Star Citizen talks about the creation of the Bengal carrier and hosts a competition to celebrate Pride

Star Citizen is a space simulator game that is currently still in development. However, after being successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2012, the game has had a huge community and changed the way people look at games. The game is still in development, and the development team is under constant pressure from fans and the media alike. Yet, it seems to be a project that will go far, and the community will not let Star Citizen go down without a fight.

Pride month officially kicks off tomorrow, and to celebrate, we reached out to our friends at Star Citizen to ask about their plans to celebrate this important milestone in the LGBTQ community. We also wanted to celebrate the way Star Citizen brings people together, so we snapped a photo of the Bengal carrier and released it as a contest to see who could build it first. This contest was sealed with a kiss (or, more accurately, a handshake) between Chris Roberts and our friend Ian Leyland, who was responsible for the unique design of the Bengal.

In celebration of the start of the Star Citizen’s journey to its first big milestone, the Bengal carrier, we want to offer a competition for fans to create a Bengal-themed wallpaper for the forum. The winner will be featured in the Bengal carrier hangar on our website. The contest will run from today until 11:59 PM PDT on August 12th, 2015.

During the Invictus launch week event in star citizen fans were treated to a special arrival as part of a demonstration of the power of the UEE fleet: the aircraft carrier Bengal in all its glory, which was the focus of this week’s Inside Star Citizen episode. In the video, we learn about the challenges of getting the Bengal into the PU, from updating the design to the staggering size and performance issues of making sure the ship’s 90 turrets work properly. While Bengal is mostly part of the Invictus event celebration, it would have also provided some learning opportunities for the developers, as working on optimizing the ship and tweaking the AI turret features could mean new things for Star Citizen in general in the future. The second part of the video includes another sprint report with new UI models for the station terminals, a look at the Greycat armor in action, a look at the Hack.15 planned for Alpha 3, including the hacking chip models and a brief look at the hacking HUD, an update on the progress of the Aegis Redeemer spaceship, the Crusader Ares spaceship, and the shuttle that players will pilot in Orison, and another look at the Night of Orison. Other news Star Citizen : CIG is celebrating Pride Month with a contest that encourages players to show their colors in any way they can, whether it’s with a screenshot, an actual creation, or a video. The community’s creations will be added to the Pride Gallery on the Star Citizen website, and the top 10 entries will receive a Drake Cutlass Red.

. ViewWhatever the reason, there are some people who feel excluded from the world around them. This does not come from a lack of acceptance: it comes from a lack of exposure. While this may not be the most pressing issue to those who are the victims of it, seeing other people experience the world through new eyes can be an incredibly enjoyable experience for those who are lucky enough to be in the position to see it.. Read more about star citizen bengal carrier size comparison and let us know what you think.

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