Stranger Things Season 4: Release Date, Pitch, Hopper, Season 5, We Tell You Everything

Season 3 of Stranger Things was so popular that nearly a quarter of Netflix subscribers watched it in its first few days on air. It’s hard to imagine Netflix without such a goose that lays golden eggs.

Without too much worry, Stranger Things will have a fourth season, Netflix confirmed. This officialization was accompanied by a teaser. The 30-second video gives some information on the course of this new season.

Lately, we’ve learned that season 4 of Stranger Things will consist of 8 episodes.

So when will season 4 air? What will it contain? And will it be the last or can we expect a fifth season in a row?

Stranger Things season 4: what is the Release Date on Netflix?

If season 4 of Stranger Things has been released, some people have wanted to sow doubt in the last few months. The words of Caleb McLaughlin, who plays the role of young Lucas, strangely left one wondering. Others said the Duffer Bros. would leave the series after season 3. Rumors quickly contradicted by Netflix. In the end, we are happy to know that this new season is on track, but one detail is missing: its release date


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[Video] Stranger Things the details you missed in season 3

Netflix’s scant disclosure did not include a release date Then we have to rely on speculation.

As a reminder, the first season of Stranger Things was released in the summer of 2016. Season 2 was scheduled for October 2017, while Season 3 was broadcast last summer. So there is about 1 1/2 years between each output. With this premise, we can hope that this season will be the end of its nose at the end of 2020. Nevertheless, the TVLine website informs us that the shooting of this season 4 of Stranger Things will only start in January 2020. It should not be expected to be released before the end of 2020 or even early 2021.

What will be the pitch of Stranger Things season 4?

If you have not yet seen season 3 and want to avoid spoilers, don’t read the following, as we are going to look at different elements taking place at the very end of that same season 3.

There is a lot of speculation on the Web about what the next season will bring. There is no doubt that several months will have passed between the end of season 3 and season 4. If the first season takes place in 1983, the second in 1984 and the third in 1985, we can deduce that the fourth will take place in 1986. Our heroes should be all grown up by now.

Concerning the location, an essential information appeared with the teaser of season 4. Only one sentence accompanies it: “we are no longer in Hawkins”.

That’s all it takes to back up the first theories that were put forward on the evening of season 3.

At the end of this season, Elf and the Byers leave the city to settle elsewhere (their destination remains unknown for the moment). As it’s hard to imagine the members of the little band playing on their own, the team will have to reform and the Byers will have to return to their hometown. Unless the whole gang ends up in Russia? For seeing a Demogorgon in captivity in a Russian prison suggests that our world is not finished with the Upside-Down World and its creatures.

Some Internet users even speculate that this season 4 will be linked to the Chernobyl disaster, which took place on 26 April 1986. And why not, after all?

For their part, the Duffer brothers recently stated in the press that season 4 would be“very different”from the previous one. We also know that it will be composed of8 episodes, just like seasons 1 and 3.

Is Jim Hopper really dead?

Finally, season 4 should logically return to the alleged death of Jim Hopper. Is he really dead, or is he the one in the Russian prison that one of the soldiers refers to as “The American”? Slash Film recently interviewed the actor David Harbour, who plays the Hawkins Chief of Police. He said it was the most plausible scenario and has some wishes as to how he would like to see his character evolve.

David Harbour had fun posting an intriguing Easter Egg to his Instagram account Easter Egg consisting of the numbers 618-625-8313. When you call that number, it goes to Murray Bauman’s voice mail, and it says this:

“Hi, you’ve reached the residence of Murray Bauman. Mum, if that’s you, please hang up and call me between 5 and 6pm like we talked about before, OK? If this is Joyce, Joyce, thanks for calling, I’ve been trying to reach you. I have news. This is, well, it’s better if we talk about it in person. It’s neither good nor bad, but it’s something… “

Enough to suggest that Murray may have picked up on Jim’s trail, after all. And that the chief of police is not dead, therefore.

On the official material side, fans found traces of the Sheriff in the season 4 teaser. In the background, behind the logo of Stranger Things, you can see the roof of a house and a luminous halo. For Internet users it would be Hooper’s house and Hooper himself holding a flashlight. This light source even comes to extinction, which induces human action.

Is season 5 of Stranger Things planned?

In 2017, the Duffer Brothers hoped to see the series continue until then. But, having been able to speak more recently with a source close to the production, the We Got Covered website says the series will end with season 4. It is still too early to say at this stage.

The unexpected success of season 3 of Stranger Things could well push Netflix to order more and more episodes… Or to work on a spin-off.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things

And that’s probably what’s going to happen. As well as announcing season 4 of Stranger Things, the streaming platform said it has signed with Duffer Bros “a multi-year global contract for film and series projects”.

But nothing says either that it will be a production related to the series that interests us here. Netflix even seems to suggest the opposite, stating that“we can’t wait to see what the Duffer brothers have in store when they get out of the Upside Down world”.




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