Tesla Lowers the Price of the Model3 Slightly

Tesla lowered the base price of the Model 3 last night, but without reaching the price originally promised by the automaker. In the United States electric cars can now be purchased for $45,000 instead of $49,000 previously. That’s better, but we’re still a long way from the $35,000 entry-level promise Elon Musk made when he introduced the vehicle.

This new version introduces a mid-size battery, which will probably eventually be sandwiched between the most complete battery previously offered, and an even smaller battery for the entry-level range. This new battery promises a range of about 420 km, compared to about 500 km for the standard battery. Tesla made it clear that this is a different battery, not a software fixture as had been the case in the past on some models.

With this model, Tesla is close to the base price originally promised, but some people are wondering if the manufacturer isn’t trying to get away with this slightly cheaper model. However, a Press Release sent to the specialist site Electrek indicates that the model with the standard battery is still expected within 4 to 6 months.

Remember that the Model 3 is due to arrive in France and other countries from 2019. Tesla had brought a copy to the Paris Motor Show, proof that the manufacturer is preparing for this arrival.

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