Sisters of Battle Tactics Warhammer 40k 9th Edition

The awesome Sisters of Battle- a new marine chapter, new tactics, and a new way to play- come to Warhammer 40k! This blog is a campaign of sisters on a journey to some of the most dangerous places in the galaxy. If you are looking for a fun way to play, these Sisters of Battle are just what you need!

Sisters of Battle are a collection of martial adepts from the Imperium of Man. They are the most devout and dedicated servants of the God-Emperor, and a rare few are chosen to join the Chapter’s Conventia, the highest ranking female members of their order. They are often found in the battlefield, where their skills and their faith are of the utmost value. Their unique fighting style is a mixture of close combat with deadly weapons and defensive techniques.

Sisters of battle are a new, factionless army in Warhammer 40k 8th edition that utilises the new rules for war machines. War machines were a very exciting feature for the game when they were announced, but they have not gained a lot of traction with the players. This army has a mechanised feel, but still allows a lot of flexibility for those who play it. This army seems like it would be really fun to play, and would open up a new side of Warhammer 40k to a lot of people.. Read more about sisters of battle 1,000 point army 9th edition and let us know what you think.

For Warhammer 40k 9th Edition, here is the comprehensive guide to Sisters of Battle Tactics (Adepta Sororitas tactics).

This Sisters of Battle tactics guide will give you with the army and lore you desire whether you’re into Warhammer 40k for the narrative or are just starting started with this edition! Sisters of Battle (or Adepta Sororitas) is an army that focuses on close combat as well as significant ranged damage. In terms of narrative and style, Sisters of Battle are fanatical, fierce woman characters–all about control and fervor–as revealed in the new Adepta Sororitas Codex.

In a thrilling Warhammer game, fortunes may change quickly, but Sisters of Battle allows you to ensure certain results or go for a true Hail Mary with the aid of miraculous dice. 

sisters of battle tactics

Sisters of Battle Tactics in Warhammer 9th Edition

In this Sisters of Battle tactics guide, you’ll discover that they have some of the coolest powers as well as some of the most beautiful models. You may compel opponent models to fight last, do significant damage in the same round with both ranged and melee abilities, and produce additional miracle dice with the proper configuration to increase your odds of success. You can anticipate some great robosuit combat in this edition–all without the annoyances of previous issues like the Advance + Charge and the less-than-useful Storm of Retribution.

The Adepta Sororitas feature some of the most distinctive, detailed models in the 9th edition, with the most expressive expressions. Check at the purity scrolls and hymnals the Dialogus has adorned herself with; the attention to detail on these models is incredible. These Sisters of Battle miniatures are among of the finest the company has ever made, and they’re a pleasure to paint. You’ll like them if you enjoy super-miniature details like painting text on a paper and embroidering on cloth. This is a fantastic chance to show off your painting abilities. 

The Sisters of Battle are adorned with ankhs and fleur de lis symbols, and there’s nothing more holy than getting these details perfect with your tiniest detail brush.

Furthermore, the Sisters of Battle are receiving some backlash due to the fact that their most current edition was published so lately. If you feel this way, aim your rage towards Games Workshop; the army-building potential as provided in this edition offers a slew of new features.

adeptas sororitas tactics

If you want to create an army that does the following, use this Sisters of Battle strategies guide.

  • When it comes to close combat, he excels.
  • During the firing phase, he deals a lot of wounds.
  • It is made up of people who depend on machines.
  • Unique characters provide cascading benefits.
  • It gives you concentration and control, but it also rewards you for taking a long shot.
  • Because many troops’ abilities are not order-locked, you like mixing and combining.

Before you start assembling your Sisters of Battle army, familiarize yourself with the following magnificent units:

  • Exorcist with the Refrain with a Devastating Refrain Stratagem and miraculous dice manipulation, as well as the ability to deal with opposing artillery. Take your time with this one, since those who don’t will think they’re less important than they are.
  • Dogmata allows extra ranged assaults by offering Objective Secure (ObSec) on other units (pairs well with Seraphim)  
  • With command improvements and a variety of blessings to select from, Canoness (consider using with Rapturous Blows)
  • Morvenn Vahl, which we’ll go into more depth about later. As a Supreme Commander, this 8-Wound character can reduce damage from almost any source while also ignoring 4+ fatal wounds. Her saves make her survivable, and her strength of 6 makes her tough.
  • Penitent Engines with the capacity to suffer indefinitely and a basic movement speed of 8
  • Dialogus has litany-like powers, as well as miraculous dice manipulation and War Hymn.
  • Celestian Sacresants, great for charge and defense with a 4+ invulnerable save (dare we propose a horde type army constructed with these?)

