Star Wars, Episode Ix – Skywalker’s Ascension Easter Eggs in the Game Fortnite

Far from now is the time when a viewer had to be satisfied with the information given in a film to understand it. Today, thanks to Twitter and even video games such as Fortnite, it is possible to learn more about the content of a film: proof with Star Wars Episode IX – Skywalker’s Ascension.

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**Warning, the following article contains spoilers from the movie Star Wars Episode IX: Skywalker’s Ascension **

This ninth opus of Star Wars may well conclude one of the greatest sagas in the history of cinema (that of the Skywalkers, more precisely), it leaves some things unsettled. At first, when the final curtain falls, John Boyega’s character, Finn, ends up not saying anything to Rey (Daisy Ridley) to whom he tries, however, throughout the film, to confess something. Renegade Stormtrooper in Star Wars VII, Finn joined the Resistance alongside Rey. Since then, an unshakeable friendship has developed between the two heroes. But perhaps, at least for one, it was more? Apparently not. J.J. Abrams, the director of this Episode IX, recently reacted to this question and answered it. The latter was present during a debate following the screening of the film at the Academy of motion picture Arts and Science in Beverly Hills California. A viewer named Kaila Ren shared her response on Twitter: “All Finn meant to say to Rey was that he was sensitive to the Force! “, the director is quoted as saying.

And, indeed, in the film, Finn senses certain things and also feels certain disturbances in the Force from a distance, like a (future) Jedi. According to recent statements by producer Kathleen Kennedy, some characters from this latest trilogy could appear in the next one. Who knows, maybe we’ll get a chance to attend Finn by Rey’s Jedi training? Another revelation has also surfaced concerning a character gifted with Strength but linked to his Dark Side From the very first seconds of Star Wars IX, the traditional on-screen explanatory text begins like this: “The dead speak! The galaxy has heard a mysterious transmission, a threat of REVANCH by the voice of the late PALPATINIAN EMPEROR. “The spectators are thus made aware of the unexpected reappearance of the main antagonist of the two previous trilogies. But the origin of the so-called “mysterious transmission” is never clearly explained. According to the American website Polygon, J.J. Abrams recorded this message from Dark Sidious with his interpreter, Ian McDiarmid, and broadcasted it before the release of the movie … on Fortnite ! With no explanation for its reappearance in franchising, the statement is as follows: “The work of a generation is accomplished. The big mistake is corrected. The day of victory is near, the day of revenge, the day of the Sith! “In the game, the speech was accompanied by other unpublished information, notably on the extent of Rey’s powers. The scene of the famous message was shared by the player The BattlefrontPope on YouTube :

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