Star Wars Episode 4 Original Version is Available in Hd, but It’s Illgal

If you are a purist and prefer the original version of Star Wars IV: A New Hope, it is now possible to watch it in HD. I mean, it’s possible, but it’s illegal.

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After his success with American Graffti, Georges Lucas arrived in 1977 with a film that would revolutionize the history of cinema: Star Wars. From the very first screenings, success is on the agenda and fans are multiplying throughout the world. In France the film is released under the sober translation: Star Wars. On the strength of this triumph, the director launches the production of a second and third episode to create a first trilogy. Again, both feature films are global events. Georges Lucas then decided to put the license on stand-by while waiting for new technical performances for the special effects, which were too limited at the time according to him. We know what happened next, convinced by the realism of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park in 1993, he decided to start working on a new trilogy. In 1999, the Phantom Menace was released and it was again a huge success worldwide.

Just before the release of Episode I, Georges Lucas decided in 1997 to rework the first trilogy with the new technical means of the time and thus prepare the arrival of this new opus. The problem with this remastered version (which has been reworked again in 2004) is thathas a lot of differences with the originalversion. Differences that are difficult to accept by the fans of the first hour. They have repeatedly requested that a high-definition version of the original version be made available, but have never received concrete answers. There are rumours that a 4K HD version is being considered, but again nothing official.

Aficionados of the saga have taken up the crazy challenge of converting the original version of Star Warsby their own means. Called Despecialized Edition, it can be found on the web, but it must be downloaded illegally. The file is 17 GB and contains the most authentic version of. With a few Google searches, it is possible to find the torrent file.

To make this original high-definition version, they based themselves on the Blu-ray version of the movie, to which they added various sequences including bonus material from the DVD released in 2006. It is therefore a version without the special effects and without the modified scenes added by Lucas in the course of the re-editions.

If you want to see what this original HD version looks like, check out a short excerpt below.

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