Sonali Bendre shares ‘secret formula’ for sturdy immunity, says it helped her avoid infections during chemo – bollywood

Bollywood actress Sonaly Bendre gave three tips for creating strong immunity and says she has been doing so for two years – after being diagnosed with cancer and then treated. Your message will be placed in the context of the Covida 19 pandemic.

The video opens with a message: Health is not a lack of germs, toxins or diseased cells in your body. It’s the way your body reacts to it. Strong immunity ensures good health. The following message tells us Here is my three steps guide to permanent immunity, I do these three steps every day for 2 years and the results are amazing.

Then we see that Sonali holds the vaporizer in his hand and inhales the vapors as described in Step 1 – Inhale. Then we see a glass of water and a text: Step two, a glass of hot water.

We then get to see a plate with small portions of spinach, walnuts, carrots, amla, fresh turmeric, ginger, apricot, blueberries, cranberries, almonds, cinnamon and apples. All ingredients are mixed into a cocktail. Finally, the video ends with a smiling Sonali holding a cocktail glass.

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Sonali wrote in the video: Today, more than ever, we understand the importance of strong immunity. As far as cancer is concerned, I have done a lot of research to improve immunity. Then I started this ritual, and now it’s become a habit, my #NewNormal. These steps are quite simple and proven – I managed to avoid infections during chemotherapy and I think it was a secret formula. To share them with you, in the hope that we will all take conscious steps to strengthen our immunity. #WorldHealthDay.

Sonali had already been diagnosed with cancer and treatment was complete. She was first diagnosed with cancer in July 2018. Sometimes, when you least expect it, life throws you a crooked ball. I was recently diagnosed with cancer with a high rate of metastases, which, frankly, we haven’t noticed. The tingling led to tests that led to this unexpected diagnosis. My family and good friends have gathered around me and offer me the best support system one could wish for. I’m very happy and grateful for each of them, she tweeted.


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