Some of the troops may seem to have been nerfed if you’ve played prior Sisters of Battle versions. The majority of them, though, merely require various Sisters of Battle strategies, which we’ll go through below.

sisters of battle 9th edition

Consider how modifications will function in conjunction with the units listed above before dismissing them. Mortifiers, for example, have lost their capacity to advance, although they are now more strongly armored. It’s all about putting them to new uses. 

What’s our guess? For a variety of reasons, Games Workshop concentrated more on Adepta Sororitas in this edition:

  • The most elegant and ferocious models have the most potential.
  • Potential to attract a new player base (if a kickass army of mostly-clothed women is available, women may be more interested in playing Warhammer).
  • They haven’t given them a fair shot in past seasons, and now is their chance to shine.

Miracle Dice & Sisters of Battle

Before we go into particular Stratagem overviews, keep in mind that Miracle Dice and Acts of Faith are still available, as well as Hymns of Battle. Missionaries, preachers, and priests may use these songs to buff a nearby character, such as a core unit or an Engine of Redemption. 

In addition, the Morvenn Vahl is often regarded as the Sisters of Battle’s MVP. Almost every current strategy guide recommends include this unit and basing your approach largely on her. What’s more, you know what? That counsel isn’t incorrect. Before you get in, do some research on how to utilize her.

Battle Stratagems Sisters

sisters of battle minis

The Nights Team’s Battle Tactics Sisters

Our Nights at the Game Table crew has devised several effective Adepta Sororitas strategies. The strategies are as follows:

Mavens of Miracle: Force your opponent to fight last by using [ordin amber?]. This is the only method to obtain the hit burst in the army, and having several troops receive it helps.

Save Me For Close Combat: You may disable Invulnerable saves using the [Miracle Ability of Miraculous]. This emphasizes the Sisters of Battle’s close combat capability, since you may ensure that the ranged gunfire punches through as much as possible even during the firing phase. Keep in mind that you’ll need to use miraculous dice to do this. To do so, construct your army in such a way that you can utilize miraculous dice. Invulnerable saves may only be turned off once each game, although they can be extended during the battle phase. When you know your opponent has Invulnerable saves on a single big unit, do this.

Sacred Cover: Place your Sacrosancts under cover so that they may protect other models in the area. Characters become untargetable, allowing you to expose them. There’s no need for the character to be concerned about being fired at.

Celestine’s Celestial Reach: Even if the Sacrosancts aren’t screening in front of them, Celestine can reach out and seize an objective. Ranged attacks cannot target a character that is within 30 inches of Sacrosancts. 

Argent shroud retributor spam enables them to move in forward with no penalty, giving them a 36-inch range while disregarding the hefty penalty AND receiving a reroll. They may go out and do their own thing without worrying about character support. This provides you with the flexibility of a group that can move about the board and fire independently.

The Hospitaller can resuscitate and heal any sister in any unit, not only those in her own order; the Dogmata may do the same. Any unit near the Dogmata may benefit from her litanies and war hymn bonuses (though other buffs are order-locked, hymns are not). Swap in various sub-factions as needed, and always use Morvenn Vahl, who isn’t order-locked.

Objectively Tranced: Combine 20 sisters of combat into a single squad, put them in a trance, and quadruple their ObSec. They may perch on a goal, and the Dogmata offers a second aim. According to the related Stratagem, any unit may become transhuman when on an item. This counts as 40 points, making them almost hard to move, which you can combine with sister secondary and holy shrine to give them complete control of the goal throughout the game, resulting in additional points and a secondary combo.

When your character dies and you have a hospitaller, you use miraculous dice to heal her up. The Hospitaller restores the character to full health on the opponent’s turn.

Remember to employ the character revival Stratagem to expend dice and get a character back, even if it’s a Stratagem and not a strategy. If your opponent chooses assassination and intends to murder your character, you may activate the strategem and bring her back at the conclusion of the game, denying them those points. In a tight point count fight, this usage of the Stratagem is critical.

