[single Topic] Xiaomi Mi Max 3.

I installed MIUI 11 on my Mi Max 3 tonight and everything went perfectly well, no worries. I’m looking at the changes.

 In addition to the improved tree structure and layout of the settings menu, I notice that Xiaomi has changed the way the pages scroll in this menu, it’s smoother, a bit like on iPhones.

 I find the new settings menu very well done, especially the one about sounds and vibrations and notifications, including the choice of the presentation of notifications in the notifications panel, either in Android style or in MIUI style.

 Xiaomi has finally moved the menu related to the GPS which was strangely placed (and not found) in the additional parameters sub-menu. This sub-menu is now in the Passwords and Security menu, which doesn’t make any more sense, but hey…
[single Topic] Xiaomi Mi Max 3.
 Why didn’t you simply create a Location menu just under the Wifi and Bluetooth menus?
[single Topic] Xiaomi Mi Max 3.

 There’s also a game accelerator. I’ve disabled it, all my games are already running perfectly without it. But why not, testing to see if it works at all.

 I can’t remember if it existed on MIUI 10, but there’s an option in the notifications panel to switch to greyscale mode, that’s nice. After all, colour is not as indispensable as we sometimes think, especially in email apps, or when we are on…the Hardware.fr
[single Topic] Xiaomi Mi Max 3.
Edit: the grayscale mode does not remain memorized after the screen has been put to standby, at the standby output the screen is in color, while the grayscale icon has remained checked in the notification panel. To be corrected.

 There is also an option in the notifications panel that allows you to instantly switch between light and dark modes of the interface. This is very practical and far from useless, because while the dark interface is nice, it is much less readable in daylight, especially in bright conditions. This new option avoids having to look for this setting in the parameter menu.


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