SteelSeries PrismCaps Pudding Keycap Review

It might seem like a silly thing to say, but I was skeptical when I first heard about the SteelSeries PrismCaps Pudding Keycap. My first reaction was that it was certainly ridiculous. I mean, they’re keycaps with pudding on them! But, after a little bit of research, I found that there’s actually some science behind them.

It’s been a while since I reviewed a keycap, and I’ve been keeping an eye out for a new one to talk about for the past few weeks Today, I’ve selected the SteelSeries PrismCaps Pudding Keycap. The keyboard was released at the 2017 Summer NAMM Show, and it’s the first time I’ve seen the Pudding in person.

is a new trend in the world of mechanical keyboards, the so-called pudding keys, which invade not a niche, but a much broader trend that has never seen society raise a storm, but rather a light drizzle. Pudding keyboards are keyboards with a translucent base that allows the RBG light to pass through the key, putting more light on each key and creating a sort of pudding effect for the RBG glow on the keyboard. Steelseries has joined this trend with PrismCaps, a set of pudding-shaped keys that fit universally on most mechanical keyboards. I bought my set at Best Buy for $29.99 and received it about five days after I ordered it, as it was out of stock locally. SteelSeries has nothing to do with this article.

Installation and first look

After opening the box, I took the included keyboard cover puller (as I do with almost all plastic cover pullers) and removed all keys from the keyboard except the side macro keys, which are not included (a unique feature of the Corsair K95). Then I installed each key by gently pressing it, and voila, after about 20 minutes of very therapeutic work, I had a brand new coat of paint on my keyboard. By therapy, I mean it was very relaxing. Carefully remove one key at a time. You don’t want to rush it, because you don’t want to damage the plastic stabilizers on the big keys. You also don’t want the key to get scattered around the room if you pull too hard. Relax, take each key one at a time and store them safely in a Ziploc bag or in the box the PrismCaps came in. The first thing I will say is that they were very beautiful. I chose white keys for my black keyboard, and the contrast and RGB backlighting are great. The pudding effect is highly visible and increases the RGB keyboard level by at least 50%, an arbitrary and unscientific figure. Okay. My keyboard, the Corsair K95, does not have a smooth RGB on it like the promotional photo above. The original spacebar replacement was actually fine, and I didn’t have that one key with a dim backlight.

tactile sense

The finger feel is a bit worse than the high-end keys on the Corsair K95. It’s not very noticeable, but the feel is different, and the K95’s spacebar doesn’t have the same tactile design. Speaking of interruption, that was the only real downside to this series. The light on my keyboard only comes on via the switch in the middle of the key, which means the pudding effect on the space bar is completely negated. Of course, we put in the space bar from the K95 (which I love) and voila, the keyboard is even better than before. Which was a downside, but quickly made me love the aesthetic more because it toned down the bottom row a bit. Another feature is that the keys are very comfortable. When I say light trap, I mean very light. These are still high-quality dual keys that are perfect for typing or gaming. As with the K95, I would have liked alternatives to the WASD and maybe random keys for the macro keys or just emoji for the other keys to get the full pudding effect, but overall I liked it.

Key assembly

The default setting did not work for my spacebar, alt, window and right mouse button. It doesn’t matter! It comes with accessories in different sizes that fit perfectly! If you’re worried about this, you should buy these keys from a reliable seller that allows returns, but I think their full replacement set should meet the needs of most gamers with standard-sized keyboards.

Final thoughts

That’s all there is. If you want to get more RGB out of your keyboard, you should definitely choose this option. I really love this effect, the keys figuratively look like little puddings that shine really nicely. The preset space bar and black metal base of the keyboard contrast nicely with the white keys. I really like the unique look of the keyboard and set. At $29.99, and probably even less if you consider that SteelSeries occasionally offers coupons at 10% off, and retailers love those discounts, this is an easy buy for an easy upgrade if you have a mechanical keyboard or one with mechanical switches. I think these keys will work anywhere that has a plastic cross-shaped part for the switch, but you can certainly remove the key and check it before you buy or contact customer service

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pudding keycaps good?

The keycaps review is a simple one, just a look at what keys they look like. We hope the pictures will help you make a decision. Prism Caps are keycaps designed by SteelSeries specifically for the people who need to lower-case and capital letters a lot. They are designed to alleviate a common complaint of keycap users: the feeling that the keyboard is too loud. The keys are designed to make it easier for you to produce a lower-case and a full-cap.

What is the best material for keycaps?

As a modded-keycap enthusiast, it seems like every few months I’m getting an email asking whether I have used a particular keycap before, and if I can verify that it’s an original and works as advertised. It’s not that I can’t remember every single keycap I have used (although that would be a handy feature!), but I love hearing what new products my readers are using and the things they are saying about them. After just a year and a half in the modding community, it’s amazing to see the range of keycaps available and the diverse modding communities around the world. We’re going to start out with a simple question: what’s the best material for keycaps?

Why are PBT keycaps better?

Recently, I have received an email from a new customer inquiring about the difference between a PBT and a non-PBT keycap. So, I decided to do some research and write this review to help you decide whether to get a PBT keycap or not. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when SteelSeries announced that they would be introducing a new set of keycaps with a unique translucent feature. After all, it seemed like a gimmick, and there was already a large enough market for standard keycaps. But SteelSeries promises that these new Pudding keycaps will deliver a new level of comfort.

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