchin’s bibliography.

Complete Earth Chronicles

However if you intend to leap about, below are a pair even more of his significant publications:

The Lost Publication of Enki: Memoirs as well as Revelations of an Extraterrestrial God

The Lost Book of Enki

This buddy quantity is preferred as well as concentrates on the lives as well as identifications of the Anunnaki.

Whereas the Planet Chronicles is the human viewpoint, The Lost Publication of Enki is the viewpoint of the Anunnaki, discovering their very own background as well as inspirations.

It is informed with the visualized viewpoint of the Anunnaki leader Enki, based upon Sitchin’s key resource research study.

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Completion of Days: Armageddon as well as Prophecies of the Return

The End of Days

As the final thought of thirty years of research study, this quantity is the conclusion of Sitchin’s life job, offering a concept of holy cycles of time. Are the Anunnaki returning?

If so, when? Discover in this vital publication.

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Sitchin’s Enduring Impact as well as Heritage

Whether you count on the actual message of Sitchin’s job or otherwise, something can not be refuted– which is Sitchin’s enormous impact. Below are simply a couple of instances of Sitchin’s concepts popular:

  • Sitchin’s job likely affected the advancement of a widely known religious beliefs called Raëlism.
  • Concepts of the Anunnaki, Nibiru, as well as old astronauts possibly affected a variety of movies. Several of these consist of Stargate, Cowboys & Aliens, The 4th Kind, Prometheus, as well as Melancholia.
  • The reptilian Silurians in Physician That are most likely motivated a minimum of partly by Anunnaki concepts. Although they are not aliens, they live covertly below ground as well as have actually gotten on the world considering that primitive times– all regular with Anunnaki concepts. The significant episode in which they show up issues the concern of whether humans await their return– likewise resembling concerns of whether we await the Anunnaki to return.
  • The old astronaut concept has actually likewise affected a variety of various other TELEVISION programs consisting of Celebrity Trip, The X-Files, Battlestar Galactica, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Babylon 5, Red Dwarf, as well as others.
  • The concept likewise has actually affected computer game like Assassin’s Creed II as well as the Halo collection.

Is Zecharia Sitchin Still Relevant?

Zacharia Sitchin

While astronomers might have discovered brand-new proof to back Sitchin’s concepts, expanding expertise in the location of Sumerian translations has actually called a lot of his concepts right into concern. This results in the concern, “Is any of this still relevant?”

I would certainly say that Zecharia Sitchin is in fact much more appropriate today than ever before. Whether you intend to take a look at his concepts as actual fact or otherwise, something is specific– the tale they inform is woven from all-too-familiar strings. Whether old astronauts actually developed mankind as a servant race for mining as well as production functions– whether our emperors are still controling us in the darkness– a lot of us really feel controlled as well as oppressed.

Every day, a lot of us placed our noses to the grindstones to draw in a very little income, all to extract metaphorical gold for somebody else. Whether the political leaders as well as Chief Executive officers that run the globe are reptiles from room in camouflage or otherwise, they do draw our strings. We stay in a commercial culture with little feeling of power or control.

It is no surprise that numerous can associate with Sitchin’s concepts. Also if they are not actual, they definitely strike home of fact, as well as are an appropriate allegory for the scenarios under which numerous people labor fruitless. In our polarizing globe, we are currently seeing much more of a pattern towards power being kept in the hands of minority. Whether there are planetary cycles of time, Sitchin’s words function as a caution: Every one of this has actually taken place previously, as well as it is currently occurring once again.

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