Slip Ring for Wind Turbine


Have you ever thought about the functioning of a wind turbine? Have you ever thought about how electricity is being produced from wind energy? Have you ever thought what material is allows continuous rotation in the Wind Turbine? It is a Slip Ring. Wind turbine slip ring is one of the most critical parts of the process of electricity production through wind turbines that goes on rotating continuously across the 360-degree axis and hence allows electricity to be passed through the rotating portion continuously. Rotations without any limits…..Isn’t it so amazing, a smaller portion of such a huge process and this type of effect? Commend able.

If we talk about the functioning of a slip ring, it is much similar to as that of bearing in the rotary joints. It rotates on for the inner cycle while keeping the other end stationary.

Electrical slip ring includes wires at both the cycles. The inner side of the period along with cables constructed the inlet of slip ring whereas the outer one with wires out makes the outlet off the slip ring. For effective electricity production in a wind turbine, all of the cables needed to be in continuous condition without any failure.

What does slip ring constitutes of?

For the efficient working of any automotive device such as wind turbine, slip ring is one of the basic structures that no one can be forbidden of. The primary function of the slip ring is to connect the rotating part of the wind turbine with the static one. It is one of the critical aspects that enable the wind turbine to move freely without affecting the efficiency of the device. It is one of the compact designs of a wind turbine that is an excellent combination of science and technology.

A slip ring comprises off two main components:

  • Mechanical part that is associated with the dimensions, safety and the weight of the slip ring
  • Electrical element that is a little bit more complexed and is associated with the transmission of various powerful signals such as bus signal, and high-frequency signals.

Why customized slip rings are are being in trend?

The primary function of the slip ring remains the same even though on whatever automotive device it is being used. Different types of products include various types of slip rings, and it is the exact point where diversity needs more. Most of the times the slip rings are being customized to full fill the various needs of customers. Depending upon its size to height and length, there are so many features that are being considered as the priorities here. Depending upon the material being used in the construction of the slip rings and its usage in different products, almost several different types of slip rings have been introduced into the market depending upon the number of contacts being used inside them. The power and reliability of a single slip ring contact are much more than that of the one with double touch. Moreover, the structure, width, size, and circuit of the electrical slip ring also play a significant role in the efficiency of electrical signals being transmitted through it.

What does the slip ring of a wind turbine works?

Coming up with straightforward and quick functionality, the transmission of the power and data signals through a wind turbine depends upon the slip rings present inside it. It transmits the electricity and data signals across the platform from the nacelle to the rotary blades through a controlled system. The slip rings are the ultimate source of high performance and quality that purely depends upon the changing environmental conditions. Fiber brushes are one of the most expensive slip ring types that offers some powerful mechanical components are one of the essential parts of the design.

Before going further with the functioning of the slip rings in a wind turbine, make sure it to be perfectly sealed. One of the most important things that you need to care about is that in the wind turbine, the slip rings are usually installed outside the frame, so it would get quite essential to make it moisture proof so that one can use it for a prolonged period without having any issues like corrosion or rust.

A single failure in the construction side may further lead to the short circuits in the projects. Also, make sure to leave an appropriate place for the placement of the rotary joint later. These rotary joints in the wind turbines are usually being fixed at the brush holder position further offering a high level of flexibility to the wind turbine.

Moreover, the slip ring is one of the most critical parts of an automation control system in the wind turbine. Higher will be the stability of the slip ring being used in the wind turbine, better will be its performance in various aspects. The only things that you need to care about in the slip rings are its insulating properties, anti-interference performance, and contact resistance.

In response to a query being put on by millions of users over there, wind turbines are the projects for generating electricity that is being designed in such a way that they face the wind. To prevent the wind turbine in the no wind cases or to save them from the potential disasters, Wind turbine slip rings are being used.

Wind turbine slip ring is usually being installed on the shaft of the wind turbine along with some suitable electrical connections. These electrical connections are generally being driven from the wind turbine to the conductive ring that, further rotates and generates electricity due to the continuous rubbing of the brushes along with the outer surface of the slip rings. The brushes attached to the slip rings are usually fixed to one place only such as batteries, and the other one keeps on rubbing against the one that goes on rotating consistently. In case of wind turbines, it is situated on the fan that helps in improved performance of the project.

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