Surfshark VPN Offers a Colossal 82% Discount on Subscription

For the holidays, nothing better than a good VPN to protect you from the trackers that relentlessly track your search for Christmas gifts. That’s good, Surfshark is particularly suitable for this, and offers you a colossal 82% discount on subscription 24 during the holidays!

The Christmas season is approaching and you may be thinking about taking action soon to buy the gifts you’re going to give to your loved ones, if you haven’t already done so. It is in this context that a VPN could prove crucial, especially if you do your Christmas shopping online. Initially, VPNs are rather used to avoid getting caught by Hadopi if you download illegally, or simply to enforce your privacy rights on the web, but this tool has many other advantages. That’s how Surfshark might just save your ass for the holidays. Let’s talk about it.

As you may know, the web has become a medium-secure space where personal data is constantly exchanged and resold. This is how trackers are found, which follow you and offer you targeted advertising based on your research. Except that during this festive season, chances are that your research will revolve mainly around the Christmas gift ideas you’re going to give to your loved ones. There’s the rub. Indeed, the targeted ads you receive on your devices are not only visible to you, but also to your whole family! This is particularly the case on home WiFi networks, to which the whole family connects.

If you were looking for a game console as a gift, for example, you will inevitably end up being targeted by game console ads, as will everyone else who connects to the same WiFi network. This way, the person you wanted to give this console to will have an idea of your gift long before Christmas and the miracle of surprise will have disappeared forever. It would be a shame if your loved ones knew about the gift they will receive because of the targeted ads… Fortunately, with Surfshark, you can surf the web anonymously without leaving any trace and keep the surprise intact with the CleanWeb feature! Another case: some unscrupulous e-commerce sites do not hesitate to artificially increase the prices of certain products when they realize that you consult them often. Surfshark allows you to avoid this phenomenon, by locating you in different countries via a different IP, and thus put the prices back to normal.

Otherwise, Surfshark offers everything you’d expect from a good VPN. Not only does it protect you online, but because it is based in the British Virgin Islands, VPN is exempt from the French legislation that consists of keeping your logs and providing them if the state requires it. With Surfshark, no log is recorded, guaranteeing you anonymity and total respect of your privacy! Otherwise it offers protection against malware, phishing, advertisements and trackers. Above all, Surfshark is offered to you for a particularly attractive rate at the end of this year, for only 1.79 euros per month for 24 months, only 42.96 for two years, a saving of 82% compared to the usual price! Take advantage before it’s too late, because the offer is limited in time.

Surfshark 1.79 euros per month for 24 months, only 42.96 for two years





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