Superman ’78 and Batman ’89 Movies Are Getting Comic Book Continuations

DC classics that are still considered references for superhero movies continue in the pages of new comics coming soon. Of course, Richard Donner’s Superman in 1978 and Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989 had multiple sequels. But these new stories will be a continuation of what happened in the original films before the sequels hit the screen.

Superman and Batman are two of the most popular and iconic superheroes ever created. Not surprisingly, DC Comics is finding new ways to explore their timeless stories. Although continuing their adventures from the original blockbuster movies is a unique and novel idea. These two new comics are firmly rooted in the worlds originally created by directors Richard Donner and Tim Burton.

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Superman 78 and Batman 89 will both be part of the first series of digital comics currently being created. Rob Venditti wrote the story for Superman ’78, with illustrations by Wilfredo Torres. The story will follow Christopher Reeves as Clark Kent as the Man of Steel makes a name for himself, balances his budding romance with the unsuspecting Lois Lane and saves the world with dazzling feats.

The 1989 Batman comic book brings back the talent associated with the film’s current franchise. Batman and Batman Returns by writer Sam Hamm, who also wrote the Batman comic book: Blind Justice, is responsible for these new stories. Joe Quinones contributes to the art. Quinones, an emblematic name in the comic book world, announced plans in 2016 for the rejected 1989 Batman comic book to expand on Tim Burton’s universe and introduce emblematic characters like Batman, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. And the artist created paintings in Burton’s iconic gothic style.

This version of the Batman 89 comic paves the way for the return of Michelle Pfieffer’s Selina Kyle, and also introduces a brand new Robin for the Burton-verse. The comic book’s official press release makes this bold statement: Quinones has a vision of Harvey Dent/Two-Face that is as close to magic as an actor can be. The Quinones planned to bring back Billy Dee Williams in 2016 with his pitching as a double. Williams played Harvey Dent in the original 1989 film, but did not return for his full transformation into Two-Face in Batman Returns. Maybe we’ll see that in this new comic book. Billy Dee Williams returned in 2017 as the voice of Two-Face in Lego Batman.

On the 27th, Superman 78 and Batman 89 will launch with six chapters each. July. After that, there will be six more chapters each week. Once the two printings of the comic are complete, they will be physically shipped between August and October with six issues of the miniatures. All this will result in collections of bound books: Batman 89 comes out first in October, just in time for Halloween, and then Superman 78 in November.

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