So… Battle pets have now a level requirement to be learnt… Why?

the PTR, vanity or fighting animals now have a required level that must be pursued when purchased from a vendor or looted from the world.

TL;DR : Bought or looted pets now have a required level that is determined by the level of the area in which they were obtained. As a result, the same pets have HA requirements, since many of them can be obtained in more than one zone (with different zone levels). These requirements seem to be automatic, and this is generally true for all applications: Objects such as pets, furniture, containers, recipes…. All of these subjects have new requirements that they never had in the last 15 years. The bug first appeared with patch 9.0.2 and is now set in stone with patch 9.0.5.

So, for context, the long version:

Pets have been around since the beginning of WoW and there have never been requirements for them. For over 15 years, anyone, at any level, could get these pets, and for some it was one of the first impulses to explore the world. Even if their skill level wasn’t high enough to handle the crowd in an area where pets were available, they could always go to a pet store for their little companion.

However, with the last PTR, they all got a level of required to explore. Except for one thing: The requirements are not set on the product itself, but on the place where it is bought/disposed of, resulting in different requirements for the same pets. You can see where the problem is.

A simple example: one of the most snooty pets.
You can buy from two places: Low speed (zone level 0) and storm (zone level 25).
You have two different requirement levels, and the tooltip for most levels is confusing (it tells you the current level as the requirement when your level is higher than the real requirement).

Same problem with the animals and mountains of the world. The
mount can drop into Storm Valley (zone 35 level), and into Tiragard Sound (zone 10 level), the two mounts have different level requirements, although the mount itself is listed as only requiring level 10.

The same problem (the level requirement caused by the article) also affects almost all uses: articles, with the exception of unaffected toys. Usage : Items include fighting animals (not caged), riding animals, professional recipes, containers and various other items. All items whose description begins with Use:.

The version first appeared with patch 9.0.2, which introduced Shadowlands content.
These zone-level restrictions were not explicitly stated, but were hidden, and were repeatedly reported by people who bought pets/chairs on HA and could not use them afterwards, even though their condition was better than the zone-level requirements stated on the items.
Report to the EU Forum Report to the US Forum

What is the problem?
– for pets: the staggered requirements for the same pets confuses AH and what can be purchased with AH muzzles on different servers
– by the way : The level requirements differ from those indicated in parentheses. Again, when buying or trading with another player, the character cannot use the item and must upgrade even if the tail requirement is
– for recipes: currently, with the new scale, all professions can be done at a low level, but with version 9.0.2, a number of recipes in the trunk world have different level requirements depending on where they were obtained, making it harder for people to obtain useful versions of a recipe if they are of a low level.

Of course, you may be thinking that you should just upgrade and enjoy it. But this is just a new drawback introduced when upgrading people, confusion in the TSA with multi-level requirements for the same vanity item, and a sudden undocumented change in the patch notes that introduces multi-level requirements that differ from those in the PTR Wauhead database.

So, what do you think? Do you think it’s a good thing to have a level with requirements for combat animals that are universally applicable in all levels since the beginning of the game?

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frequently asked questions

How can I improve the level of fighting animals?


Why can’t I record 25 lats of a pet?

Level Restrictions To learn to use a pet, you must own at least one other pet of the same or higher level. You cannot train a level 25 pet unless you have at least one level 25 pet. If you have caged your only animal at level 25, you cannot remove the cage until you have caged another animal at level 25.

Can you buy 25 batters for Ls?

There are seven level 1 and one level 25. You cannot buy a level 25 pet without buying all the others first. No, you can’t.

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