Xiaomi’s Mi Band 4 lands in France! The Chinese manufacturer’s connected bracelet is one of its most popular products. It should be noted that at EUR 40, competitors are included among the absent subscribers. But what is the new Mi Band 4 really worth? Answer in our full test!

Test of Xiaomi Mi Band 4: What is a Connect Bracelet Worth 40 Euros?

When we say Xiaomi, we think of “low prices”. The Chinese manufacturer has become a specialist in high-tech products with an excellent price/performance ratio. Among the best-selling products is the Mi Band connected bracelet.

Before the start of the school year, the brand launches its fourth edition. Without upsetting a recipe that works, Xiaomi makes a few changes to the very successful Mi Band 3. By the way, the price increases by 10 euros. The Mi Band 4 remains very accessible as it is sold for 40 euros. For this price, what is Xiaomi’s bracelet worth? We used it for several days. Discover our complete test!

Our Mi Band 4 video test


TEST Xiaomi MI BAND 4: a bracelet connected to 40 euros, bargain or scam?

TEST Xiaomi MI BAND 4: a bracelet connected to 40 euros, bargain or scam?


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Data sheet


Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Technical Data Sheet

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Technical Data Sheet


46.9 x 17.9 x 12 mm

46.9 x 17.9 x 12 mm








128 × 80 pixels

120 x 240 pixels





Bluetooth 4.2

Bluetooth 5.0 BLE

Water resistance

Yes IP67

Yes up to 50m


110 mAh

LiPO 135 mAh

Load Port



Quick refill



Wireless Qi Refill





Black + bracelets


± 25 euros

40 euros

Price and release date

Xiaomi sells the Mi Band 4 at a price of 39.99 euros. The manufacturer is therefore operating an increase of 10 euros compared to the previous version. How can you blame him? With such a tariff, the Chinese always outperforms the competition. No other connected bracelet on the market makes such a convincing case for such a price.

Basic design and colour display

The Mi Band 4 does not mark a great aesthetic upheaval compared to its predecessor. It consists of a tracker that is inserted into a soft, hypoallergenic silicone strap. Composed of 12 holes, it can be adapted to any type of wrist. The attachment system still requires a little time to adjust.

Test of Xiaomi Mi Band 4: What is a Connect Bracelet Worth 40 Euros?

Thin (46.9 x 17.9 x 12 mm) and light (22.1 grams), the Mi Band 4 will be able to be discreet, even to be forgotten. So watch out for the falls! Those most sensitive to waves will also have to be vigilant before slipping under the duvet by checking that they have removed the bracelet. This choice obviously implies not wanting to collect sleep-related data.

Test of Xiaomi Mi Band 4: What is a Connect Bracelet Worth 40 Euros?

There are only two major aesthetic novelties. The return button is symbolized by a small white circle. Until now, this key was represented by a small indentation on the screen. It had the advantage of being identifiable by touch. The manufacturer’s new choice is more elegant, but less practical in use.

Test of Xiaomi Mi Band 4: What is a Connect Bracelet Worth 40 Euros?

The 0.95-inch OLED display now sees the world in colour (over 16,000). We regret the lack of automatic brightness. However, Xiaomi offers 5 different levels of brightness. In view of the excellent autonomy of the product (we will come back to this later), we advise to choose the maximum luminosity at all times. This makes it possible to enjoy good legibility in all conditions, even in direct sunlight.

Test of Xiaomi Mi Band 4: What is a Connect Bracelet Worth 40 Euros?

Xiaomi doesn’t revolutionize the genre by offering a Mi Band 4 as sober as ever. Design is not one of the bracelet’s strong points. Without appearing unsightly, it does not rise to the level of a fashion accessory. Its basic materials (silicone, plastic) make it a discreet object that will suit geeks and sportsmen.

For 40 euros, you can’t expect to wear a little jewel full of technology. Aesthetic novelties are enough to bring a breath of fresh air to a product recognized above all for its effectiveness.

15 days autonomy

Thanks to its LiPo battery of 135 mAh, Xiaomi promises 20 days of autonomy for a standard use of its Mi Band 4. By combining daily usage (with all alerts and notifications activated) and sports sessions (about 2 hours every other day) we have reached 15 days of use! The fact that the bracelet is permanently off and only lights up when you lift your wrist should help.

Test of Xiaomi Mi Band 4: What is a Connect Bracelet Worth 40 Euros?

