Do you find Netflix, Canal Plus and OCS too expensive? Can’t wait for Disney+? There is an alternative streaming platform totally free! We’ll tell you how to get there.

Do you find Netflix, Canal Plus and OCS too expensive? Can’t wait for Disney+? There is an alternative streaming platform totally free! We’ll tell you how to get there.

Your banker doesn’t look favourably on your multiple subscriptions to OCS, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video… and you are fighting to avoid giving in to illegal solutions? A new streaming platform could soon give your cultural budget a break. His name: Tubi.

>> What is the best on-demand service for films and series?

Tubi is a broadcasting service that offers many films and series online for free. In the United States and Canada, he began to overshadow Netflix with a catalogue of more than 12,000 fictions. Twice as much as his competitor claims in the press release. Some examples of legendary series available : South Park, Cowboy Bebop, Misfits, Stargate, The IT Crowd, Naruto, Fairy Tail… Warning: the contents are, for the moment, only subtitled in English and Spanish (the Substital extension can help you to insert French subtitles).

There is no subscription required on Tubi, you watch what you want in exchange for exposure to a few commercial breaks (no more than thirty seconds). Unfortunately for us Europeans, the use of Tubi is limited to residents of North America.

How to access Tubi programmes outside the United States?

Although Tubi is willingly looking at the European market, the service is currently unavailable in France. An error message such as “Content not available”, “Sorry, this video is no longer available” will appear on your screen when you go to the platform. This block can be removed if you are using a VPN. The latter allows you to view the Tubi catalogue on your computer but also on your Smart TV or your iOS / Android mobile phone.


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A VPN service gives you a geolocalised IP address in the country of your choice. In the case of Tubi, you have to use an American IP address to unlock the viewing of the programs offered by the platform.

>> Which VPN service to choose?

At Tom’s Guide, we have adopted NordVPN for its compatibility with many operating systems and browsers (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox), its multi-device protection and its competitive price. Registration (here) and downloading the application (there) are very fast.

NordVPN has many servers spread across the United States, the list is available by going to Countries > Speciality Servers.

>> How to install and configure your VPN on computer and mobile ?

Is that really legal?

In the United States, Tubi is a 100% free and legal video-on-demand service. In the European Union, it still has to legislate with the specificities of the GSPR. The platform could potentially be established in Europe during 2019.

What about VPN usage? This is a complex issue. The general use of the VPN to browse the Internet is not prohibited. To get around a geographical block, you may be subject to intellectual property legislation… if the works consulted are exclusivities specific to the platform. Note that the works present on Tubi are broadcast on several platforms.

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