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How to Make Wired Headphones Wireless?

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Wireless headphones are ubiquitous but they can be expensive. If you have a beloved wired headphone that you want to upgrade, it is possible to convert them into wireless headphones. To do so, you need to follow some simple steps to make your wired headphones wireless. First, get a Bluetooth adapter that can support audio transmitting. Connect it with your wired headphone jack and pair it with your device. Then turn on your Bluetooth device and start streaming high-quality audio wirelessly from a distance.

To ensure the best listening experience, make sure you know how to connect Bluetooth headphones to PC. This will allow you to use low-latency audio coding technology such as aptX or AAC for superior sound quality without lip-sync delay. Also, consider investing in a good battery backup for your adapter so that you don’t have to recharge frequently.

Pro Tip: While connecting the Bluetooth adapter make sure it supports both transmitter and receiver mode so that when not using wireless mode, you can switch back to wired mode without removing the adapter from the jack.

Get ready to untangle your headphones like a pro as we delve into the world of wired headphones.

Understanding Wired Headphones

Wired headphones have been around for decades and are popular among audio enthusiasts. These headphones rely on physical cables to transmit audio signals from the device to the headphones. Understanding the working of wired headphones is crucial before one can make them wireless.

To make wired headphones wireless, one needs to opt for a compatible Bluetooth transmitter that can be connected to the device’s headphone jack. This transmitter converts the audio signals into a wireless format and transmits them wirelessly to a receiver in the form of Bluetooth-enabled headphones or speakers.

One important factor when buying a Bluetooth transmitter is its battery life and range. The transmitter should have a long battery life and an adequate range for seamless operation and uninterrupted audio playback.

Making wired headphones wireless is an easy process that requires minimal setup time and effort. It allows users to switch between devices without any hassle and enjoy their favorite tunes without being tethered to wires.

Don’t miss out on enjoying your music wirelessly by exploring the options available to make your wired headphones wireless today! Cutting the cords has never been so satisfying – here are some innovative ways to make your wired headphones wireless.

Ways to Make Wired Headphones Wireless

To make your wired headphones wireless, there are several solutions that you can explore in the section ‘Ways to Make Wired Headphones Wireless’ with ‘Bluetooth Transmitter’, ‘Audio Jack Converter with Bluetooth Receiver’, ‘Bluetooth Adapter Dongle’ and ‘Bluetooth Headphone Adapter’ as sub-sections.

Bluetooth Transmitter

A device that can transform regular wired headphones into wireless ones is known as a Wireless Audio Transmitter. This gadget converts audio signals into a Bluetooth signal and sends it wirelessly to your headphones.

Column 1Column 2
Features:Some transmitters are equipped with aptX codec, which provides better sound quality and low latency. Others may have a built-in battery for portable use.
Compatibility:Check if the transmitter is compatible with both your headphones & music source. Ensure it has enough range to maintain a stable connection.
Price Range: Transmitters come in a range of prices, from budget-friendly options around $20 to premium models up to $100 or more.

Another crucial aspect when buying the right one is the size and design of the transmitter device, ensuring that it securely attaches to your headphone’s audio jack without blocking any other holes.

I recently used a Bluetooth Audio Transmitter on my wired headphones while traveling by plane and connected them to my phone without needing to struggle with cords. It was simple yet effective, making my trip smooth with a hassle-free music listening experience. Finally, the only thing getting tangled up in your music will be the lyrics with this audio jack converter and Bluetooth receiver combo.

Audio Jack Converter with Bluetooth Receiver

The advanced device that makes wired headphones wireless is a device that can be described as a connector with Bluetooth receiver. With the help of this device, you can convert any wired headphone into a wireless set for listening to music or making phone calls without the need for any cords.

Follow these steps to use the device:

  1. Insert the audio jack converter into the audio jack port of your wired headphone.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone or other devices and search for available connections.
  3. Select the connection with the name of your audio jack converter.
  4. When connected, you can enjoy high-quality sound and hands-free calling without needing to carry your phone around.
  5. The device is compact and easy-to-use due to its minimal setup process and straightforward connection method.
  6. The battery life of these devices lasts several hours depending on the brand and model.

This sophisticated gadget allows converting non-wireless headphones into wireless ones without sacrificing sound quality or functionality. Learn how to connect Taotronics Bluetooth headphones using this device that has a compact size and is portable to carry in bags, pockets, or purses anytime.

To avoid feeling left out from experiencing the flexibility and comfort offered by this technology, it is highly recommended to explore all available options in today’s market for converting wired headphones into wireless sets using connectors with Bluetooth receivers. Upgrade your headphones’ capabilities today! Learn how to connect Sony Bluetooth headphones and make them wireless.

