Tesla Lowers the Price of the Model 3 and Simplifies Its Range

Tesla Model 3 price drop

Tesla lowers the price of the Model 3 and removes the entry-level versions of the Model S and X. According to the manufacturer, the objective is to simplify its offer and make it easier for customers to choose, in an effort to boost sales even more after a record second quarter.

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Tesla is discontinuing standard versions of the S and X models. Only the “Long Range” and “Performance” versions are now available in the catalogue, which raises the access price of the two premium models. Rates are now $84,990 for Model X and $79,990 for Model S in the United States At the same time, the Tesla Model 3, which is the best-selling version in recent months (80% of sales in the second quarter), has seen its access price drop to $38,990.

Tesla Model 3 price drop, Model S and X access tariff is up

To make the purchase of our vehicles even simpler, we are standardising our range of vehicles and rationalising the number of trim modules offered for the S, X and 3 models,” writes the manufacturer in a Press Release This change is accompanied by a rate adjustment to “continue to improve affordability for customers”.

By grooming its offer, the brand hopes to continue the momentum of the second quarter of 2019, when it delivered more than 95,000 electric cars. Tesla is also stepping up initiatives to speed up deliveries. The manufacturer recently announced that it is building a new factory in China where it plans to assemble the Tesla Model 3.

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In addition to this, the company designs its own batteries to reduce its dependence on Panasonic, its supplier with whom relations have not been very good in recent months. Ultimately, Tesla’s independence could not only reduce the cost of the brand’s electric cars, but also speed up the production process, the slowness of which has been heavily criticized for ages. At the time of writing, prices in France have not yet been updated on the Tesla website.

Source : Reuters.





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