Sylvester Stallone Launching “PlanetSLY” NFT Collection

Sylvester Stallone is launching a new collectible NFT, “PlanetSLY.” The project will be part of the upcoming release of Creed II. What does this mean for other games going forward?

Sylvester Stallone, the famous actor and director, has launched a new non-fungible token collection. The collection is called “PlanetSLY” and it contains movies from his career. Read more in detail here: sylvester stallone movies .

Sylvester-Stallone-Launching-PlanetSLY-NFT-CollectionImage courtesy of PlanetSLY

Sylvester Stallone is the latest star to enter the contentious but profitable realm of non-financial transactions (NFTs). The actor is preparing to unveil an NFT collection dubbed PlanetSLY, which will include approximately 10,000 generative “SLYGuys” digital art pieces inspired by his life and movies, as first reported by Deadline (think weird combinations of Cobra, Rambo, and Rocky). Some of the PlanetSLY NFTs will even provide holders the opportunity to meet up with Stallone as part of a dinner, virtual movie screening, and other special events, which are set to debut in April.

1647893431_650_Sylvester-Stallone-Launching-PlanetSLY-NFT-CollectionImage courtesy of PlanetSLY

On NFTs, Sylvester Stallone enters the ring (Deadline)

The limited-edition NFT project will begin in April and will contain both blockchain-based and in-person items. PlanetSLY is a venue for fans, collectors, and NFT aficionados to become a part of Stallone’s NFT community, which is curated by him. Stallone is actively involved in the PlanetSLY development process. The concept honors an underdog who made Rocky script history and is the first American actor to have a number one box Office Picture for six decades in a row. The company was founded by Stallone and entrepreneur Bill Zanker’s company,

SLYguys is the name given to the NFTs. NFT collectors and Stallone fans must exhibit their “SLYLove” to be eligible for an invitation-only pre-sale. They may use TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, or other Social Media platforms to share a video. Videos may be impressions, art, performances, or anything else that shows your love for Stallone, including how Sly influenced your life. On the Ethereum network, 9,997 SlyGuys will be released on the April mint date. Stallone will sign 25 of the most valuable NFTs.

Some NFT holders will be able to attend the Ultimate Stallone Experience, Meal, and Afterparty, which will take place in Miami and feature a gala dinner with Stallone. is where he’s disseminating the information.

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