Summary from LS’s first stream back, talking about his future and some C9 stuff

Zileas, better known as LS on Twitch and S3monE/S3m0nD4wT on YouTube, is a professional gamer that has been in the industry since 2004 when he started playing with his friends. He talks about how much of an impact esports has had on gaming culture, along with some insights into what’s to come for him now that C9 is back together again.
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“C9 champion” is a term that has been used to describe the team that won the North American League of Legends Championship Series. The team’s first stream back was about their future and some C9 stuff. Read more in detail here: c9 champion .

LeagueofLegends9 - Summary from LS

As a heads up, LS stands for Legally Silenced at the moment, so there’s nothing really interesting disclosed drama-wise in this stream:

Plans for the future:

  • Still has a strong desire to play league and has gained his “Third Wind” as a result of the experience; he plans to produce a large amount of league material from Korea.

  • Facecheck will resume its usual schedule, with plans to participate in as many LCK co-streams as possible and to livestream some LCS/LEC.

  • Later, LS intends to release an official video on his future (not a drama video).

  • He has no plans to return to coaching in any capacity. He claims he made too many sacrifices in the previous three months and took on too much danger. Wants to utilize his present unaffiliated status to assist individual professional athletes, which is significantly less risky.


  • Lawyers deal with a lot of information, so there’s a lot LS can’t say. LS thinks that his history of being open and upfront on stream makes it apparent that these legal considerations are the reason he won’t say more.

  • LS claims that he “needed” to hire a lawyer.

  • His visa status in Korea is a shambles as a result of his unexpected homecoming.

  • He believes that the little time he spent on C9 demonstrated the worth of much of what he had been teaching. Positively evaluates Soraka/drafting/freezing/first Malphite’s time on stage. He hopes that some of his content/perspectives will be more freely welcomed, such as having Ivern solo lane S tier on previous Worlds tier lists, and he wants to do more of it. Walks away from the incident satisfied and proud of Fudge and the other players.

  • Looks at Blaber from a completely different angle, claiming that he spends a lot of time thinking about the game and is quite adaptable in terms of playstyle and learning. He said that, in addition to being mechanically proficient, he could absorb knowledge like a sponge.

  • Fans should not be critical of Max, he claims: “If not me, then Max.” Max is in a very tough position, with less support (now that LS isn’t at C9) and a lot more responsibility on his shoulders.

  • He was sorry to go, but he had a lot of support and is doing well personally, so he won’t let this circumstance impact him any more than it needs to.

  • People should still be thrilled to watch C9 and support the players and staff, according to him.

a few more things mentioned:

  • He hasn’t spoken to Nemesis in a long time (not since november).

  • Personal merch is in the works.

  • Joe Marsh and Hotshot were very helpful on his return to Korea, with the former providing transportation and the latter providing lodging when he was booted out.

  • Thank you to everyone who has stood with him during this ordeal. I was really pleased to see that Korean viewers backed him up.

  • After being dismissed from C9, he received at least SIX offers from different organizations (the only details he provided were that none of them were from T1). He also received a live message from someone inviting him to perform remote work for KCORP, although he doesn’t believe it was from a KCORP official).

  • Later this week, I’ll be co-streaming LCK with Caedrel. If requested, I’d also be willing to help with anything on the LCS or LEC streams.

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For the game League of Legends write “Summary from LS’s first broadcast back, talking about his future and some C9 things.”

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