Test of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, the S8 Xxl Version

If you’re one of those people who think that the bigger the better, you’re in luck. The Galaxy S8 Plus is a replica of the S8 with a 6.2-inch screen instead of 5.8-inch. It is longer, wider, carries a larger battery (3,500 mAh) and costs more: 909 euros. And what else? That’s it! So here we will focus mainly on the differences related to the size of the smartphone, we refer you to our full test of the Galaxy S8 to know what the 2017 flagship is worth.

In fact, the hardware and software configuration is identical to that of the S8, with a crystal-clear screen, a fast processor and a high-performance camera in both daylight and low light. There is no second lens like on the iPhone 7 Plus. Like Google’s Pixel XL, the S8 Plus is just an enlarged version for those who like big phones.

Speaking of size, Samsung’s new smartphone manages to be slimmer than 5.5-inch screen models such as the iPhone 7 Plus, Pixel XL and OnePlus 3T. This makes it easier for you to type, read, watch videos and admire your photos. As an added bonus, the S8 Plus is very attractive. It’s really amazing to see that it hardly protrudes any further in a pocket than a Pixel XL with a smaller screen.

However, there is one disadvantage, which is that you will have to stretch your hand out to reach the fingerprint reader It is located at the back and oddly placed right next to the camera lens. We were already having trouble placing our finger on the S8’s fingerprint sensor and it was even harder on the S8 Plus. We had to place our hand or even our arm at an unusual angle and we often came to smear the camera lens with fingerprints, which is not recommended.

Sometimes we could unlock the phone on the first try. But other times we would grope around a few times before we got there. It’s not a big deal when it happens occasionally. But when it is several times a day, it becomes frustrating and even a little unbearable. Especially when you think of all the phones equipped with fast and well-placed fingerprint sensors. As for example on the Pixel XL whose round sensor is located a little lower than that of the S8 Plus or the iPhone 7 Plus which integrates it into the home button.

You don’t have to use the fingerprint sensor. There is also the iris scanner which has its own flaws or face recognition but which is not considered a security system since it cannot be used to validate a purchase with Samsung Pay (service not available in France). Luckily, this disadvantage is not a major drawback, as this function can be dispensed with.


We really liked the S8 Plus. This is a superb smartphone with excellent performance identical to the Galaxy S8. Enough to delight fans of big screens who will find there a very high-end mobile that will satisfy all their needs. Except maybe the fingerprint sensor’s not easy to reach.




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