Snow-Pang Island Token, Quest and Rewards

A game with a unique twist, Snow-Pang Island offers players an island to explore and battle fiercely against each other. The player can buy the land they want at market rates or earn it by playing quests. Pang tokens are used as currency in Snow-Pang Island while rewarding players when they complete their missions.

The “lost ark island token rewards ” is a quest in the game Snow-Pang Island. The reward for completing the quest is a Token, which can be used to purchase items from the Snow-Pang Island Shop.

The Age of Star finale is the most difficult in Elden Ring To activate Age of Star Ending, you must complete numerous pathways and objectives. To activate Age of Star Ending, you must finish Ranni’s questline.

Ranni the Witch is a witch.

Ranni is a non-player character in Elden Ring Ranni is a mystery lady who, when you meet her at Three Sister, will introduce you as Renna. Ranni may be located in the Liurnia of the Lakes sub-region near Ranni Rise (Three Sisters).

Ranni the Witch is a witch.

Ranni’s Mission

After beating Radhan, you must speak with Ranni at her position in Liurnia of Lakes, which is marked by a tall tower on the map.


After arriving at the location, you will need to ascend many flights of steps and use a lift to reach Ranni. She will invite you to discover the treasure in the Eternal city of Nokron once you have spoken with her.

ranni map 2

The Nokron area is gloomy and full of little foes; just ignore them until you reach Grace’s location in the hall. After returning the treasure to Ranni, you will get the hidden treasure. Carian Inverted Statue will be given to you by her. Use Carian Inverted Statue in the Carian Study Hall.

ranni map 3

You’ll see the large Globe shift its position, allowing access to the upper levels. After leaving the Globe, proceed far down and locate the lift with the Press button center of the Lift stand in the lift’s center. After entering the door, the elevator will transport you to the Grace site.

Continue straight and you’ll come upon another elevator that will take you to the tower’s roof. A dead corpse may be found on the rooftop. A Curse-Mark of Death may be obtained there. After that, you must return to the Three Sisters Site. There will be a new skyscraper built. To go to Ainsel River Main, use the portal in the tower. You’ll notice a light approaching that light, and you’ll need to approach that light to obtain Miniature Ranni.


To communicate with Ranni, use a nearby seat of grace. She will discuss Baleful-Shadow with you and implore you to fight him.


Baleful-Shadow is a player-versus-player adversary in Elden Ring that glows red like an invader and avoids player strikes. A requirement for completing Ranni Quest. This boss may be found in the Ainsel River Mian cave south of the Nokstella Waterfall Basin Site of Grace.


After defeating the boss, you will get the Discarded Palace key.


Natural-Born of the Void Boss Astel

In Elden Ring this is a boss. Astel is a deformed star that has landed in the realm between the long and the short, and may be found in Grand Cloister, Lake of Rot.


To beat the boss, you must go across the country of Rots until you reach the building and the place of grace. Travel west and interact with the coffin to reach the lair of the Astel Boss. To confront the Boss, go ahead and enter the portal.

The Remembrance of the Natural-Born will reward you if you defeat Astel, Natural-Born of the Void.

discarded elden ring

Ring of the Dark Moon

To access the chest, go to Raya Lucaria Library and use the Discarded Palace Key. You will get the Ring after opening the chest.

Ring of the Dark Moon

Return to the Astel Boss Room after you have it. Near Cite of Grace, jump down the hole in the ground. Continue ahead until you reach the Subway station. This ring may be placed on Ranni’s finger. To acquire “Age of Stars Ending,” you may now summon Ranni’s.

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