The disturbing news of the death of Sushanth Singh Rajput has sparked a debate on nepotism. From Kangana Ranaut to Prakash Raj, many say he shouldn’t have been in Bollywood because he had no connection to the cinema.

Swara Bhasker defended Karan Jokhar and Aliya Bhatt after the old Koffee With Karan video went viral on the internet and caused outrage among fans. On Twitter, she said it was not only stupid but also hypocritical to accuse her of Sushanth’s death.

Sharing India’s Twitter blame #KaranJohar and #AliaBhatt for Sushanth’s tragic suicide – a stupid game played in a frivolous and pointless talk show (which has now beaten all those who abuse Bollywood nepotism) – it’s the height of idiocy and hypocrisy, she writes.

Svara noticed that Sushanth didn’t leave a suicide note, so we can’t assume the reason is a professional failure. Sushanth didn’t leave a message. We don’t know what he’s been through. We don’t know why. Stop disappointing yourself by exploiting the pain of an affected person. He didn’t leave a note! Got it? He didn’t want to talk about it. He’s gone. May he find peace and intimacy in the family, she writes.

Karan and Aliya were hit on the internet after an old video that showed them shooting Coffey with Karan went viral. The video asks Aliya to review actors like Sushanth, Ranveer Singh and Warun Dhavan. His answer was: Sushanth Singh Rajput. Who?

A Twitter user told Swara that this could be a stupid talk show for her, but not everyone is able to deal with it in the same way. Swara, this can be a stupid talk show for you and you may have a sense of humor or hard skin so you won’t get hurt. But some don’t. And just because you’re a great producer doesn’t mean you can call and evaluate people on national television. Most of us denounce this hypocrisy and toxicity, writes the user.

That’s what Svara said: That may be true, but it is still foolish to blame Karan & Alia for this tragedy – because they made rash remarks. The fact is, we don’t know what Sushang went through or why. All we’re talking about here is speculation and gossip. It’s not fair.

Read it: Saif Ali Khan described Bollywood’s sudden love for Sushanth Singh Rajput as supreme hypocrisy, as an insult to the dead, he said.

Earlier, Karan had written an emotional note in which he mourned Sushang’s death and regretted his lack of control when he felt he needed someone. Я виню что себя в том, что не общался с в течение последнего года… Sometimes I thought you needed people to share your life with… but somehow I never understood that feeling again… we live in a very vibrant and noisy yet very isolated time… some of us give in to that silence and go in… Not only do we have to build relationships, but we have to train them all the time, he wrote.

Sushan’s unfortunate death was a great awakening for me… …for my compassion and ability to promote and protect my comparisons… I hope it resonates with all of you… you’ll miss your infectious smile and cuddle, he added.

Aliya said Sushanth’s death left her in shock and grief. I’m in a deep state of shock. Whatever I think, I’m out of words. I’m devastated. You left us too soon. We’ll all miss you. My deepest condolences to the Sushants family, her lovers and fans, she chirped.

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