Surveillance Camera: Every Need Has Its Own Model

Wifi, infrared, indoor, outdoor, cheap… Discover a selection of the best surveillance cameras

Whether indoors or outdoors, the installation of one or more surveillance cameras can improve the security of your premises or home. Their presence also acts as a deterrent. One of the main selection criteria for choosing a surveillance camera remains the quality of the image. In the event of an intrusion, it facilitates the identification of individuals. The majority of available models are available in HD or Full HD resolution. The integration of night vision is essential.
To avoid false alarms, it is also important to choose a surveillance camera that can distinguish between a person and an animal. Likewise, the identification of employees or relatives can be taken into account, as well as sound detection. In the case of outdoor cameras, attention should also be paid to the protection class (IP) to ensure exposure to weather and humidity without affecting the equipment.
Among the features of surveillance cameras, real-time alert notification is essential. This can be transmitted to a central station or to your smartphone. Connectivity plays a fundamental role in the storage of data and recorded video. Similarly, security via online storage solutions such as the Cloud is a significant advantage.




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