If the promise is not completely kept, the Mi Band 4 remains a sure thing. The icing on the cake is that the bracelet recharges completely (0 to 100%) in less than two hours (1h35 on average). Even better, 30 minutes is enough to gain 60% of autonomy, is nearly 10 days of use.

The main thing is the main thing

The Mi Band 4’s interface shines by its simplicity. After pairing the wristband with your smartphone via the Mi Fit application (a few seconds), navigation is mainly vertical. However, dragging left or right from the Home screen gives access to a music control function. Minimalist, this option proves very practical on a daily basis. We’ve been able to use it with the Music application on the iPhone as well as Spotify on Android and iOS. Pressing the key below the screen takes you back to the home screen, sliding from left to right takes you back to the previous menu.

The small screen size allows only basic display of functions. The user has to navigate a bit blind to discover the different options. We therefore advise you to start this exploration from the first minutes of use in order to familiarize yourself with the object. The menus break down (in order of navigation) as follows:

  • Status: provides a summary of the number of steps, distance, calories burned or notifications received
  • Heart rate
  • Training: starts one of the 6 pre-installed workouts (outdoor running, treadmill, cycling, walking, exercise, swimming in the pool)
  • Weather
  • Notifications
  • Plus: regroups several usage options such as (in order) Do Not Disturb mode, alarm, music management, stopwatch, timer, silent mode, etc.

The regulars of the previous Mi Band will immediately find their bearings again. For the others, the learning will be quick. While the small screen does not allow the display of overly complex elements, the whole thing shines by its simplicity and ergonomics.

A good daily companion

Like its predecessors and most competitors, the Mi Band 4 is mainly an object of consultation. Don’t expect to call or answer a message directly from the bracelet, it’s impossible. The Mi Fit application allows you to filter the notifications you wish to receive on the bracelet. We’ve left everything activated (messages, app notifications, calls), which can sometimes be intrusive. We therefore advise you to take the time to customize the notifications from the beginning. In any case, the Mi Band 4 does not allow to delete anotification, the user can only consult it.

Note also that we find the Mi Band 3 bug. The system does not recognize all characters, so we often end up with empty squares instead of certain letters or emojis. So you have to enter your smartphone to view these notifications, which takes away any interest in the very concept of a bracelet. Too bad.

In general, the data recorded by the Mi Band 4 is not very accurate. But for a bracelet for less than 50 euros, it gives a relevant idea of our daily activity. However, we would have liked to have seen more accurate sleep monitoring. The results do not in any way reflect the nights spent with the bracelet on the wrist. The Mi Band 4 still analyzed two insomnia as excellent nights…

Not only for Sunday athletes

Unsurprisingly, the Mi Band 4 will not be suitable for expert sportsmen and women whose data accuracy is one of the first criteria of choice. For 40 euros, it would have been presumptuous to expect that much. Nevertheless, the new Xiaomi bracelet is proving to be effective for Sunday sportsmen and women. For more regular practices, will be suitable for athletes seeking pleasure rather than performance. The lack of precision of the analyzed data distorts the results which will tend to annoy the competitors. Those who are more relaxed will be more attached to the evolution curve than to the time.

During our test the Mi Band 4 accompanied us in our sports sessions (every two days). The bracelet is pleasant for endurance exercises (cycling, running) and swimming. On the other hand, the other activities remain difficult to identify and the data are logically far from the account.

The Mi Fit application, very complete, but not very ergonomic, allows you to take stock of its performance and even synchronize it with Google Fit on Android and Health on iOS. In both cases, everything works perfectly. On the other hand, synchronization with the most well-known third-party applications (Runstatic, for example) is impossible.

For sport, the Mi Band 4 is therefore content to provide the essentials, like its predecessors. For 40 euros, it will meet the needs of occasional or even regular sportsmen and women, provided that they focus their activity on pleasure.

With the Mi Band 4, Xiaomi does not make any major improvements to her previous bracelet. However, the colour display is a welcome development, especially since the manufacturer manages to maintain a monstrous range.

Despite its inaccuracies and basic design, the Mi Band 4 proves to be enjoyable both in everyday use and for sporting activities (provided you are not a competitor). The completely failed sleep monitoring remains the biggest disappointment of this Mi Band 4. But for 40 euros, he is willingly forgiven his little faults.

We like

  • Light and discreet
  • Color OLED display
  • Good ergonomics
  • Good follow-up of activities
  • Monstrous autonomy
  • Very fast recharging
  • Unbeatable price

We like less

  • Follow-up of missed sleep (too imprecise)
  • Basic design
  • Attachment system to be reviewed
  • No built-in GPS

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