New information on trafficking investigation in January, two arrests

SAN LOUIS OPISPO COUNTY – The San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Office has released new information about a human trafficking investigation that began this January afternoon.

According to the sheriff, two people have been arrested for their involvement in the case. The third suspect is still missing. The investigation began on the 26th. In January, members of the San Luis Obispo County Anti-Trafficking Task Force responded to an advertisement for online sexual services as part of a nationwide anti-trafficking operation under the auspices of Operation Return and Rebuild.

The San Luis Obispo County Human Trafficking Unit consists of a lead prosecutor from the San Luis Obispo District Attorney’s Office, a detective and a sergeant from the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office, and is supported by the California Highway/Coastal Patrol, the FBI, and the non-profit organization Deliverfund.

Detectives found and answered an ad. The woman in the ad seemed very young and probably not yet 18 years old.

Investigators eventually made an appointment, and police contacted the woman in the photos from the erotic ad. After a serious investigation, the woman was arrested and it was determined that she was a missing and threatened 15-year-old girl from Nevada.

In addition, detectives identified a man in the neighborhood and based on his appearance, they believed him to be a 15-year-old. Investigators were eventually able to contact the person after he tried to leave the area.

The person was identified as Joshua Diante Murphy, 26, of Madera. After contacting Joshua Murphy, detectives were able to link him to the 15-year-old victim at the scene; however, at the time of contact, there was no probable cause for arrest and he was released.

After reviewing evidence collected from the victim, Murphy and outside sources, detectives concluded that the three individuals, Heather Lynn Hunt, 28, of Tipton, Tremaine Quincy Tejon Jones, 27, of Bakersfield, and Joshua Murphy, were involved in a conspiracy to traffic the 15-year-old victim and distribute child pornography.

  • Heather Lynn Hunt, 28.

  • Tremaine Quincy Tejon Jones, 27.

Detectives from the San Luis Obispo County Human Trafficking Unit worked with prosecutors from the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office to obtain arrest warrants for Heather Hunt, Tremaine Jones and Joshua Murphy.

On the 18th. In March, San Luis Obispo Superior Court issued a $1,000,000 arrest warrant for Hunt, Jones and Murphy.

Heather Hunt is charged with trafficking a victim under the age of 18, indecent assault of a minor for commercial purposes and conspiracy to commit a felony. Tremaine Jones is accused of conspiracy to commit a felony.

Joshua Murphy is charged with trafficking in persons under 18, pimping a prostitute under 16, leviration of a child 14 or 15, indecent exposure of a minor for commercial purposes and conspiracy to commit a felony.

  • Joshua Diante Murphy, 26 years old/compilation

  • Joshua Diante Murphy, 26 / 2. Photo

If you know where Joshua Murphy is, call the San Luis Obispo County Human Trafficking Unit at (805)781-4589.

The 19th. In March, the San Luis Obispo Human Trafficking Unit was able to make contact with Heather Hunt and Tremaine Jones and take them into custody.

Hunt and Jones are currently being held in the San Luis Obispo County Jail with bail set at $1,000,000. Joshua Murphy is still missing.

The San Luis Obispo County Human Trafficking Task Force is asking for the public’s help in finding Joshua Murphy.

If you know anything about Murphy’s whereabouts, please call the San Luis Obispo County Human Trafficking Unit at (805)781-4589.

You can also submit information to Crime Stoppers at or by calling (805)549-STOP.


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