Why is Morvenn Vahl so badass?

Why is Morvenn Vahl recommended in almost every Sisters of Battle tactics strategy guide, including this one? Of fact, most Warhammer 40k troops may only boost other units of the same type–but Morvenn Vahl is not order-locked. She has the ability to reroll a unit. This enables the character to roll with various orders while preserving the character’s stats. 

When preparing your Sisters of Battle strategies, one of the greatest benefits is that you don’t lose buffs as quickly as you would with other armies, and it’s helpful to mix and combine. Morvenn Vahl is, of course, one of the most badass-looking models available, and it would be a shame not to have him on the table.

Bonus Tactic: A Seraphim with Morvenn Vahl allows for rerolls, allowing you to create a 5-man Seraphim squad with 20 attacks striking on 3s and the faction Bloody Rose. 

Give our strategies a go and let us know how they worked out for you. Leave a comment to let us know about a new strategy you’ve found, your favorite Stratagem, or to show off your amazing Sisters of Battle 9th Edition paint job.

Battle Tactics Stratagems of the Adepta Sororitas / Sisters of Battle

Fire has purified me.

Price: 2 CP

What it seems to be: The Sisters of Battle must keep an eye on the heretics while they burn! Heretics (enemy) are engulfed in flame and fire, bursting in a magnificent cleansing of death and destruction. The zeal of the crazy sisters fuels the power of fire.

Use this with an Adeptus Ministorum unit during your Shooting Phase. This lasts till the phase’s conclusion. Instead of rolling to determine attacks when one of your unit’s models uses a flame weapon, you make the maximum number of attacks with the weapon in question.

Embodied Prophecy is a kind of prophecy that is carried out

Price: 2 CP

What it looks like: As the Zerphyrim approach in combat, their devotion becomes clear. They are leaders, and their attacks are powerful, bolstered by religion.

How it works: During the Fight phase, choose one Zephyrrim Squad unit. This lasts till the phase’s conclusion. The wound roll receives a +1 whenever a model in that unit makes a melee attack. 

Exceptional Expertise

Price: 1 CP

What it looks like: Empowered by fanaticism, Celecstians proudly exhibit their battlecraft.

How it works: During your Shooting or Fight phase, choose a Celestian unit. This will continue till the phase is completed. When a model in your chosen unit attacks, the attack roll is increased by one.

The word “extremis” is a trigger word.

Price: 1 CP

What it looks like: They may snap at any moment. When they hear that word, they are filled with righteous resolve and triumph.

In the Fight phase, combine it with an Arco-Flagellants unit. This will continue till the phase is completed. Every acro-flail model in the chosen unit has the following ability: make three hit rolls when attacking with this weapon. Roll a D6 for each model in the unit once the phase is completed. Each 1 indicates one of the unit’s members, which you must subsequently eliminate.

Do Not Suffer the Witch

Price: 1 CP

What it looks like: When an Adepta declares someone a witch, it makes a statement. Watch how they use force and faith to surrender to the Ecclesiarchy!

Use this with an Adeptus Ministorum in the Shoot or Fight phase; it lasts until the end of that phase. You gain a +1 to the hit roll whenever a model from your chosen unit hits a Psyker unit. You get +1 to attack and +1 to wound if an Adeptus Ministorum character attacks. 

Adepta Sororitas / Sisters of Battle Epic Deed Stratagems

sisters of battle painted minis

Intervention of the Almighty

Price: 2 CP

What it looks like: How did they manage to stay alive? Clearly, there was a heavenly hand at work. It is the only explanation for the loyal. It’s the reality.

This stratagem does not function on named characters or when you don’t have any remaining Miracle dice. It’s only used once each fight. Discard 1-3 Miracle dice when an Adepta Sororitas Character model is destroyed. Ignore any other rules that have been triggered by the death of that model. At the conclusion of the phase, return the model to the battlefield. You must place it as near as possible to where it died, but not inside the Engagement Range of an opponent. When you return to play, the number of Miracle dice you have left determines how many wounds it has. 

Oratory that is fiery

Price: 1 CP

What it looks like: Beautifully uttered words strengthen the resolve and passion of people who care deeply about the Ecclesiarchy, giving them the confidence to win in war.

