Star Citizen News – They Are Working On Exploration & New StarMap App!

to Star Citizen news for the week ending the 11th. April 2021. We summarize all the information into manageable bullet points, and there’s a lot to discover today.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.13.0 is still wave 1.

We have had several patches for PTU j & k with the latest patch 3.13.0k having some bug fixes which we will do at the end of the video.

Get information from the updated roadmap and monthly report.

There was a sneak peek of the Redeemer this week. …. it’s scheduled for patch 3.15, we hope to learn more about the ship’s development in the coming weeks.

This week’s Star Citizen roadmap update was very comprehensive, with new features like permanent hangars and hubs, the upcoming star map shuffle task, POI detection/search, underwater rendering, and more. I’m very excited about the exploration mechanisms possible with these functional tricks.

We’ve had Star Citizen and Squadron 42 for months.

There have been many behavioral updates for AI.

But they showed a teaser of Crusader and talked about colonial outposts, hospitals for all major landing zones, they are working on creatures, unannounced ships, reputation system, scanning and intertwining with servers.

Check out the full monthly reports and roadmap on my channel!

Star Citizen Live: All about Alpha 3.13

The ship names are smaller than you would expect on a ship, as they have to make room for up to 32 characters….. and it’s not scalable. In time, they will be larger.

The ROC DS is currently being sold and will be the subject of a future FAQ.

It should be a multi-crew version of the ROC with a more powerful laser and a large cargo bay.

The cargo game gets upgrades and missions using Hercules and other cargo ships.

The addition of trolley and push/pull in 3.13 is for testing the feature, it will be used in many systems in the future.

They are looking for ways to not punish players for 30k and bugs when it comes to losing a ship, parts and cargo.

3.13, some users may notice an increase in frame rate as the processor cores are better utilized.

They will be iterating the gameplay of the cave based on feedback from 3.13.

They want to add caves to the asteroids.

The economy will be rearranged, and there will be a redistribution of where and in what part of the goods are good.

We’ll be able to match the speed with the target again.

Players can create up to 3 ships before the first ship/vehicle disappears.

Reputation will really affect how we play the game.

Let’s take a look at the latest 3.13.0k patch notes

  • The ability to shoot from a ship in the green zone of Port Olisar.
  • Fixed an issue where ships were entered shortly after they were called.
  • Fixed bug that prevented players from interacting with a seat in multiple vehicles if they left it during a Quantum / QT trip
  • The cargo of a vessel may no longer be removed when the vessel is named.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the player to drop wheelbarrows when not intended.
  • Exiting the game with the Alt key and returning to full screen mode should no longer cause the image to freeze.
  • Docker Merlin launch interactions should now indicate when the Constellation is moving.
  • RSI’s Andromeda unit shouldn’t be missing from doors or elevators once it’s made with green paint.
  • Players should no longer miss animations or get stuck in chairs when sitting on multiple chairs as a female character.
  • Fixed an issue where ships crashed on impact with the planet surface after sitting in the pilot’s seat when returning from a sortie.
  • Fixed an issue where the Star Runner’s fuel tank could not collect enough fuel to repair the ship’s fuel tank.
  • Leaving the vehicle tower by moving the mouse should no longer block directional players.
  • Fixed bug that prevented remote turrets from firing from ground vehicles.
  • If the player is interrupted by a popup with mission details when using the Delphi tab search bar, the game should no longer be unresponsive when exiting the mobiGlas view.
  • Fixed an issue causing mission locations not to be displayed in the New Babbage area.
  • Fixed missing geometry at the entrance to the cave near Lorville, which caused the player to fall through the world.
  • Opening the mobiGlass or equipping an object during MedPen healing animation should no longer result in a non-functioning MedPen being released.
  • The ReplaceMe textures should no longer be present on the floor of the Lorville customs gate.
  • 2 client crashes and 2 server crashes fixed

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