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[Series] 13 Reasons Why – Season 3 In 2019 – Netflix





 13 Reasons Why – Original title : Thirteen Reasons Why. Original Netflix Series

 It is an American television series developed by Brian Yorkey based on the novel Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, broadcast since March 31, 2017 on Netflix.

 In all French-speaking countries, the series has also been broadcast since March 31, 2017 on Netflix, in both French and original versions.

 Synopsy: Inspired by Jay Asher’s best-selling books, 13 Reasons Why follows Clay Jensen, a teenager who discovers a mysterious box with his name on his front porch on his way home from school. Inside, tapes recorded by Hannah Baker, a classmate who tragically committed suicide two weeks earlier. The recordings reveal that the girl he was in love with decided to take her own life for thirteen reasons. Is Clay one of those reasons?

 Main players:

 Dylan Minnette: Clay Jensen

 Katherine Langford: Hannah Baker

 Christian Navarro: Tony Padilla

 Alisha Boe: Jessica Davis

 Brandon Flynn: Justin Foley

 Justin Prentice: Bryce Walker

 Miles Heizer: Alex Standall

 Ross Butler: Zach Dempsey

 Devin Druid: Tyler Down


 Season 1: 13 episodes


Episode 1: Tape 1, Side A

Episode 2 : Tape 1, Side B

Episode 3 : Tape 2, Side A

Episode 4 : Tape 2, Side B

Episode 5 : Tape 3, Side A

Episode 6 : Tape 3, Side B

Episode 7 : Tape 4, Side A

Episode 8 : Tape 4, Side B

Episode 9 : Tape 5, Side A

Episode 10 : Tape 5, Side B

Episode 11 : Tape 6, Side A

Episode 12 : Tape 6, Side B

Episode 13 : Tape 7, Side A (Tape 7, Side A)


Some Reviews Press

 Le Figaro Magazine

 The saga sheds light with shocking precision on the mechanisms of harassment in which social networks play a central role.


  Australian Katherine Langford makes a remarkable debut as Hannah. And Dylan Minnette (Clay) – already very good in Awake (NBC) – is always very right in a performance on the edge.

 Paris Match

   The series reminds us how ruthless but also carefree and tender this age can be when a new friendship is formed or when the girl or boy you secretly love accepts your invitation.

  Télé Loisirs

   With a puzzle-like narration, fluid flashbacks and sensitive staging of the torments of adolescence, 13 Reasons Why, a series produced by the young actress and singer Selena Gomez, seduces with its melancholy and poetry.


 13 Reasons Why is a fascinating mix of references and themes, like many teen dramas in recent years (…) But it is its sensitivity, the seriousness of the subjects it deals with and the nature of its narrative that makes it interesting.


 Season 2 Available

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I’m on episode 10…

 Cruel, thrilling, original are my first words to describe the series. Impossible to Binge watcher as it requires me to spend long moments of reflection between episodes. However, some situations…


are a bit tarnishing, but since I haven’t been a teenager for a long time, I guess I’m missing the point.

Served by excellent distribution, it deserves to be seen.

 Edit: I replace absurd with a mix of: naive, gullible, innocent. We take it all, we mix it up, and something comes out that I can’t express

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Come back to give your final opinion when you are finished

 Otherwise I more or less agree with you.

 but don’t forget that Hannah is 16

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At least the Selena Gomez I know will have done something cool with her life.

 I don’t understand this false polemic of the apology of suicide. I link nothing. FICTION MFKA

I’m on the fourth tape, and I feel like Hannah Baker’s parents.

 If I don’t put anything back after May 7, it’s because those rags were right:

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Thanks for the wire, looked at it with my roommate and I discovered his artichoke heart

 Superb series, by the way I have a hypothesis to develop with you when you will have finished



Under spoiler, you can.

 Season over. It’s hard to keep your head down. I confess that I went there from a small tear drop (les grandes eaux for madame
) on several occasions.  

Apart from the fact that it is masterfully interpreted, it generates exacerbated feelings and I have no idea why this series is taking my head off at this point


Sadness, anger, selfishness, abandonment but also empathy, understanding, relief. Anyway, it’s a mess




It’s more or less the same for everyone, and that’s certainly what the director wanted

 I’m thinking of making a season out of it now that it’s been two weeks since I finished.  

 Just to see if I didn’t miss any details

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I start the season again quickly  

 And actually…

 Why hasn’t his buddy Kate done anything to help him? She left okay, but why didn’t Hannah ever tell her about her problems? She would have necessarily come to help him and so on.

 And then you never hear from your best friend again…

 Ah, false connection  

 When she gets a text from Justin. It’s already showing Justin on the contact name in the message.

 It doesn’t make sense, since Hannah’s the one who takes her phone on the bus to get her number.

 So logically she should have a +33.. as she doesn’t know her number

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It’s not too fresh in my mind, I’ve skipped the names I think


I was really expecting a massacre at the Bowling for Columbine, perpetrated by the photographer, in the last episode we can see him putting some equipment in a trunk containing a lot of weapons and ammunition, without forgetting that previously he had recovered a weapon in exchange for a film.

 The last thing that bugged me was at the end, when he posted the pictures of the other twelve and removed Alex’s picture after remembering that he was the only one who stood up for him.

 We could argue that because Alex is dead, he withdrew it, but I don’t think he knows that.

