Stranger Things Season 3: Netflix Unveils the First Trailer!

stranger things season 3 netflix trailer

Stranger Things season 3 is on its way! Netflix has just unveiled the first trailer, several months before the online date. In this 3rd opus of the cult series, our heroes have grown up well and have now become teenagers like the others…or almost.

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“They grow up so fast” announces with amusement the official Netflix account. To accompany the tweet, the VOD service has put online the first trailer of season 3 of its event series. As a reminder, this season of Stranger Things will be shorter than the previous one. It will have only 8 episodes, compared to 9 in season 2.

Netflix presents the trailer for season 3 of Stranger Things release July 4, 2019!

In this trailer of almost 3 minutes, we quickly realize that Will Byers, Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair and Eleven are no longer children. “We’re not kids anymore. What did you think? That we were gonna stay in my basement? Playing games forever? “ even announces Mike, as if he were speaking directly to the show’s fans. The tone is set.

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Set against the backdrop of Baba O’Riley, a cult title from The Who, the trailer teases the various threats hanging over the protagonists. Unsurprisingly, we find a new monster from the world upside down and militiamen sent by a secret government organization. But the greatest challenge facing our heroes is none other than…adolescence, with its doubts, excesses and crazy hormones.

As announced, season 3 will take place in the summer of 1985. In the trailer, we even see the celebrations of July 4th, the American national day. It is therefore not at all a coincidence if this 3rd season will be put online on July 4, 2019. If you haven’t seen the series yet, you still have a few months to make up for it! What do you think of this trailer?





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