Some Essential Features of a Good Travel App

Why do people need travel apps

Traveling is a top activity for vacations. Usually, you want to rest and relax while visiting new places. There are two options in this case. One can ask an agency to arrange everything or arm oneself with online resources and travel apps. While the internet is full of advice to get ready for the trip, the apps are exceptionally comfortable on the road.

Types of travel apps

You cannot stuff one single app with everything a traveler needs. Yet, Google Maps are close to that point. You can define your location, build a route, find a restaurant or a hotel, and check its reviews there. Different accommodation apps help people find a place to stay. Flight trackers inform users about delays, cancellations, terminals, gates, and seat maps. Due to transport apps, tourists feel more comfortable in a strange town and do not need to use taxis all the time. Services like Couchsurfing do not only allow travelers to look for a host in a city or town. They also assist them in connecting with locals or asking them questions before going on the trip.

Essential features

Travel app developers wonder what they should include to the apps, so we decided to highlight several must-have features. Some of them will fit into any travel app, and others are more specific.

Geo-location and route making

You do not want your users to be at a loss at the new place, do you? Possibility to find their way even in the middle of nowhere will benefit any traveler. Think about adding public transport lines and schedules or marking places of interest in the neighborhood. Do you want users to be able to track public transport movements? Integrate an existing service to your app or contact local authorities.

Monitoring of transport tickets and hotel bookings

According to the research , 61% of US tourists used smartphones to book and pay for their transport and accommodation in 2018. You can help people all over the world get what they need. Especially travelers appreciate services that check specific directions or are price-oriented. For example, Hopper predicts flight prices and allows users to track and book at a suitable cost. You can go even further. Enable automatic booking of tickets or hotel, when the price is appropriate, or someone cancels their reservation.

Online check-in

Online check-in helps people to spend a bit less time at the airport and avoid being refused boarding due to overbooked flights. Your local airlines still do not have an app for online check-in? That’s a shame for them and an opportunity for you. Integrate your check-in feature with the smartphone calendar and notify a user when online registration is open. Another useful thing to do is to automate the check-in process itself: the app may extract users’ data from their emails and check them in.

Expenses tracker

It isn’t very easy to keep all the expenses in your mind when you want to relax. Especially if you are obliged to use foreign currency and calculate prices in your head, traveling expenses tracker can improve the situation. It’s not much different from a regular expenses tracker. Yet, a currency converter will make it convenient for tourists. You can also sync the feature with the banking account so that income and expenses are logged. Visualize the financial data. It gives the user a better and faster understanding if (s)he can afford one more sightseeing tour or kayaking expedition.

Ratings and reviews

Regardless of what is the primary focus of your app, this feature is crucial. Be it a service to connect with locals, book a hotel, find a restaurant; people would like to share their impressions and choose by others’ opinions. No wonder that public feedback is considered the best marketing mechanism. You can also use ratings and reviews as a central goal of your app like TripAdvisor does. If you do not think you can compete with TripAdvisor, pay attention to certain places or services. For example, HappyCow helps people find vegan or vegetarian restaurants nearby. It can be anything: from authentic local bookshops to zero-waste shops or markets.


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