Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Review Thread

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Name of the game : Super Mario World 3D + Bowser Fury

Platforms :

  • Nintendo Switch (12 February 2021)


Developer: Nintendo

Overview of aggregators :

OpenCritic – -1 average – -1% recommended – 1 review


Annihilation – Chris Carter – 10 / 10

Let’s be clear: I highly recommend this version of 3D World, even without Bowser Fury. The overall complexity isn’t great and Bowser’s Fury won’t satisfy most Mario fans looking for a brand new game, but the packaging is generally magical. If you’re one of those people who missed out on this Wii U classic, you’re doing well.

Nintendo Life –

chris scullion –

Super Mario 3D World remains one of the best games in the Mario series, and anyone who plays it for the first time is absolutely stunned. Add in the remarkable bonus adventure Bowser Fury, and you have a package that offers great value for money. It’s not without its flaws, but most of them (online multiplayer, repetitive missions in Bowser’s Fury) have to do with the new additions; the base game itself remains as clean and perfect as it was seven years ago. If it were just Super Mario 3D World, we’d still recommend it without hesitation; Bowser’s Fury is just the icing on the cake.

PowerUp! –
Leo Stevenson –
9.8 / 10

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is a great example of the excellent game design that has made Nintendo the best in the industry.

Nintendo Blast – Eduardo Comerlato – Portuguese – 9.5/10

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is a bundle that offers two different ways to experience one of the best 3D Mario adventures, making it perfect for celebrating the 35th anniversary of the franchise. There is no doubt that the game is able to retain elements from the past and draw majestic new additions around them, such as Bowser Jr. using his brush with the exciting new Bowser Fury.

Video Chams – A.J. Maciejewski – 9.2 / 10

Super Mario 3D World is a great game. If you haven’t played it yet or just want to catch up, this is a great addition to your toy library. Oh, and you also get a great bonus game with Bowser’s Fury, so how could you go wrong?

Game Blog –

thomas pillon – English – 9/10

With many clever new features, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury gives players many reasons to enjoy a great 3D platform game, now a little faster and online with friends from all over the world. Don’t forget Bowser’s Fury, a small open-world adventure that rightfully blends gameplay from the Wii U and Switch installments to deliver a strong gaming experience with a little extra.

Press takeoff – Shannon Grixty – 9/10

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is a fantastic package that shows what makes Nintendo games so special. Super Mario’s 3D world is just as good as when it first came out, and Bauer’s Rage is a surprisingly good standalone adventure that paves the way for Mario’s future.

AusGamers – KostaAndreadis – 8.6 / 10

Just as strange as Mario’s team wearing the sensual hat that somehow makes him the John Malkovich dinosaur.

COGconnected – James Paley – 80 / 100

Offer not yet received

Cubed3 – Az Elias – 8 / 10

Super Mario 3D World may not have added much more than the online feature, which is limited to saving the game’s progress for the host, but it also didn’t have to have anything else. Nintendo managed to find a way to make 2D classics without going beyond the open world, and the result is one of the most consistently fresh and fun games that has something for almost everyone, even if it’s not an NES game. The bonus single-player adventure Bowser’s Fury is a real treat with a brilliant basic idea that adds an insane level of excitement to the Mario platform game, but it’s hard to imagine a reason to buy this game just to play it. Despite the large amount of content, it’s too ephemeral to be worth the price and really needs a separate purchase option. But since neither is in the original Wii U game, it’s a set of Mario bonuses that embodies everything everyone knows and still loves about the mustachioed hero after thirty-five years. – Leonidas Mastellos – Greek – 8 / 10

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser Fury achieves its goal as a package, not as a standalone experience.

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