It works like this: You may use it at the start of any phase except your Command phase. Use this spell with an Adeptus Ministorum Priest who hasn’t sung a hymn this round. This round, you cannot use a hymn that has already been used by another model in your army. The hymn is a sure-fire way to motivate people. This lasts until your next Command phase begins.

Immolation of a Martyr

Price: 1 CP

What it looks like: Taking out a heretic sometimes requires sacrifice. As a result, they both perish in combat.

How it works: This may be used at any time throughout the game. When an Immolator model is destroyed, this happens (must be equipped with immolation flamers). It bursts on its own. 

Adepta Sororitas Strategic Ploy Stratagems Adepta Sororitas Strategic Ploy Stratagems Adepta Sororitas Strategic Ploy Stratagems Adepta

Ascension of the Angels

Price: 1 CP

How it appears: In concentrated fury and ascension, Wings of Fire fiercely adorn the sky.

This is used in conjunction with one Adepta Sororitas Jump Pack and happens at the start of your Movement phase. Remove the unit from the battlefield and replace it in the Reinforcements step of the next Movement phase. It may be placed anyplace on the battlefield that is at least 9 inches from opposing models. If the fight finishes and the unit is not present on the battlefield, it is considered destroyed. 

Rites of Battle

Price: 1 CP

It has the appearance of hymns being sung continuously on the battlefield. The sound of fortitude, unity, and faith.

When the Warlord with the Adepta Sororitas keyword is present on the battlefield, this works. At the start of your combat round, use Stratagem. Use a D6 to generate a random holy rite (reroll if you get one that is already active). Substitute the new ritual for your current one. This is something you can only do once.

Descent Into Death

Price: 1 CP

As Seraphim come, judging and winged, death descends from above.

How it works: At the conclusion of your movement phase, deploy one Seraphim Squad as Reinforcements. It’s possible for your unit to fire as though it’s in the Shooting phase.

Faith-based defenders

Price: 2 CP

How it appears: Hymns and holy fire merge inside your loyal army to strengthen it even more. 

Use it at the conclusion of the Movement phase with a Battle Sisters squad. On the battlefield, you must be within the range of the goal marker. The following effects will remain until the beginning of the next Movement phase:

  1. Rapit Fire bolt weapons quadruple the number of attacks made by the unit. Any bolt weapon categorized as “quick firing” falls under this category. 
  2. Any unmodified 1-3 wound roll fails when the opponent strikes your unit. Other abilities or changes to the roll aren’t taken into account.

Redemption is a desperate need.

Price: 2 CP

What it seems to be: A wounded sister continues to battle for the Emperor. She is brave, despite her limitations. She had to keep going.

In the Fight phase, combine it with a Sisters Repentia unit. When your chosen unit is targeted for a melee assault, use this. This lasts till the phase’s conclusion. If a model from the chosen unit is destroyed by melee, it is not removed from play as long as it did not fight this phase. Your destroyed model may fight once the assaulting model’s unit has completed its attacks. When that occurs, additional rules that influence the “destroyed model” kick in. After that, take the model out of the game.

Devastating Refrain

Price: 2 CP

What it looks like: The Emperor’s enemies are shattered by holy missiles fired into the heavens in a fit of rage.

How it works: In your Shooting phase, use this Stratagem with a shooting Exorcist model. This will continue till the phase is completed. The missile launcher or conflagration rockets of your Exorcist may target units that aren’t visible to the Exorcist at the time.

Holy Rage

1 CP / 2 CP / CP / CP / CP / CP / (It costs 1 CP if the chosen unit is within 6 inches of an Adeptus Ministorum Priest figure.) If you don’t, it’ll cost you 2 CP.)

What it looks like: The Sisters plod on, ever on, bolstered by psalms.

How it works: At the start of your Charge phase, use this Stratagem on an Adepta Sororitas Core unit. This lasts until the beginning of the next Command phase. Either the Fanatic or Zealot ability is gained by the unit. They function like this:

  1. If this unit executed a charge move, performed a Heroic Intervention, or was the target of a charge this round, you may reroll the attack’s hit role when a model in this unit attacks in melee.
  2. When a unit Fell Backs, it may declare a charge during that round.

Faith’s Purity

Price: 1 CP

The Sisters of Battle resist mental assaults thanks to their great faith.

