Star Wars Battlefront Ii Solo Test: Empire Strikes Back Again

We have completed the solo campaign of Star Wars Battlefront II, which serves as episode 6.5 in the saga timeline. Between nostalgia and a new bow.

Like its predecessor, Star Wars Battlefront II has the difficult task of accompanying the release of a major movie – The Last Jedi as far as it is concerned. The number 2 attached to his name suggests improvements on all sides, whereas the first one had paid for his stunted content and the second one has not yet started his career, which he is already criticized for certain business model choices.

But still, Electronic Arts, DICE, Motive and Criterion have the desire to make a great game for as many people as possible. Including solitary players with the integration of a real campaign. What Star Wars Battlefrontdid not have.

Star Wars Battlefront Ii Solo Test: Empire Strikes Back Again

Short and intense, sometimes

Let’s start with the angry subject: yes, you’ll soon finish the story mode of Star Wars Battlefront II (5-6 hours), but EA had warned and we have to take into account that the TPS/FPS remains above all a multiplayer experience that we won’t talk about here (spoiler: despite everything, it’s better than 1).  Nevertheless, the various studios involved in the project wanted to contribute to the SW edifice by imagining a 100% new story based on a 100% new character. This is already a way of freeing oneself from repetition – even if there is some – and of perhaps giving birth to a heroine that one will be led to cross again later, in other adaptations.

As Janina Gavankar, Iden Versio is clearly one of the strong female protagonists of the SW universe.

Iden Versio, therefore, leads the elite Inferno squad, charged with carrying out perilous missions on behalf of the Empire. First captured by the Alliance, she will end up on Endor and watch helplessly as the second Death Star is destroyed. The result will be a total rethinking of its place in the galaxy as the Empire falters and draws its last breath.

Played by actress Janina Gavankar (seen in the series True Blood and Vampire Diaries, among others), Iden Versio is clearly one of the strong female protagonists of the SWuniverse, in the wake of Leia, Amidala or more recently Rey. A first point that will not disorient his personal construction and evolution in relation to Good and Evil, coupled with a form of classicism in the writing of his stormy relationship with his father. No doubt about it: we are indeed in a Star Wars production, with the same qualities, the same defects.

Star Wars Battlefront Ii Solo Test: Empire Strikes Back Again

Episode 6.5

In the same way, by taking place just after The Return of the Jedi, Star Wars Battlefront II sometimes falls into easy nostalgia and the wink of an eye, even if it means making us incarnate some well-known faces for free. Very close to Episode 6, EA’s game doesn’t forget about Episode 7 by narrating events mentioned in the latest movie and by making us travel to some planets belonging to the third trilogy (Takodana, Jakku).

In other words, this solo campaign has its ass between two chairs and lugs the fan around with the rare joyful surprises, disappointments to be put into perspective, a few epic sequences and superfluous moments. A varied cocktail, in the shape of a roller coaster, which makes up for its differences in rhythm with a well thought-out and, above all, very open end (a DLC to come?).

Obviously, we can’t escape the disguised tutorial: the different levels sometimes spit out objectives from the multiplayer, some heroes available online answer present and the vehicle phases are similar to dog-fights training against real people. But it’s subtly melted and, without being careful, you don’t really notice it.

The gameplay itself is average and does what it does best, which is to give us a slightly different feeling from other FPS – a bit soft, we may think (without the ball, it’s not quite the same emotions). We stay in the arcade and recreation, which artificial intelligence will never come up to. Even in difficult situations, the enemies are like the Stormtroopers in the movies: they aim badly and are very stupid. As for the rest, there are enough pleasures not to fall into the simple massacre of mobs. Shooting, dog-fighting, lightsabers: Star Wars in the text. Period.

Star Wars Battlefront Ii Solo Test: Empire Strikes Back Again

HDR x SW = <3

The plot of Star Wars Battlefront II does not succeed in everything it undertakes, but it has the merit of respecting mythology and leaving everyone in their place. An element which sounds obvious but which it is nevertheless necessary to affirm to put an end to certain doubts. It will be difficult to attack the game, too, on its dressing.

Visually, it is both very beautiful and very generous, the graphics engine highlighting very well the different atmospheres that the franchise can count on (the cold interiors of the Empire, the lush forest of Endor, the SF urbanism of Vardos, the stifling heat of Jakku). As a bonus, HDR technology makes even the smallest laser on the screen shine. A must for the eyes, if you have the screen.

HDR technology makes even the smallest laser on the screen shine.

On the soundtrack side, we’ll just be disappointed not to hear the original voices of some of the characters. French dubbing is close but since we grew up with Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, we know far too much about their timbre to be fooled by even a minor change. Fortunately, the music and sound effects are authentically faithful to catch up and make you forget this slight pitfall.

Star Wars Battlefront II is available from €49. Lootbox and emblematic characters in multi not included.

In brief

Star Wars Battlefront II

Indicative note : 3/5

The solo of Star Wars Battlefront II does not disappoint in its propensity to embody a spin-off of the immense saga that has been declined again and again. Like Rogue One, he sheds light on events between The Return of the Jedi and The Awakening of the Force, focusing on the fall of the Empire after the destruction of the Second Death Star. While there is sometimes filling in in the form of free references, the story does the job overall.

Accustomed to disappointing and even laughable campaigns, DICE, with the help of Motive and Criterion, finally delivers a slightly more copious solo content, fed by a rich material and awaited at the turn by a horde of fans who let nothing pass them by. That’s not bad for a title whose leitmotif remains above all to bring players together on the web, not to divide them with a story to live alone.


  • Visually very successful
  • Iden Verso
  • The preserved saga


  • Writing sometimes soft
  • Very short
  • Not the real voices in VF