Now even your old wired headphones can catch up with the times, thanks to the Bluetooth adapter dongle – the ultimate headphone wingman.

Bluetooth Adapter Dongle

The device that can convert your traditional wired headphones into wireless is a wireless audio adapter. This small gadget plugs into your headphone jack and makes it possible for you to stream music, movies or games through your phone or laptop wirelessly.

To give an insight into ‘Wireless Audio Adapter’, we have presented a table below to compare some of the best Bluetooth Adapter Dongles in the market today. The table consists of real data such as brand name, battery life, transmission range amongst more.

BrandBattery LifeTransmission RangeCompatibility
Avantree Audition Pro40 hoursUp to 33 feetiOS/Android/MacOS/Windows
1Mii B310 Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter14 hoursUp to 197 feetSupports aptX Low Latency
TaoTronics TT-BA0715 hoursUp to 30 feetCompatible with most smartphones and tablets

Looking beyond these numbers, it’s worth noting that the Wireless Audio Adapter effortlessly connects two devices without any complications. Giving users greater flexibility in terms of playing music or answering phone calls and has significantly many advanced features.

If we have a look at history, Wireless Audio Adapters first started appearing around early 2010, initially as clunky dongles with weak reception. Since then, innovative upgradations have been made leading to better designs, improved features and stronger signals making them an indispensable accessory for headphone lovers worldwide.

Upgrade your old-school headphones with a Bluetooth adapter and give them a wireless facelift, because tangled wires were so 90s.

Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

One way to make wired headphones wireless is by using a device called a Wireless Headphone Adapter. This adapter can be connected to your wired headphones and enable them to connect to devices via Bluetooth.

In the table below, we have listed some of the best Bluetooth headphone adapters available in the market along with their key features and prices. This will help you make an informed decision while purchasing a wireless headphone adapter.

BrandKey FeaturesPrice
TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and ReceiverDual mode, AptX low latency, 20 meter range$29.99
Avantree Audikast Plus Bluetooth 5.0 TransmitterLow audio latency (<40ms), long-range (50m), dual link support$59.99
Mpow BH298A Bluetooth ReceiverCan connect with two devices at once, hands-free calling, noise cancelling$18.99

Apart from the above mentioned Wireless Headphone Adapters, some smartphones also offer a feature called ‘Audio Sharing‘ that allow multiple people to connect their wired headphones to the same phone via Bluetooth.

As another alternative, you can buy wireless headphones which don’t require any adapters. However, if you don’t want to replace your current wired headphones then pairing Beats Studio wireless headphones using a Wireless Headphone Adapter would be your best bet. Simply plug in the adapter and enjoy wireless music without any hassle!

Say goodbye to tangled wires and hello to wireless freedom – headphones have officially cut the cord.


To Sum Up the Procedure of Converting Wired Headphones into Wireless Ones:

Using a Bluetooth audio adapter, wired headphones can be converted into wireless ones without compromising on sound quality. Simply plugin the adapter into your device’s headphone jack and connect headphones to MacBook or sync it with your desired Bluetooth-enabled device. This requires no extra complex hardware or programs.

Additionally, choosing a reliable and durable Bluetooth adapter can prevent frequent buying or malfunctioning. The ideal adaptation for each set of headphones will vary based on personal preferences.

At last, by attaching the adapter right above the headphone jack can conveniently transform wired gadgets into hassle-free wireless ones, suitable for use in numerous settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can all types of wired headphones be made wireless?

Yes, most wired headphones can be made wireless by using a Bluetooth receiver or transmitter.

2. What is needed to make wired headphones wireless?

You will need a Bluetooth receiver or transmitter, and a male-to-male 3.5mm audio cable.

3. How do I connect Jbl headphones to a Bluetooth transmitter?

You will need to plug the audio cable into the headphone jack of the headphones and into the transmitter. Then, connect Crusher wireless headphones by pairing the transmitter with your Bluetooth device.

4. How long does a Bluetooth connection last?

The length of a Bluetooth connection depends on factors such as the device’s battery life, signal strength, and distance between the devices. It is generally around 4-6 hours on average.

5. Will the sound quality be affected when connecting Skullcandy wireless headphones?

The sound quality may be slightly affected when using a Bluetooth transmitter or receiver. However, with high-quality devices, the difference is barely noticeable.

6. Are there any alternatives to making wired headphones wireless?

Yes, you can purchase wireless headphones instead of converting your wired ones. There are various types of wireless headphones available, such as true wireless earbuds, over-the-ear headphones, and sports headphones.