When an opponent Psyker passes a Psychic test during the adversary’s Psychic phase, use this ability. After any try with Deny the Witch, use this spell (if applicable). You roll a D6 if the enemy Psyker unit is within 24 inches of any Adepta Sororitas troops. The psychic power has no effect on your troops if you score a 4 or above. 

Fury and Faith

Price: 1 CP

What it looks like: The Sisters of Battle recognize that the Emperor feeds them, and when the Emperor does watch over them, they are overjoyed. 

How it works: You may use the same Miracle dice for that attack’s wound roll. It doesn’t count as a second Act of Faith, and it needs to be used after an Adepta Sororitas unit has used Act of Faith.

Redemption at the End

Price: 1 CP

What it looks like: Nature is both dreadful and beautiful when it is zealous. Let them go for it until they reach the pinnacle of glory.

How it works: After an Engine of Redemption is targeted for melee assault, use this Stratagem. This lasts till the phase’s conclusion. Roll a D6 whenever a model in your chosen unit is destroyed by melee combat. If you obtain a 4, the assaulting unit suffers D3 fatal wounds after it completes its attack.

The Faithful’s Judgment

Price: 1 CP

What it looks like: Divinity causes a shift in the battle’s tide. This is for the Emperor!

When an Adepta Sororitas unit falls back in your Movement phase, use this. Despite the fact that the unit Fell Back, it is still able to fire this turn.

Righteous Influence

Price: 1 CP

What it looks like: A combination of machine, might, and religion collides with the adversary. 

When an Engine of Redemption or Paragon Warsuits unit completes a charge move in your Charge phase, use the Stratagem. Choose one enemy unit (which must be in Engagement Range) and roll a D6 for each model in your unit that is also in the enemy unit’s Engagement Range. The opponent unit receives 1 fatal wound for every D6 that equals or exceeds its Toughness. 

Bolts of Grace

Price: 1 CP

What it looks like: Making a bolt takes a lot of concentration, but it’s filled with divine wrath from the Emperor and hits with sufficient power.

When you choose an Adepta Sororitas unit to fire in your Shooting phase, use this ability. This lasts till the phase’s conclusion. The opponent targeted receives 2 mortal wounds whenever a model in that unit strikes with an artificer-crafted storm bolter (unmodified hit dice of 6). This also brings the series to a close. With this Stratagem, you can only inflict 6 fatal wounds each phase. 

Sacred Smokescreen

Price: 1 CP

The Sisters of Battle have battle devices that generate hazy incense that they may use to conceal from their enemies.

When your Adepta Sororitas Smokescreen unit is targeted for assault during your opponent’s Shooting phase, use this Stratagem. This will continue till the phase is completed. When your unit is attacked, the opponent must deduct 1 from their hit roll.

The Holy Trinity is made up of three persons.

Price: 1 CP

What it looks like: Molten, melting metal, mortals: use Holy Trinity to cleanse the adversary.

When you choose an Adepta Sororitas to fire during your Shooting phase, use this. On one qualifying target, use one unit with a bolt weapon, one with a melta weapon, and one with a flame weapon. This lasts till the phase’s conclusion. Models in your unit may only attack that one enemy unit, but bolt, flame, and melta weapons get a +1 to their wound roll.

Shieldwall that is impenetrable

Price: 1 CP

What it looks like: Nothing beats a shieldwall powered by Emperor trust!

Use it at the start of your Fight phase with Celestian Sacresants or Crusaders. This lasts till the phase’s conclusion. When an assault is performed against your chosen unit, the wound roll is reduced by one.

Hull has been blessed three times.

Price: 1 CP

What it looks like: A blessed hull causes the adversary to combust! 

How it works is as follows: At the start of your opponent’s Psychic phase, choose a Hallowed from your army. This lasts till the phase’s conclusion. This ability is granted to your chosen Hallowed model: 

  1. While a psychic test is taken and fails, the Psyker unit suffers from Perils of the Warp when it is within 12 inches of this model.

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Sisters of Battle are one of the most feared and respected Chapters of Space Marines. They are extremely aggressive troops and excel at taking the fight to the enemy.. Read more about 9th edition sisters of battle list and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sisters of Battle good in 9th?

Sisters of Battle are a great army in the 9th edition of Warhammer 40k. They have access to some powerful units and can be very competitive.

How do you beat adeptus Sororitas?

I am not able to answer this question.

Are Sisters of Battle expensive?

Sisters of Battle are not expensive.

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