Super Bowl 56 Legacy Program Shines Spotlight On 56 Champion Organizations

The Super Bowl legacy program that honors top performing nonprofits is shining a spotlight on 56 champion organizations. The NFL’s “Super Sunday” game will also honor six other organizations as well, in addition to the usual four teams who are playing each other.

The “super bowl sponsors 2022 ” is a program that was created by the National Football League to shine a spotlight on 56 Champion Organizations. The NFL has partnered with PepsiCo and Doritos to help champion organizations raise money and awareness for their cause.


2/6 Wrap-Up Inside SoCal Those who have been inspired by previous generations are now motivating future generations! Erica Olsen has the story.

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NASCAR Rejoices Ahead Of Radical Race At The Los Angeles Coliseum The series has experimented with its stodgy schedule and cookie-cutter courses, with its most recent bet being a made-for-TV special event at the Coliseum. Jasmine Viel has the story.

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After completing ‘Hell Week’ training, a Navy SEAL candidate dies. After successfully completing the branch’s arduous “Hell Week” testing, one Navy SEAL candidate died and another remained ill. Jasmine Viel has the story.

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Near the Del Amo Fashion Center, two teenagers were arrested in connection with a shooting and a carjacking. Two adolescents have been arrested in connection with a gunshot and carjacking at the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, according to police. Amy Johnson has the story.

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The Legacy Program for Super Bowl 56 shines a spotlight on 56 champion organizations. The Super Bowl 56 Legacy Program is highlighting 56 champion groups in the LOS ANGELES area for their efforts with youth involvement, employment development, and social justice. Visit for additional information.

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After a fire ripped through a 98-year-old church in Watts, church services continued. Investigators were attempting to discover the origin and perpetrators of a fire at a nearly 100-year-old church in the Watts neighborhood on Sunday. Tena Ezzeddine has the story.

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Two people were killed in Colton by a suspected DUI driver. Two persons murdered by a suspected DUI motorist in Colton have been named. Jasmine Viel has the story.

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After a single person is shot in Claremont, lanes on the 10 Freeway reopen. After a gunshot shut down the 10 Freeway the night before, lanes reopened on Sunday. Jasmine Viel has the story.

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Weather Forecast by Alex Biston (Feb. 6) This workweek, temperatures might reach the 80s. Alex Biston has the story.

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Joe Rogan Issues a Public Apology For Using The N-Word Before Joe Rogan the controversial podcast presenter, has apologized for resurfacing video of him uttering the N-word. Jasmine Viel contributes to the story.

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A legal expert discusses a proposed bill that would provide schools access to COVID-19 vaccination records for students. Jessica Levinson, a Loyola Marymount University law professor, visited the studio to discuss a new proposed measure that would provide schools access to COVID-19 immunization information.

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After an investigation into a freeway shooting that injured one person, the I-10 freeway has reopened. A gunshot happened on the I-10 Freeway on Saturday, injuring one person. CHP issued a SIG Alert for all westbound lanes of the interstate as they investigated the incident, causing traffic congestion from Montclair to Ontario. The victim’s health was uncertain when he was taken to a local hospital.

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In a Beverly Grove strip mall fire, one person was injured. On Saturday, a fire broke out at a pizzeria in a Beverly Grove strip mall, injuring one person. The flames were put out in less than 30 minutes by firefighters.

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Watts firefighters put out a large church fire. Watts’ St. John’s United Methodist Church caught fire on Saturday. The fire was put out by more than 70 firemen.

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Fans wait in line for their Super Bowl gear at The Grove. LOS ANGELES hasn’t hosted a Super Bowl in 29 years. With the Rams preparing to face the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl LVI at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood on Sunday, February 13, Rams supporters waited in large lines to acquire their apparel for the big game.

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An investigation into the shooting is underway. Following the shooting on the I-10 Freeway in Claremont, After a person claimed to have been shot while driving, authorities shut down much of the westbound I-10 Freeway to conduct an investigation. Paramedics took the man to a hospital after he was able to escape the road.

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Daniel Luna, the victim of a stabbing at SoFi Stadium, is still in a medically induced coma. After almost a week, Daniel Luna, the guy who was assaulted at SoFi Stadium during the NFC Championship Game is still in a medically induced coma. His family is left with unanswered concerns regarding the incident’s circumstances.

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When it comes to COVID, Dr. IIan Shapiro, AltaMed’s Medical Director of Health Education and Wellness, discusses the COVID-19 pandemic’s future and what life will be like after masks and vaccine obligations are repealed.

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Arrests were made in December. Torrance Mall was the scene of a shooting. In connection with a shooting at a Torrance mall in December, several individuals were apprehended on Saturday.

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COVID-19 Hospitalizations in Los Angeles County and around the country continue to decline. As hospitalizations in Los Angeles County continue to decline, there are further encouraging signals that the winter COVID outbreak is over.

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The Super Bowl Experience Allows Fans To See NFL History Up Close The NFL has launched the Super Bowl Experience in preparation for Super Bowl LVI, which will be held on Feb. 13 at SoFi Stadium. Fans will be able to meet their favorite players, see NFL history in different exhibits, and participate in various activities.

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The Grand Re-Opening of Earvin Magic Johnson Park in South Los Angeles On Saturday, the biggest recreational park in South LA reopened to the public. Following extensive improvements, the Earvin Magic Johnson Park is finally available to the public. Local people may bring their pets to the new dog park, which is one of the new attractions.

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Flower Prices in Southern California Soar Ahead of Valentine’s Day supply chain concerns affecting the United States are causing a scarcity of flowers in retailers throughout Southern California just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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Following the attack at SoFi Stadium, Daniel Luna’s family issues a statement. In reaction to the unfortunate circumstance, the family of Daniel Luna, the guy who was assaulted at SoFi Stadium before to the NFC Championship Game, has issued a statement. Luna has been in a medically induced coma since a brain injury necessitated surgery.

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Super Bowl 56 Legacy Program Shines Spotlight On 56 Champion Organizations. The Super Bowl 56 Legacy Program is a program that will give back to organizations that have been involved in football for decades. Reference: super bowl 56 news .

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