Teams that won’t attend Worlds 2021 – Update #8

After the first round of invitations to Worlds 2021 were sent out back in February, the first of the 8 World’s teams that were invited declined their invitation to participate at Worlds. Since then, the 7 remaining teams have announced their decision to decline their invitation, and with the deadline for the remaining teams to decline or accept their invitation to Worlds being on Friday, June 15th, we have reached the conclusion of “Worlds 2021”. There are still a total of 9 teams that have not yet announced their decision to attend Worlds, and we will be keeping track of those teams.

As we approach the end of the year, preparations and decisions will be made regarding bids to attend Worlds 2021, the first-ever World E-Sport Games. The general consensus seems to be that the WEG has the potential to be a huge success, but only if everything goes as planned.

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We’ll take a look at some less successful, yet deserving of mention, teams as Gen G. qualify for Worlds.

-Chiefs Esports Club (CHF) from the LCO (Team #57). The Chiefs were swept by PEACE and ousted from the Playoffs after narrowly making it to the Upper Bracket.

This team has been in the OPL since 2015 and has had a number of successes, with their lowest finish being fifth. In the Regular Split, he finished second five times and first three times. They’ve finished second and first in the playoffs four times.

They’ve competed in IWCI 2015/16, IWCQ 2016, and Rift Rivals 2018 to represent their area. They’ve never qualified for Worlds or MSI, and their past three splits have been their least successful, but let’s hope they rediscover their former greatness.


-The LCK’s Afreeca Freecs (AF) are team #58. AF are out of Worlds contention after a hard-fought 1-3 defeat to Nongshim in the Playoffs Quarterfinals.

Since joining the LCK in 2016, this squad has had a mixed bag of performances, with sporadic bursts of brilliance. The previous three Spring splits were the only occasions they didn’t make the Playoffs, with 9th place being their lowest result. The Freecs have won the KeSPA Cup, representing their region at Rift Rivals 2018, and finished second in both the Regular Split and Spring Playoffs that year.

However, representing Korea at the 2018 World Championship as the LCK’s 2nd seed through Championship Points is probably their most memorable accomplishment. However, we all know that 2018 was not Korea’s finest year on the international scene, as the Afreeca Freecs were swept in the Quarterfinals by Cloud 9.

They have Bang (the Bang) as their replacement bot laner, which is a fun tidbit.


-Team #59 from the LCS: Evil Geniuses (EG). The Evil Geniuses were swept by Cloud 9 and ousted from Playoffs, placing fifth after being only one game away from defeating 100T and qualifying for Worlds.

(Note: I am aware that this squad has competed in Europe, but I will only discuss their experience in North America since 2020.) This squad has performed above average for the previous two years, but didn’t seem to be a championship contender until this split.

Despite the fact that I disagreed, several people, including LCS commentators and analysts, overhyped this squad owing to its 18W-9L Summer record and the presence of great players like as Rookie of the Year, Danny, and World Champion Impact, among others. But it didn’t work out in the end. But at the very least, they provided us a memorable play.


-From the PCS, Team #60: Hong Kong Attitude (HKA). HKA finished 5th in the Playoffs after a 1-3 defeat to J Team.

This organization has had a lot of success after rejoining the LMS in the summer of 2017. HKA won the Regional Finals and represented Taiwan as the 3rd seed heading into Worlds despite placing 6th in Summer 2017 and not even making it to Playoffs.

In 2019, they finished third in the Playoffs and won the Regional Finals, qualifying for Worlds 2019 Play-ins and even making it to the Group Stage of the Main Event. However, they haven’t achieved much in the last two years, with their highest finish being fourth in the 2020 Spring Playoffs.


-League of Legends (LEC) team #61: Misfits Gaming (MSF). Previously known as the Misfits, this eccentric squad debuted in the LEC in 2017, launching the careers of future superstars Alphari and Hans Sama, as well as Ignar, PowerOfEvil, and, most notably, KaKAO.

Misfits qualified for the 2017 World Championship as Europe’s second seed through Championship Points after losing in the finals to G2. They were drawn in Group D with Team WE, TSM, and Flash Wolves, and came in second after a tiebreaker with the NA team.

The Misfits had to play the three-time World Champions SKT in the Quarterfinals, where no one anticipated them to prevail. Even though David failed to defeat Goliat, the Misfits demonstrated to the world that gods may bleed.

Since then, the Misfits have never shown any indications of grandeur, winning a few games early in each split before collapsing later. The lone exception occurred in the summer of this year, when the now-Deficio-managed squad was one game away from defeating Rogue and qualifying for Worlds, but squandered the game and subsequently lost a tough five-game series against FNC, placing fourth.


-From the LCS, Team #62: Immortals (IMT). Immortals are 5th in Playoffs and out of Worlds contention after a 1-3 defeat to TSM.

This squad came out swinging in the spring of 2016, putting up the most dominating Regular Split NA has ever seen, going 17-1 with lightning-fast victories. Then they delivered the most underwhelming Playoffs performance in NA history, sweeping both of their series.

Immortals represented their region as NA’s second seed at Worlds 2017 in the summer of 2017, after finishing second in Playoffs. They failed to advance out of groups. Shortly after, the organization was dissolved.

The squad returned to the league in 2020, replacing OpTic Gaming, but has only had poor performances since then.


BOOM Esports (BME) from the PCS is team #63. BOOM is out of the Playoffs, tied with 5th place, after a close 2-3 defeat to Machi Esports (blue side has a 100 percent winrate, by the way).

This organization entered the league in the spring of this year by buying Nova Esports’ slot, which had been vacated by the dissolved Nova Esports. They finished 5th in the Regular Split and went 1-2 in the first round of the Playoffs against HKA. In the summer, they came in fourth place in the regular season.


-Team #64 from the TCL: Galakticos (GAL). Galakticos are out of the Playoffs, tied for third place, after being swept by NASR Turkey.

This squad has been in the TCL since Spring of 2017 and has had a poor record, having been relegated three times and finishing 9th on three occasions, among other forgettable outcomes. Nonetheless, they have had some fantastic runs, like finishing 2nd in the Regular Season in Summer 2020 and 3rd in the Playoffs, as well as the outcomes of this split.

It’s worth noting that Broken Blade has previously played for this organization.


I’ll see you in the future post! Remember to tune in to T1 vs. Gen G, EDG vs. WE, TSM vs. C9, and FNC vs. G2 on Sunday.

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