Tf1 and M6 Cut the Google Chromecast With Sfr Tv

SFR had partnered with Google for the French release of Chromecast, the search engine specialist’s HDMI dongle. But the broadcasting of channels belonging to the TF1 and M6 groups has been blocked.

Tf1 and M6 Cut the Google Chromecast With Sfr Tv

The Google Chromecast is a HDMI dongle that connects to a screen and allows you to stream content remotely from a smartphone, tablet orcomputer. For the moment, you have to use applications because it is impossible to stream the entire screen of your terminal to the TV with Chromecast, except from a PC but in experimental version. When Google’s HDMI key was launched in France, SFR unveiled its SFR TV application, which allows any TV channel to be streamed to Chromecast, except for somechannels.

Streaming prohibited for TF1 and M6

A few days ago, the TF1 group announced that the broadcasting of its channels (TF1, NT1, TMC, LCI, etc.) would be blocked on the SFR TVapplication. This is already the case of the MyTF1 application which does not support Chromecast, on a voluntary basis. Now, M6 does the same and it is impossible to watch on SFR TV a channel of the M6 group (M6, W9, 6ter, Paris Première or Téva) with Google’s Chromecast . A message appears to inform the viewer that “[Channel Name or M6] does not authorize us to broadcast on a Chromecast device.

Tf1 and M6 Cut the Google Chromecast With Sfr Tv

Identical situation on other devices

This policy of TF1 and M6 is already in place on the Freebox , where it is impossible to access these channels in multi-station mode or to retrieve recordings made via ADSL with the Freebox. This is also the case with Bouygues Telecom’s application, which is overzealous and activates a warning and prevents airplay streaming of all the channels available with theapplication.

According to our colleagues at PC Inpact who contacted the channels, the blockade is being put in place because of rights issues. Bizarre when you know that cchannels can be watched in various ways (TV, computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) and that France TV, Arte or Canal+ are promoting this new way of watching TV. All that remains is to wait for the new television habits of the French to change the minds of the sector’s mastodons, who are obviously still reluctant to these practices.