Star Wars and Marvel Leave Netflix!

Disney’s video streaming service is not new. We knew that he intended to compete with Netflix and the other players in the market. Once the divorce was consummated, the question was, who was going to get custody of Star Wars and Marvel movies? Well, no more Netflix, from now on you’ll have to go to Mickey’s video streaming platform!

Star Wars and Marvel leave Netflix in 2019

Indeed, it was Disney CEO Bob Iger who announced the news at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2017 Media, Communications and Entertainment Conference. It has not detailed the process at this time as the streaming service will not be available until 2019. In other words, the teams have plenty of time to prepare everything beforehand!

One thing is certain, it is that with the films from the Marvel and Star Wars universes, Disney is going to ensure great hits and is likely to attract a lot of customers with such a catalogue. remains to be seen if the public will want to pay for yet anothersubscription … 

This decision will put a strain on Netflix, which will no longer be allowed to offer these films on its platform from 2019. For the moment, has no idea of the price at which the Disney service will be offered, but with such a rich catalogue, there is strong to bet that the subscription will be a little more expensive than Netflix which is around 10 euros per month Bob Iger will unveil the project further in the coming months.

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