Tales From the Crypt

There are more dvds in the kiosks (13 dvds).  

 At the moment there are two dvds (9 and 10) for 13 euros with an unpublished episode Two for the price of one.  

 The episode with the binoculars is the episode Dissolving of personality this one will be released on May 15th in the dvd 11 (there will be dvds 11 and 12 for 13 euros).  

 On these dvds the end of the intro credits is different from the two credits that there were on M6: the first one on M6 was like the one in the usa with at the end written Tales from the crypt and the skeleton that says Tales from beyond the grave and the second one the most known with the end slightly cut and replaced by a black screen with written in red Tales from the crypt. There on the dvds it is like the second one with the end credits also slightly cut but this time it is written in pink on a green background.  

 For the films of the Tales from the Crypt, the first Demon knight was released in France under the name Le cavalier du diable (The Devil’s Horseman). The second film Bordello of blood was released under the name The queen of the vampires but the third one (Revelation aka Voodoo aka Ritual) was never released in France.

 But I have a question for Babushka: what’s a dvd5????

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