Son of The Crocodile Hunter Goes on the Ultimate Expedition to Find Toilet Paper

Robert Irwin, son of the late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, has posted a funny and surprising parody video of his father on the internet. Because the sound and appearance are almost identical to the Croc Hunter itself, Robert was inspired by Steve’s video, which perfectly imitates his father’s Crocodile Hunter series. The last expedition in search of one of the most illusory and endangered species on the planet. I can’t believe we finally found him! Irwin’s notes are in the caption. You can see what he’s looking for by watching the video below, but be aware that it may not be what you expected.

I’m here in the natural habitat of an endangered species, it’s very rare, and I’m going to see if I can document it for the first time, says Irwin at the beginning of the video. The cameras follow him as he explores the desert in search of the rare beast while dramatic music plays. In the end Robert Irwin achieves what he is looking for by pointing to a roll of toilet paper placed in the distance on a tree trunk. Rare, threatened, it’s unbelievable, Irwin mumbles when he photographs toilet paper. At the end of the clip, Irwin notices an even more endangered species after seeing a bottle of hand cleanser in his hands.

Of course Irwin is amused by the lack of toilet paper and hand sanitizers, which can be seen in many grocery stores where customers panic every day and empty the shelves. It left people no choice but to be creative if they could not find these goods in their local shops. The concept has been manipulated in other parodic videos, such as the recent adaptation of a popular scene from the AMC television series Breaking Bad In this video it was discovered that Walter White (Brian Cranston) and his wife Skyler (Anna Gunn) kept toilet paper in their locker, and the popular digital product replaced the piles of money shown in the original video.

Steve Irwin died in 2006, but his memory lives on in his family. Today you can see Robert at the Animal Planet Scream show! That’s the Irvins with his mother, Terry, and his sister, Bindi. Bindi recently got married and the wedding will be on television this month in a special edition of Crikey! It’s the Irvins: Bindi’s wedding. The program started on the 18th. Premiere in April. In addition, the Irwin family continues to work with the animals at the Australian Zoo, with Steve continuing his work and preserving his legacy.

While the world has been going through a very difficult time lately, videos like Robert’s Travesty bring a moment of frivolity at a time when it is so necessary. Although he jokes on video, he also estimates the scarcity of toilet paper quite accurately, because even grocery stores that restrict customers have done little to prevent the shelves from being emptied quickly. Maybe we have a better chance of finding someone in the Australian bush. A video parody of Crocodile Hunter was sent to us by Robert Irwin on Twitter.

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