 In any case, season two confirmed

Message quoted

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PC N1 Marabouteur

I swallowed season 1 this weekend, a series of a very good level, quite a strong emotional level, I had a small tear at the end of episode 13


If you’re looking for shit, you’re going to find my ass.




How can Clay reconfigure Hannah’s suicide to the counselor, knowing that she stopped the tapes & mic after high school?

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, uh, yes, that’s right.

 There are things he knows, like when she drops her stuff off at the cinema, when she’s going to send the tapes and so on, he knew about it thanks to Tony.

 As for the rest, well, her parents might be.

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I’m exploring


 Relatively impressive/disconcerting series in its handling of drama and plot development. Clay/Hannah plan mixes are well found to my taste.

Lots of emotion, and the nasty desire to see a season 2! History of


whether Bryce is going to die, the course of the trial, whether the photographer is going to kill all 11 of his photos … too many things hanging in the balance.


Motorcycle Trips – Urban Explorations



we just finished the season last night.

Last episode quite violent, I didn’t think they were going to show the suicide scene in the bathtub, quite shocking I find depending on the audience watching.

 For season 2 I am also strongly thinking about:


a scene at the Bowling for Columbine with Tyler and the 11 protagonists in pictures.

Hate to see how the trial goes on and what Porter’s gonna do with the tapes.

 Overall very good series nothing to say.

On the other hand, I think that parents should absolutely talk about it with their children if they look at it or talk about it.  

I think it might push those with borderline behavior into action.


100% of the winners have played



Season swallowed up this weekend, really good quality, I didn’t think I’d catch this much.

On the other hand, I’m afraid that season 2 will go round in circles, there we were really carried by the rhythm of 1 cassette = 1 episode, I’m afraid that it will soon be heavy for the S2. Well, we’ll see.


Or is it because he killed him? And given recent events, we’re thinking suicide?

jpegfr wrote:

 I think it might push those with borderline behavior into action.

 That’s just it, I don’t think so.


Throughout the season, there is still a tendency to show that what really caused Hannah’s death, beyond all the humiliations she may have suffered, was the lack of communication between people.

 And especially between Clay and Hannah, especially the scene at Jessica’s party, or during the scene before her suicide, in the counsellor’s office, when she can’t describe what Bryde did to her, where you can see that in the end, it would have required a communication (or prevention for the counsellor) effort on the part of the counsellor or Hannah in addition, to prevent her suicide.

 I don’t see it as an apology for suicide, more as a series that shows that even if we no longer see any hope or solution to our lives, it’s maybe because we have to go looking for them a little more than we do.



For the moment I’m hanging on… I’ve been watching freaks and geeks lately and the not so nice side changes everything…


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name of zeus!

 huge kiff this series, I’m on episode 11

 more than 2, so far it’s almost a clear round for me, it’s well written, well played, and the suspense is admirably maintained.

 a real favorite this show, as I haven’t had one in a long time, the last one was the night of



Looking back, I think it’s a bit gnan-gnan.

Thank you, Gregg Araki.

 The polemic apology for suicide scares me less than the coming season:

What’s the point? The taps are ALL listened to

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Season over, not much to throw away

 A few passages a little below, a little gnan-gnan yes maybe, but overall we are well caught up in the story until the end.

 At the end:


I’m a little doubtful about the fate of Alex who would have shot himself in the head, it’s come out rather strangely.

The photographer who hides a war arsenal is very suspicious, we are shown putting away his gear before leaving to testify, it seems he has plans.

 For season 2 it seems that they will continue in the same delirium by telling unknown elements, Hanna will still be there… I don’t really know what they will invent, for me season 1 should have been enough for itself, 13 tapes, 13 stories and basta…



Because without Hannah’s pats, the story is meaningless.

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Smelly Jelly


Good morning, everyone,


I just finished season one the day before yesterday. I liked it very much.



Some scenes are really nerve-wracking:

– The suicide scene of course, I didn’t think we’d see Hannah slit her wrists.

– The rape scene in the hot tub, you can feel all the distress in Hannah’s eyes.

– The scene that touched me the most is at the end of episode 11, when Clay imagines himself making his statement to Hannah, and she says Why didn’t you tell me that when I was alive?

Poor Clay, it must be really awful to go through something like this…


The actors are really good, Katherine Langford in particular who seems to be really inhabited by her character.

On the other hand, I find that some characters sometimes have inconsistent reactions; for example, I find that Clay sometimes acts strange for someone in love.


Anyway, overall really strong series. I have some several criticisms about Allociné, I really have a hard time understanding how you can put 1/5, but hey …

I think that this series should be broadcast in all high schools for educational purposes.

I’m looking forward to season 2 but I think it will be less strong than season 1. I read yesterday that Hannah would be appearing in flashbacks.

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Hello =), very good series.  

  Don’t you find tony weird? Sounds like an omniscient character… Guardian angel style.




Looking forward to the season 2




astonmart wrote:

Hello =), very good series.  

  Don’t you find tony weird? Sounds like an omniscient character… Guardian angel style.

 Well, that’s why some people say that Tony isn’t really



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Tartiflette Connection



— You and I have to change history — Is it my fault if I like coffee and the smell of tobacco?



★ MVP of the JDD ★


 Excellent series, the actors are very inspired and the script original.



” This video is no longer available as the associated YouTube account has been closed. »

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So Say We All


 I watched that show, I didn’t think but I liked it… can’t wait to see season 2.



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