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The opinion of Bruno Poirel (Tassin the half moon)

on the town of TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE


10th district ?

Tassilunois since 2005, I was looking for the proximity of my workplace (cycling and walking) with a pleasant setting (which has since deteriorated).

What I like about TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE The proximity of lyon to public transport or cycling but more and more difficult with traffic.

What I don’t like about TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE The tendency for the city to become the 10th arrondissement of lyon rather than an independent and lively place. The proliferation of luxury shops and the enormity of letting shops set up (at the mall) when there are already shops in the area (drugstore, catering…).

(October 2013)


The opinion of Al Steineur (Tassin-la-demi-lune)

on the town of TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE


Disappointed for my dogs.

I was thinking of exile from the problems of the city, not at all, most of them are the same and tenfold!

What I like in TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE Proximity lyon, and still seen that the transports are forbidden to the dogs (it is on that in this way they are not ready to be sociable if one exile them of all) I do not go there any more.

What I don’t like about TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE Concrete, concrete, concrete. And not even well laid out; since there’s no dog park, I have to spend my money well, so I ride my bike. And now I pray for their lives and mine every time I go out, I only saw a piece of the bike path and it was a big joke. So we get on the sidewalk and bother everyone and get off our bikes every five minutes. I thought I could find some greenery to take them out because I pitied their little unfenced dog park overlooking a road in lyon. Well, I regret it! At least they were seeing friends and spending money! Don’t be surprised to see dogs barking at everyone, it’s frustration! Too much unspent energy and a cruel lack of socialization. Bravo, you’re going to have a city full of vile, soulless hlm.

(August 2013)


The opinion of Ricou (Tassin)

on the town of TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE


Increasingly, undersized utilities

Ideal location in the western suburbs of lyon, a stone’s throw from lyon and less than 10 km from the countryside. The mounts of Lyon are close by, offering beautiful views and beautiful walks in nature. The city, on the other hand, has been under permanent construction for several years. The city centre is completely changed. It certainly needed renovation, but now we have destroyed everything that made this small town so charming. We are now in a standardized city with standardized housing. New buildings are being built at breakneck speed, while the schools are sorely lacking in resources and are already at maximum capacity. But that seems to be the least of the city team’s worries. Namely, when you have children. Traffic is also a serious problem. But given the configuration of the place, it will remain like that as long as the car remains as legitimate and natural in an urban area. Local taxes are very high, services low in return and street cleanliness average. In winter, for the past 2 years, the sidewalks have not been cleared of snow, apparently because it is too expensive. Symbolic and unusable bicycle tracks.

What I like about TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE The site, the more airy climate than in Lyon, the proximity of the big city and the real countryside, the view of the mountains of Lyon, the luminosity.

What I don’t like about TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE The works that transform the city into a soulless city interchangeable with any other. The schools clearly left behind and the problems that this will cause with the thousands of new arrivals expected, the weakness of municipal action in terms of public services, which are nonetheless linked to people’s daily lives, the level of local taxes in view of the poor and expensive services offered, the average cleanliness of the city, the abandonment of snow removal in winter, the apocalyptic traffic.

(June 2011)


The opinion of Marcel Andre (Tassin)

on the town of TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE


Circulation Tassin

Tassin has always been a commune where circulation is a problem. Successive municipalities play the game of the courly and one does not have the feeling that they are defending the interests of the people of Tassilun. Not far from 30% more inhabitants for an infrastructure that is increasingly restrictive with no alternative offer: metro or adapted public transport.

What I don’t like about TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE Its concrete, the unilateral decisions made by people who don’t live there or who n’t work or no longer work and who take foolish measures to make themselves feel good (green). E.g.: the next one-way street of the constellation and the street of the raude according to what we hear. The construction that for years has been destroying the tanks.

(January 2011)


The opinion of Pierre (Tassin-la-Demi-Lune)

on the town of TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE



I have lived a little everywhere in the regions of Lyon and stéphanoise, and I must say that I have always returned to Tassin. We live well in this district of Lyon, which looks like the fifth arrondissement, so to speak. A pleasant city, a little sad, quiet when you’re away from the centre. But the centre, which is constantly under construction, causes too much traffic and you don’t feel like you’re living in a finished city.

