Test of Devil May Cry 5 on Xbox One X: the Dmoniac Perfection


Devil May Cry 5 is a devilishly sexy achievement. Period.

After a reboot assassinated before its time, but finally successful, Capcom decided to pick up its canonical Devil May Cry saga where it left off. Either with a fifth opus which takes place this time after the events of Devil May Cry 4 (the chronology was not always respected). In addition to the joy of finding the duo formed by Dante – the old man – and Nero – the new one -, Devil May Cry 5 bases its argument on its condition as a new generationepisode. More than ten years after its predecessor, it had to be successful.

For those who would discover the franchise, Devil May Cry calls the genre beat them all to tell the story of Dante, a handsome half-man half-demon who has become a true icon of the videogame sphere. Incidentally, he hunts vile creatures against a backdrop of Shakespearean intrigue. And if you start withDevil May Cry 5, don’t panic: the game offers a comprehensive and sufficiently complete summary of what happened before.

2 be 3

You will not buy Devil May Cry 5 for its story. At least, you won’t remember much of it, except that it’s just another fight between good guys and bad guys. This script bias is voluntary. For Capcom, the story is just a pretext to stack the arenas and move on to the next chapter with a bit of binder. Despite everything, the universe articulated around Dante and his friends remains coherent, nourished by flashbacks, revelations and cliffhangers. Not to mention some (a lot of) fan service.

We’ll remember that Capcom doesn’t take itself seriously and never hesitates to fall into the abyss to take the tone even further. Thus, Devil May Cry 5combines self-mockery, running-gag and bravery in a cocktail that perfectly suits the heroes’ strong personalities. With the reinforcement of the mysterious V, Dante and Nero form a kind of boy band , a bit old-fashioned, if not loser. Devil May Cry 5 or the 2 be 3 emo that awkwardly save the world by often doing anything. There’s no overkill heroism, just guys having fun.


Devil May Cry 5 // Source: Capcom

The devil is in the details

As Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and the remake ofResident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5 likes his suit cut in the RE Engine graphic engine. And he’s giving it back to her. Despite a framerate fixed at 60 fps (on console), Capcom’s blockbuster proves that you can combine fluidity and beauty. Helped on this point by his closed sets, he owes a lot to his inspired artistic direction, a clever mix of gothic, modern and gore.

A sexy game

Capcom could certainly have gone further in the variety of environments, but the Japanese studio preferred mastery to clumsy generosity, continuity to rupture. So much so that being in hell makes you feel at home. Some would even dare to say that it is paved with good intentions.

Devil May Cry 5 also deserves the laurels for its character design, all more charismatic than the others (special mention to the demon transformations and to some bosses, as numerous as successful). From this point of view, the fifth episode ensures the legacy of its mythology: if you’re going to play dirty, you might as well be stylish. Add a rock’n’roll soundtrack that gets on your nerves in a good way and you get a very enjoyable game. After all, they say the devil dresses in Prada…


Devil May Cry 5 // Source: Capcom

A gameplay that sees triple

Beyond its aesthetic attributes, Devil May Cry 5 builds its success on the excellence of its gameplay or, rather, its gameplay nestled in a structure reminiscent of Resident Evil (originally, Devil May Cry was to be a new episode of Resident Evil). Indeed, with its three playable characters, the title offers as many ways to obliterate enemies. Be careful though, you don’t choose who you embody at the beginning of a chapter – except for a few specific portions.

Fans of Devil May Cry 4 will soon get back to their old habits when it comes to handling Dante, the group’s most badass – and the most clumsy too. With him, the idea is to alternate between his four fighting styles to make the combos rain and get the best score. Dante, never the last one to dog about, also has a varied arsenal – some pieces of which will bring back (glorious) memories.

The heir of his ancestors

For its part, the twirling Nero is the most accessible of the three. Removed from his demonic arm (we know why), he is now armed with a mechanical appendage that works like ammunition. The deal is as follows: this arm, named Devil Breaker, is very powerful, but explodes if you get hit while using it. And if there are different types (each with its own special move), you cannot switch on the fly. For a change, you have to get rid of the one you don’t want anymore. This limit, which is entirely justifiable, will not please everyone. But without it, Nero would turn Devil May Cry 5 into child’s play.


Devil May Cry 5 // Source: Capcom

Wholesale over Devil May Cry 5, the elegant V stands out for its more approach plus shoot them up. Unable to fight on his own, he teams up with a bird, a panther and a large colossus to protect himself. It brings a welcome freshness and radically changes the way of looking at the many clashes. His only problem is targeting enemies. Indispensable for the bird, which attacks from a distance, it appears less adapted to the feline, a specialist in hand-to-hand combat. Therefore, the atypical V requires a little more control than the others. Small precision: your thumb may hurt when playing it.

Otherwise, you can find everything that makes up the salt of Devil May Cry, starting with the Red Orbs to pick up. They are used to improve weapons and to unlock certain sometimes useful skills (double jump), often minor. Among the other objects that count are the Golden Orbs. They allow to resurrect when a fight goes bad and, by ricochet, to reduce – considerably – the challenge (spoiler: they are too easy to recover). Devil May Cry 5 don’t forget the items that enhance the life and magic bars, or the bonus levels that you should take the trouble to look for. So much proof that he is indeed the heir of his ancestors.

Indicative note : 5/5

Without ever bothering to seek reinvention, Devil May Cry 5 achieves a form of perfection in its formula that began nearly twenty years ago. Uncomplexed to the point of falling into arrogance, Dante and Nero’s return to the forefront of the stage is a beautiful devil who is forgiven for his lack of audacity. He drowns in generous appearances and total mastery of his subject.

Enjoyable and varied thanks to its trio of losers, Devil May Cry 5 is the proof that Capcom knows how to do it today when it comes to pampering its brands. Once criticized for taking Resident Evil into a minefield, the Japanese firm has learned its lesson. And it’s not hell waiting for DMC 5, it’s heaven.


  • Handsome as a devil
  • Mastered gameplay
  • An arrogant side that works


  • The Golden Orbs
  • We’re advancing on conquered territory
  • We liked the Dante from the reboot…




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