[SX Pro]4 ways to hack Nintendo Switch without ban


The purpose of this article is to minimize the risk of banning by Nintendo when you connect your jailbreaked Nintendo Switch to the Internet. Indeed, Nintendo does not hesitate to release the heavy artillery and banishes from its online services users who use unofficial versions of Switch games. “As a reminder, this system must not be used in violation of Nintendo’s rights, in particular to allow the use of protection devices bypassing systems or pirated software. Use of this product is prohibited for the purpose of using video game copies.”

We will therefore see the measures to take in order to always be able to benefit from Nintendo’s online services (such as the eShop …)

What are the different sources of banishment?

– FreeShopNX

Just like a 3DS equipped with a CFW (Custom Firmware) Luma3DS which has a FreeShop, the Switch can benefit from one. This is the FreeShopNX. With this homebrew, you can directly download all the roms Switch from the console. An installation tutorial is available below:

Warning: As I said before, if you use the FreeShopNX, you are guaranteed to be banned. You know what you are incurring. If you do not care to be banned, it is a very practical solution to enjoy all the game library Switch.

– Play online with downloaded roms

Then there is maximum exposure just like the FreeShopNX. Nintendo will ban you someday when they fall on you. They will see that you play online with an unofficial Roma so hacker and ban you accordingly.

What are the precautions to take to limit banns?

According to some user feedback from the Facebook page Team Xecuter, to “limit” the ban (I remind you that the risk is not zero) must operate like this according to a user who has not summer ban:

– Whenever you use the SX OS CFW, switch the switch to airplane mode.
– If you want to update your games, switch off your Switch completely and restart the SX OS by holding down the + button. Select the official firmware (OFW), switch to Wi-Fi and each game, press + to select the updates via the Internet. You can switch off your Switch again by having the airplane mode reset and restart in CFW to take advantage of the installed updates.
– NEVER play online with game backups. Use your originals. If you want to play online, take the originals.
– Always have this reflex to go into airplane mode when using the CFW.

As this user says, this technique is not without risk. It’s less risky than the FreeShopNX or playing online with the roms hack but the risk is always present.

Hack Switch without ban:4 Effective solutions to not be banned by Nintendo

1 / Download the roms hack on his PC

Several solutions are available to you:

Download on a website

You can download Switch roms in .xci and .nsp (eShop) format from wii passion xyz. You will be able to go in the section “Downloads” then “Switch” or “eShop Switch” and thus you will have access to the readable games on SX OS / Pro.

Install CDNSP software on your PC

This software is the equivalent of Villain3DS for the 3DS. The latter makes it possible to have access to a database that groups all the 3DS games in .cia format (Luma3DS). CDNSP is based on the same system where you can download on your PC roms hack Switch in .nsp format.

2 / Put your Switch in airplane mode

As said before, as soon as you connect your Switch console online, Nintendo keeps track. Even if you play airplane mode at a hack game and online at an official game, Nintendo will see that you have played a hacked game. That’s why you always have to go into airplane mode as soon as you use the SX Pro.

3 / Do not connect to the net 

To avoid any impromptu connection, do not connect your console to the net to avoid any risk of banishment.

4 / Play your roms Switch .xci or .nsp

Now that you’re safe by disconnecting your console from the net, you can play your Switch games safely.

No quick fix …!

As you can see in this article, there are not 36 ways to avoid ban: do not connect to the net and play in airplane mode. Thus, you will not be ban because you will not send information to Nintendo that say you play unofficial games. Obviously, you can make a cross on the online game and go to the eShop … but you can enjoy all the Switch games released to date. It’s essential! Of course, we do not know what the Xecuter team will reserve for its next updates (possibility to connect online without risk of ban?). We must remain patient! Afterwards if you want to try to connect your console to the Internet, you will know that you have a sword of Damocles over your head and that Nintendo can ban you at any time!



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