What I like about TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE Lots of shops, pleasant town, good living environment, chic but not snobbish, unlike ecully or the Monts d’Or. No security problems, lots of activities close to home for a suburban city. Rather pretty city, close to lyon and the suburbs. It’s really dynamic and the betting road allows a great speed of movement on the outskirts. It’s the close suburbs, completely integrated into the Lyon area, where I believe the quality of life is the best. There are also good schools, both public and private.

What I don’t like about TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE The never-ending work in the centre. It’s a good as well as a bad point: it proves the dynamism of the city, and makes it possible to maintain and renovate the space, but it’s unbearable for the residents and for the moment it’s more like a z. U. P. than a quiet, family-friendly suburb.

(January 2010)


The opinion of Olivier (Tassin le Demi-Lune)

on the town of TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE


Au secours

I have been living in Tassilun since 2003, in the centre, in the middle of a permanent building site, in an environment in perpetual degradation, in repulsive dirt (I mean the centre). After the town hall square never maintained, the squat of the avenue Charles de Gaulle, the destruction of a magnificent heritage on rue Clémenceau, the ruins, the tags, the wasteland along the mall, the temporary parking lot plantations never weeded… When can we finally live in Tassin? And what are we going to do with the hundreds of cars that will be added to the traffic on delivery of the new apartments under construction? The clock and the paths that converge on it are already blocked every day, I doubt very much that this will get any better. Example: I work in Ecully and in 5 years my travel time (3 km) has increased from 10 to 15 mn, only because of the works and traffic problems on Charles de Gaulle, République and Trois Renards. And tomorrow…

What I like in TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE I wonder. Maybe tomorrow?

What I don’t like about TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE Concreting, nothing at all for the pedestrian or cyclist, dirt, lack of real green spaces, lack of air, bicycles on the pavements, pedestrian green lights that are much too short.

(June 2009)


The opinion of Marie Rafa (Tassin)

on the town of TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE



We are suffocating in Tassin, the new organisation of the city centre did not integrate bicycle paths at all, it was the opportunity to create safe paths.

What I like in TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE Nearby lyon.

What I don’t like about TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE It’s impossible to walk or bike quietly. We are in danger every day with heavy traffic that doesn’t even respect pedestrian crossings… help, we are suffocating.

(June 2009)


The opinion of Alain (Tassin La Demi Lune)

on the town of TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE


It is necessary to take back

I have been living in TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE for more than 30 years – I find that the commune has lost its quality of life.

What I like in TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE Near Lyon.

What I don’t like about TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE Traffic difficulties – the frequency of public transport (10 to 15 minutes…). The lack of cleanliness of the streets, especially on the outskirts of the commune and the squares.

(February 2008)


The opinion of T. (LYON)

on the town of TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE


The traffic plan to be reviewed!

Knowing this city only to get to work, I see only the negatives. I direct my comment in particular to the traffic manager in this city. Taking a bus to go 100 meters in 15 minutes in the Avenue de l’horloge in the direction of Lyon is unacceptable. Traffic lights are inappropriate and poorly adjusted.

What I like about TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE The proximity of Lyon.

What I don’t like about TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE The very dense and badly managed traffic.

(December 2007)


The opinion of Michel Barret (TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE)

on the town of TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE


City to live in ?

Is it still a good place to live? Half-Lunois by birth and having always lived near the clock, I begin to wonder. What can we say about the 50,000 vehicles a day at the clock, or about moving the clock city centre (historic district) to an artificial and probably soulless mall like everything that is built today. Many beautiful houses with traditional architecture are being destroyed to build buildings at all costs, the quest for profit for real estate developers is boundless, so be careful not to overstep the mark …

What I like in TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE The clock, the proximity of Lyon.

What I don’t like in TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE The traffic, the desertification of local shops (I don’t mean hairdressers, banks and clothes shops but only grocery stores, butter, eggs, cheese…).

(November 2007)


The opinion of Guillaume Kedache

on the town of TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE


Tassin is a pleasant city that is growing in new styles of luxury buildings and will make a clean break with the countryside.

Not against it is a main branch of road traffic and it is difficult at certain hours of the day to circulate.

(January 2005)


The opinion of Vladimir Boriskoff

on the town of TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE


Tassin is the best city in the world! The climate is very favourable, the population extraordinary.

(December 2004)


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