Square Enix’s erratic support of EGS shows the flaws of Steam’s open doors policy

Steam has been criticized for its open door policy, which allows anyone to publish a game on the service without regard to quality control. While this is good in theory, it can lead to disastrous results if publishers don’t have experience developing games. Square Enix’s faulty launch of Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn shows that poor development decisions and insufficient support from Steam led an otherwise fun MMO into obscurity.

Square Enix’s erratic support of “EGS” shows the flaws of Steam’s open doors policy. The company has released a list of games that are not available on any other platform, but still sell well enough to warrant a port.

Environmental Social Governance, or ESG, is one of the various approaches investors use to determine if a business is worth investing in by considering environmental, social, and corporate governance factors. For businesses, being socially responsible, i.e. not being nasty, is a typical approach to get investor acceptance. Another strategy is to demonstrate aversion to high-risk investments, such as pornography and sex, or “sin stocks,” as they’re known.

in ethical investments porn is a bigger taboo than firearms - Square Enix


https://www.institutionalinvestor.com/article/b1s9f698vwhczr/Bill-Ackman -Sent-a-Text-to-the-CEO-of-Mastercard-What-Happened-Next-Is-a-Parable-for-ESG

In a struggle pitting privately held corporations like Steam against publicly listed companies like Epic, Steam’s choice to promote porn games is unsurprising. A privately held company can afford to take the risk of permitting porn games on its storefront, but a publicly traded company cannot (especially one with kids playing the most popular f2p game) <a href=Epic Games store porn games – Square Enix’s erratic support of EGS shows the flaws of Steam’s open doors policy’ data-lazy-src=’https://www.pcgamesn.com/epic-games-store-porn-games’ src=’data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=’http://www.w3.org/2000/svg’%20viewBox=’0%200%200%200’%3E%3C/svg%3E’>

Adult games cannot and will not be supported on EGS. Companies would try to avoid the image of being puritanical directly in a battle for exclusivity, instead offering large sums of money to hide the reality of shunning a sin stock, especially with companies like Red Hook, whose claim to fame Darkest Dungeon has had to contend with countless adult mods made for the game that are shamelessly monetized by modders, or Sony’s first party games supporting an EGS PC port due to the less than stellar relationship between the.

The reason I mentioned SQUARE ENIX is because of Japan’s history with adult games, which has fueled the need for additional PC games and ports. Japan’s shaky relationship with the PC market has always been a problem, since the industry’s maturation pushes Japanese developers to consider PC compatibility for their games. Only Steam, with its open door policy, took up the effort to let additional Japanese titles on the marketplace at first, around the same time EGS introduced Metro Exodus as an EGS exclusive. Epic’s decision was designed to make their position clear on only letting “decent” games into the store, while keeping racist, sexual content-heavy titles out and denying developers who create such games any investment money if their game fails to sell. As a consequence of EGS exclusivity, companies like Ubisoft and Activision jumped ship and abandoned Steam. However, Japanese publishers were apprehensive to take on the project because they were unfamiliar with the PC Digital market, which has long been linked to pornography and the problem of sin stocks. While EGS was able to persuade SNK to make Samurai Shodown an EGS exclusive, no other company has made a significant investment in EGS’ shops, and while Japanese titles do surface on EGS, they are often multiplatform games.

Despite promises of a Steam API, Square Enix as one of the largest names in Japanese gaming, realized the advantages of forming a partnership with EGS, making all of their contemporary products EGS exclusive beginning with Kingdom Hearts 3. The game is failed to appear on Steam Storefronts a year later, demonstrating Steam’s sad reality: Epic is dispelling the notion that the PC market is only for porn and can be a healthy environment for Japanese PC games if Steam loses control of the Japanese Mainstream Games and is left with nothing but indies and adult games, as SE now looks morally virtuous in the eyes of investors and other Japanese companies because Epic is dispelling the notion that the PC market is only for porn and can be a healthy environment for Japanese PC games if Steam loses control of the Japanese Mainstream Games and is left

Around the time of KH3’s PC release a year later, this was what the storefront’s trending games looked like…

DUj4kOE - Square Enix

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The critics of EGS would have you believe that Epic is simply offering cash and smaller commissions for sales, but the reality is that Steam’s refusal to bow to investor values even as a private company has given Epic the moral victory and a newfound business partner in Japan, albeit one that is a little erratic with what they put out on the storefront.

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“Square Enix’s sporadic backing of EGS demonstrates the weaknesses of Steam’s open doors policy,” writes Gaming News.

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Square Enix’s erratic support of EGS shows the flaws of Steam’s open doors policy. Square Enix is a company that has been known for their “old world epic exclusive ” games, but with the release of Final Fantasy XV, they have gone through many changes.

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