Texas Movie Theaters Allowed Open This Weekend

After more than a month of closure, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has finally given permission for the reopening of the halls this weekend. Almost all theatres have been closed since March. In addition to theatres, restaurants, museums and shops are also open this Friday.

The larger theatres are not planning to open immediately, some will remain closed until July to prepare in tents for several upcoming premieres, including Tenet, Mulan and Wonder Woman 1984. Local theatres are allowed to run their business if they meet the guidelines for social distance.

Governor Abbott says the theaters will openthis weekend.

Governor Abbott understands that some companies will remain closed and states that this is an opening license and not a condition. Theatres and other institutions can work at 25% of their capacity, making their work economically unfeasible. Georgia was the first country to bring its economy back to life. The Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, reacted too quickly to the reopening of the state.

Hairdressing salons, beauty salons and fitness centres are not open this weekend.

The Abbott government hopes to open these stores by mid-May. The government of New York City. Andrew Cuomo wants people to be able to live after the 15th century. Can stay in the house. No new date has yet been set. However, many expect it to be ready by 1 January. June will last.

theatres are always confronted with the problem that the audience watchesmovies in peace and quiet.

Some small theatres could open, they will have to follow the strict CDC rules, which is not financially feasible at the moment.

Until July, [VIDEO] will not release large films on the studio tents, so they will eventually show older films, which will benefit the small art-house cinemas. But cinemas also have to ask themselves whether people will come to the theatres as soon as possible or even in July, when the big chains will finally open again.

Texas and Georgia are not the only countries that have definitively opened up their economies. Also South Carolina, Oklahoma and Alaska have started to offer companies a new start.

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas said he got approval from the White House and from President Trump. Abbott said he wasn’t afraid to open up so fast.

Texas is currently the largest state reopening its theatres. Despite the fact that the major networks do not expect to open their doors until July. Now the owners of the cinemas and the National Association of Cinema Owners have to wait and see how long it takes for the cinemagoers to return. Now theatre owners have to wait and see how long it takes for the cameramen to return and how they react to the coronavirus as it progresses.

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