Tesla: There are bombs on the construction site of his German factory


Maxime Claudel – January 24, 2020 – Vroom

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Bombs dating from the Second World War were found on the construction site of the future Tesla factory. This is very common in Germany.

Tesla has chosen Germany and the Berlin region to erect the Gigafactory 4 plant, which will be responsible for supplying the European market. Problem: you’ll have to watch out for bombs dating from world war II. According to an article published on 22 January by ABC News, 85 kilograms of explosives have been found at the site where Tesla plans to build in Brandenburg. The authorities confirmed this in the columns of the local newspaper Maerkische Oderzeitung.

This implies that there may still be many bombs still armed in the area, which foreshadows delays in the construction of Gigafactory 4. It will indeed be necessary to rake several hectares of land to ensure safety. These precautions should prevent Tesla from going as fast as it did with Gigafactory 3, a Chinese factory that took less than a year to open.

Tesla Gigafactory 1 // Source : Tesla

Tesla Gigafactory 1 // Source: Tesla

Bombs on the construction site of Gigafactory 4…

Because of the many Allied bombings that took place during the Second World War it is still very common today to find explosives that can still cause heavy damage. These dangerous discoveries force the evacuation of the affected areas to defuse and ensure that everything is safe. A few days ago for example, a 500-kilogram bomb was unearthed in the centre of Cologne, France Info reported on 21 January. Last September, according to L’Express, it was the city of Hanover that was hit.

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More unusual, the construction site wanted by Tesla, estimated at 41 million euros includes an ecosystem favourable to bats. The problem is that a lot of trees will have to be cut down to accommodate Gigafactory 4: “The animals are in hibernation until the end of February and March. Then their breeding period begins. Bats must not be disturbed during these phases,” explains Christiane Schröder, Director of the Nature Conservation Association, in the columns of the Berliner Zeitung. In other words, the factory will have to find its place between the bombs and the wildlife. Tesla is targeting the summer of 2021 to start production of 150,000 cars.

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