States are asking shops to keep records of those buying fever, cold drugs

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Published : 19. April 2020 3:51:25

In personal protective equipment in a medical shop in Calcutta. (Photo: Parti Paul)

In at least four states – Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Maharashtra – medical supply stores and pharmacies were asked to record the names, addresses and phone numbers of all people who buy fever, cold or cough medicines.

Looking for the government’s daily list, Andhra and Telangana said authorities would then prosecute those on the list and check for suspicious cases of coronavirus.

There is concern that some people buy drugs such as paracetamol to suppress coronavirus symptoms, to avoid COVID-19 tests, to go into quarantine for 14 days, or to cope with the social stigma associated with the disease. Telangan officials said they found several cases of people treating themselves with fever and a cold, and subsequent tests for coronavirus were positive.

In a note issued on Friday, Telangana’s Department of Municipal Administration and Urban Development informed all city commissioners and additional collectors: You are asked to organise an emergency meeting with the associations of the owners of medical supplies and the pharmacists and ask them to note down the telephone numbers and contact addresses of the people who will come to buy these medicines. Retailers should also point out to their customers that participating in tests is to their advantage.

the officer said: It is important that we keep an eye on people who develop fever and other symptoms similar to the virus.

Andhra Pradesh has also established the control room of KOVID-19, which employs two doctors to answer calls from people who have symptoms but do not want to be tested.

In Pune, the police have asked all medical stores to keep such records, especially customers who come without a prescription for cough, fever, sneezing and respiratory diseases. These lists must be submitted through WhatsApp by 8 p.m. each day and violations must be sanctioned.

The Joint Police Commissioner of Puna, Ravindra Shisave, has issued instructions in this regard on the basis of guidelines issued by the Maharashtra Ministry of Health. The orders also encourage medical stores to refer customers with Kovid-19-like symptoms to influenza vaccination clinics run by the PMC.

The Bihar Ministry of Health has asked the chemical shops to provide the local health authorities with the details of these customers at regular intervals.

The state, which has identified four risk areas – Sivan, Munger, Begusaray and Navada – has also asked ASHA personnel to collect data on people with cough, fever and respiratory problems.

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