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Today we are sharing a complete school uniform for The Sims 4 with you all. As you must know, The Sims 4 already has a school uniform mod but today I will talk about CC school uniform and mods. It’s been a while since I last updated my blog so I decided to share my small collection of CC school uniform.

The Sims 4 had a huge update introducing the new “Career” and “School” systems. If you have not yet played the game, you are missing out on fun new stories and adventures. Along with that, the game introduced a ton of new objects and clothing to buy. I’ve created this guide to help you buy the best and the cheapest items.

you ever noticed that the children in The Sims 4 have it easy when it comes to school?

Seriously, they get out of bed in every outfit before they go to class.

Not to mention that the choice of uniforms in CAS is very limited.

Immersion is a very important part of the The Sims game.

That’s why we’re happy to present you with this list of school uniforms that will make the game more meaningful for you and your school-aged Sims.

10. Lightweight school uniform

Check out this AC.

We couldn’t compile a list of school uniforms without including the classic plaid uniform.

This CC from Cozy_yeons is a Korean-inspired women’s uniform: a red plaid pleated skirt and matching blouse with plaid collar and tie.

It is available in five different colours (red, black, green, yellow and blue) and is compatible with HQ and Maxis.

9. Back to school together

Check out this AC.

Does anyone remember the headache you had in The Sims 2 when you wanted to send your child to a private school?

It was a nerve-wracking experience, but it’s worth it when your Sims child leaves school in style, in his or her beautiful private school uniform.

And while it’s not in The Sims 4, Moonchild’s CC Back 2 School is bringing a little nostalgia to our canned goods today.

This collection of official HQ uniforms includes 11 items, two complete outfits for both male and female Sims.

Message: Some items use EA rosters, so make sure you have Realm of Magic, Dine Out, Cats & Dogs and Spa Day before downloading.

8. School uniforms for teenagers

Check out this AC.

Another private school form – but it is compatible with Maxis-Match.

And this custom set from ZitaRossouw is refreshingly simple:

We have a button down sweater, a white plaid shirt and a tie over it. And for the female sims, a matching pleated skirt underneath.

They look like something a city councilman would do for a bunch of private schools (fingers crossed!).

Wear brown, green, blue and purple, and you can just start with the basic game.

7. above the set time

Check out this AC.

Do you have teen Sims who see school more as a fashion show than a place of learning?

Then New_en092’s custom CC is just what they need.

This stylish uniform comes in two different variants and has 40 options. Both outfits consist of fitted long-sleeved jackets and pleated skirts.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the creator was influenced by the movie Clueless, because we feel the Cher Horowitz vibe.

6. Loona uniform top + skirt

Check out this AC.

Put it on and go.

Waekey’s Loona skirt and uniform top are perfect for school-age children who want to keep their outfits simple.

The bow-tie shirt and pleated skirt are both cut from the EA knit. Therefore, they will not conflict with your game.

There are a total of 14 designs with an amazing variety of colors for the uniforms.

5. Schoolgirl uniform

Check out this AC.

Is your sim’s university less Mean Girls and more Crafts?

So, Elfdor’s CC Wizard School Uniform is the perfect choice for those magical sims who haven’t found a spell to drop out of school yet.

With three gothic and Halloween-inspired outfits and 55 designs in total, it will take them a while to get through their options.

And the good news is that they are compatible with basic games and can be worn by teens and seniors alike.

I don’t know why Grandma is wearing this outfit, but it’s an option.

4. Back to school for children

Check out this AC.

It’s Moonchild again, this time with a Back 2 School outfit designed specifically for Sims kids.

Yes, everything in the first post refers to this collection of 14 articles:

HQ rosters, great attention to detail and new private school graphics for both male and female sims.

Both outfits have a jacket, but the male Sims have shorts and the female Sims have skirts as underpants.

As with the first back-to-school outfit, you’ll need the following bags: Outdoor dining, children’s activities, fun and island life.

3. Shirt + pullover for private schools

Check out this AC.

Children are somewhat underrepresented in this list.

That’s why we’re so excited to share a Christina shirt and sweater with you.

The shirt and sweater both match the maxis, so if you didn’t like the last item on our list, this would be a great alternative.

We counted four patterns for the uniform shirt and one for the sweater, but feel free to download and let us know if there are more!

2. Backpack for ladies

Check out this AC.

What’s more important than school uniforms?

Backpacks, of course!

There’s a backpack from EA (and a few CC backpacks too), but they’re mostly decorative.

But of course, who needs to wait for a portable bag when the CC is available?

The CC backpack for women from Dissia is a book bag that your female Sims can carry!

Apart from the cute design (the bag has the Queen’s inscription in simlish), the bag is also available in 37 different colors.

And if you try, you’ll find this bag in the ring category.

But your sim can’t wear that bag and hat at the same time, so keep that in mind!

1. men’s bag

Check out this AC.

Another personalized backpack because we can’t miss the boys.

When it comes to cute CC alpha, few do it better than Sims4Marigold.

And this personalized messenger bag for men is no exception.

This is a spacious 43 fabric bag for all the needs of your teenage male sim, equipped with a large strap for extra support.

Did we mention it’s portable?

There is even a download for two different categories of CAS: one for eyeglasses and one for necklaces.

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