Tf1 Cuts Its Replay, Sfr Deplores the Dominant Position of the Audiovisual Group

Updated at 3:01 p.m. on July 29:

SFR officially communicated after TF1’s speech. The Internet Service provider announces that nothing changes for its users: “the My TF1 service is available via computer, tablet, mobile and OTT on TV”. He took the opportunity to point out that “TF1 has more than 40% of the advertising market (…) TF1 enjoys a dominant position on the French market and has a free terrestrial broadcasting licence (…) TF1, in defiance of the regulators and viewers, is trying in the middle of the summer to take SFR customers hostage.« . Finally, the operator with the red square deplores “TF1’s communication as the unilateral cut-off of My TF1 for SFR subscribers alone, whose legality is questioned, constitutes a considerable prejudice against which SFR is studying all possible remedies.« .

Original Article:

If you are an SFR customer, the Privilege option has been added to your bill, and the TF1 replay should no longer work as of today.

The SFR box

After several threats, TF1 had not cut anything at the beginning of May. It took a few more weeks for the audio-visual group to make the move. Indeed, MYTF1 – TF1’s replay service – was cut at SFR customers’ homes this Saturday, July 29.  TF1 explained that “in the absence of any agreement, SFR is no longer authorized to commercially exploit MYTF1 and the free-to-air channels”. At the moment, only the replay service seems to be off. As for the live channels, TF1 explained to us that it cannot technically cut its feed. This flow has to be cut off at the operators and ISPs directly.

TF1’s arm wrestling with mobile operators began several months ago with the audiovisual group demanding that ISPs pay nearly 100 million euros a year to distribute TF1’s channels and their associated services, compared with 10 million euros today. In the absence of an agreement, TF1 is therefore asking Internet service providers (ISPs) to stop broadcasting the group’s channels (TF1, TMC, NT1, HD1 and LCI) on OTT.

In the meantime, find our guide on “How to watch DTT TV from your Android” with all the dedicated solutions, including Molotov TV and MyCanal.

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